Witches of East End Recap: A Ghostly Gathering

Witches of East End: Episode 5


 Yes I will admit it, I have totally jumped on the witch bandwagon. I told my husband last year, I predicted this I swear, that vampires would be yesterday’s news and witches would be the new “it” supernatural. When I think of witches I think of the 90’s flick The Craft and what girl out there does not still love that movie and secretly wish they could cast some spell to trick a mean girl or get a crush to notice them.

On to the topic at hand, Sunday’s episode showed the Beauchamp women starting to really harness their witchy powers. Joanna was absolved of the Thatcher murder due to Maura being unable to remember who killed her husband. Wendy put a buggy memory spell on her which not only erased her memory, but left her a little loony as well.  They sort of fixed her by bugging her brain, but still left her in the mental institution. Seriously that was sad!

Ingrid conjured up Adam’s soul and almost agreed to living a life of solitude in her home with the ghost of Adam. Despite, their electrifying kisses, she sends him back to the other realm. She was this close to ending up like Edie from Grey Gardens.

With Ingrid’s conjuring, she accidently let in Dash’s dead ex-gf Elyse’s spirit too. Oh boy, can you imagine your bf’s ex standing there while you kiss him? Yes that is what poor Freya had to contend with, but she sent her packing too and off to the other realm with Adam.


Ahhh, let’s hope that next week Freya can finally enjoy her deliciously sexy doctor fiancée or his hot brother (just choose woman) and go on with her life. I seriously doubt that will happen, but we shall see! I vote for conjuring up Magic Mike on  this show… just sayin.

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