Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 9: Denmark is Rotting

Sons of Anarchy: Episode 9


Last night’s episode, “John 8:32,” quickly brought Gemma’s goal of Jax finding out the truth about Tara to fruition. Last week Tara killed her fake baby by putting a ketchup slash corn syrup bag a la’ True Blood between her legs and accused Gemma of killing their unborn child. She used Wendy, her lawyer and the doctor as allies in setting up the paperwork and putting the scam in motion.

Gemma told Nero the truth and he tried to tell Jax, who would hear nothing of it. A fight ensued at the brothel and son and bf duked it out over her.

 Unser, the loving, no pension holding, trailer living, ex-sheriff, kindly lures Tara’s lawyer into his lair where she is greeted by an angry Jax. He easily gets the truth out of her and really this woman didn’t even back up Tara for a second. What a B! He finds out that it was all a lie and Tara is planning for a divorce.
Now that Jax knows the truth, what will he do? What will become of Tara? He has always loved Tara, she is his Old Lady, but can he forgive her for this betrayal?

On another note, Clay totally bites the nose of a guard in prison during the “sweet holy pussy” sermon. WTF, ok that was disgusting, but Clay is up to something with the Irish and I don’t think it will end well with the Sons.

Jax also made a deal with DA Patterson, the braided heroine who carries a big stick, about turning over Galen in exchange for immunity. He has to deliver or else it’s his head on the chopping block.


Few episodes remain and we have a lot of rounding out of stories to finish out. Either Sutter will allow Jax to live happily ever after or the story will remain a tragedy just as the Shakespearean story it is modeled after. To be or not to be that is the question?

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