Sons of Anarchy Recap

Does anyone truly care about The Sons of Anarchy and where it’s headed next?? Does the show still muster enough of a fascination with this motorcycle club that tends to get mixed into anything and everything? The answer seems to be “YES”, but why?!?


The show has lacked a truly great and /or interesting storyline since season 2 when we were all introduced to the skinhead version of Henry Rollins and what was a worthy adversary in the meth-distributing white supremacy group called the “The NORDS”, led by Ernest Darby. This was the last time I remember feeling that Charming was up for grabs.

The last time I felt “wait, maybe the club is done and is in over its’ head.” I’ve yet to experience those same feelings of doubt and excitement that season brought me. Now that’s all a distant memory.

I’ve arrived at a point where I really don’t care what happens or to whom it happens to on the show. At times it has seemed to drag on and it is continually in search of a dynamic storyline to give the show the proper kick in the ass it’s needed.

We’ve had the trip to Belfast, a stint in jail that wasn’t televised and one that ended in Opie’s death, dealings with the Mayans, the “One-Niners”, the IRA, and Clay’s ego at every end.


All twisted and enthralling to a certain extent, but never anything that made me go BEZERK or put me on the edge of my seat. Nothing that’s made me care or at least kept me that interested in these fictional characters that somehow just keep on ticking and ticking and ticking.

It just seems to always go in circles with Jax and his indecisiveness to leave the MC, Tara and her attempt to make a better life for her kids and Gemma, well, being Gemma. Maybe I’m being too harsh? Maybe I’m expecting way too much?


This is a world in which shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones exist. These shows punch you in the mouth with twists and turns at every corner and are filled with extraordinary characters.

Ones that you instantly fall in love with or hate with an indescribable passion. Think Walter White or the Lannisters.

But maybe that’s what Sons of Anarchy is, just a “filler” show that can sit there on my DVR for when I’m done watching “quality” shows. Therefore, maybe I am being too harsh and have expected way too much.

Maybe, just maybe I should just shut up and watch. I might just get that punch in my mouth that I was hoping for!


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