Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: Line in the Sand

Boardwalk Empire: Season 4: Episode 10


Last Sunday night’s episode, “White Horse Pike”, brought to helm a few different narratives in the story finally coming together to fruition. Nucky shows us he has and always will be the boss. Despite his downfalls and the crap that has happened to him this year, he will still remain on top if he can control all the underlings that are going on around him.

Sally caught Vincenzo Petrucelli and Meyer Lansky smuggling heroin in with the bottles of booze and oranges. Being the work horse in Tampa that she is, she quickly contacted Nucky and filled him in on the dubious scheme. Outraged Nucky puts a gun to Lansky’s head and demands the truth.

Lansky says Joe Masseria found out about their Tampa investment and wanted in and there was nothing he could do about it or he would be killed. He pleads with Nucky and asks him what he would have done in that situation.

Lansky is spared and Nucky goes to meet Masseria, who he finds out is doing business with Dr. Narcisse.


He is finally revealed to Nucky as the man that he is, a heroin pusher, one corrupting the African-Americans he so honorably wants to save.

He arranges for Mayor Bayder to have some men escort Chalky and Daughter Maitland away and hide them out. Eli’s son, Willie comes to Nucky to tell him that Dr. Narcisse has been speaking with the Mayor and he is sure they are up to something. Chalky, always one step ahead realizes that these two escort cops are going to kill him and he takes them out. In one fell swoop we see that Chalky is a bad ass, just like Omar in the Wire. I swear whenever I see that Omar-esque Chalky come out that gets me excited!

Despite, Eli wanting Willie to take a different route and be a successful student, we see that Willie is fitting in just naturally in the order as a Thompson. He is doing what he has to do because well…. He is a Thompson. That’s what they do, it’s what they have always done and what they will continue doing if Nucky can rightfully steer Willie in the right direction.


Margaret also came back into the picture. Having learned a thing or two from her ex-husband, she strikes a deal with Meyer Rothstein to give insider trading tips to him in return for a 5 year rent free apartment in New York City. We see Margaret as we did in the beginning, a woman fighting for her rights and now one that is asserting her power on her own as a woman. She doesn’t want to owe any man anything and with her scheme she can prove that she will never have to again.

In Chicago, Van Alden/Mueller saves Capone from being slaughtered at his whore house. He warns him of the men across the way with guns and tells him to get down. When the gun fire is over, Capone realizes that Jonny Torrio left before all this went down. Was he involved for fear that Capone was invading his space? Or is Capone just being himself, the paranoid cocaine riddled gangster with a hot temper?

The gun fights will ensue that’s what we know for sure…for now.


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