Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 11: Getting Skunky

Boardwalk Empire Recap
Season 4, Episode 11

Last night’s episode, “Havre de Grace”, brings us one step closer to the end of the season, with lots of stories left to be rounded out. Chalky, fresh from his bout with almost being killed, arrives at the house of Oscar Boneau, played by Louis Gossett Jr. He gives a great performance as the man who taught the strong willed, street smart Chalky everything he knows.

Although he is blind, he has a keen, almost 6th sense about what is going on around him. He immediately has a distaste for Daughter Maitland. He can see that she is more trouble than she is worth to Chalky. After dutifully being assigned to cook a meal for Chalky and the boys, to which the food is not to the old man’s liking, she realizes that this is not the life she wants for herself.

She looks nostalgically towards the past; perhaps wanting to go back to the life she once lived with Dr. Narcisse. On that note, in the middle of the night she leaves. Chalky realizing she is missing goes outside to find Boneau, sitting on his porch, gun in hand, warning him that something is out there.

The old man is not crazy and there are henchmen lurking in the woods ready to pounce, to which they do and a gun fight ensues. The young men shoot down the assailants and the old man is killed. Chalky looks as if he will shed a tear, an emotion we rarely see him emit.

Throughout the season, Gillian has slowly been falling in love with a man who literally turned up out of the blue when she was at the lowest point in her life. Roy Phillips, a man who initially came to speculate about buying her home and staying in town to open up some shops. He on the outside appeared to be lonely and out of sorts just like her. When he realized she was a heroin addict, he stuck by her and saw her come out restored and sober. Just how he wanted her.
The whole time I have been watching it I felt like he was lying to her. At first I thought he was maybe a scam artist or someone after her money. Turns out the truth is revealed after he shoots a man dead, in order to help him cope with the distress he is facing over what he has done, she tells him to forget about the ordeal and that he can live with this pain.

She says that she knows this pain because she once killed a man, drowned him to death and she has put it behind her. She tells him, “You can just let it go.”

Cue dramatic music and spoiler alert, he is a detective sent to get her confession about the murder. Slowly and surely her demise has set in and all her misgivings of the past are coming back to haunt her. Although part of me is saddened for her, she has been through so much pain in her life.

Nucky mysteriously gets a phone call from Gaston Means, who tells him that there is a skunk in the cellar and before he can tell him who it is, he is seized and arrested. Nucky seems to want to brush it off, but he just can’t shake the feeling and suspicions arise.

Eli is divulging more and more to Knox and is pressured into getting Nucky to set up a meeting with all the head guys involved in the business, Joe Masseria, Lucky Luciano, Vincenzo Petrecelli, to name a few. The Thompson clan then goes over to their uncle’s place for a dinner, to which Eli’s wife has to prepare. What a horrible way to get invited to a dinner by the way!

Knowing that this is a difficult task, Eli presents it Nucky who at first eschews the idea, but then decides to go through with it and asks Eli to set it up. Nucky proceeds to ask Eli if he thinks there is anyone on board whom he doesn’t trust, which makes Eli grow even more nervous.

At the dinner table, Eli’s wife proceeds to everyone about the visit they recently had from the boy faced insurance salesman, aka Knox. In a rage, Eli tells her to shut up and stop talking.


The whole scene was tense and we can tell that Nucky knows something is up. With each passing day, Eli is growing tenser and tenser. Nucky asks Willie about the man that was at his home, we see Willie and his uncle lighting a cigarette, facing away from one another, tense, pondering, it was almost as if he was mirroring his moves.

Willie is becoming more and more like his uncle than his father. Will he be the asset that Nucky needs to figure out what is going on with his brother and the skunk between his legs? Next week concludes what we have been waiting for and the truth shall be revealed and perhaps set Eli free.


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