The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 6

This week’s episode, “Live Bait,” was a little calmer than what we normally expect from The Walking Dead. The whole night was dedicated to the Governor and we got to see a different side to the man we have only seen to be charismatic and extremely controlling.

This was a retrospective look back at where he ended up after the showdown and what brought him to the point we saw last week, setting up camp in front of the prison with three tents.

We see him walking around town, with a beard, long hair and looking starved and weak. He scuffles around almost like a destitute zombie. He looks around him and we see another torn up city, all be it one with less zombies walking around than the prison. At one point he looks up and sees a little girl, he walks towards her and into an abandoned apartment building.


He comes to meet her and what appears to be one of the only families still living in this place. At first they seem leery of him, but then they take him in, confiscate his gun and give him food. He tells them his name is Brian Heriot, the name he saw scribbled on an abandoned barn. Inside is the little girl’s mother, Lily, her sister Tara and grandfather who is barely breathing with the help of an oxygen tank.

It appears that these people have been living with years’ worth of pepperoni sticks and snacks, thanks to the delivery van outside and haven’t really had to go outside and forge for supplies or food. Therefore they are oblivious to how zombies turn and really how to kill them.

The old man tells the Governor that the zombies in the floor above them just keep coming back despite his daughter shooting them. He asks him for one favor before he leaves to get the backgammon board that is upstairs, so that he and his granddaughter Meghan can play.

The Governor can’t say no, his heart goes out to the little girl. When he goes up, he finds a zombie who is still alive; it appears that Tara has been shooting these zombies in the chest. Which we all know is totally wrong. Hit them in the brain duh!

She needs to refer her “How to Kill a Zombie” textbook and read up on that chapter.


The governor proceeds to go back, with a new found gun that he found in the apartment and shows the little girl how to play with the game. He describes the chess pieces and the little girl gets the King piece and draws a patch on it to resemble the Governor.

This scene is like an analogy for the show itself. The pawns are like the people in prison and he is the King who will dominate and hit checkmate.

His heart is starting to go out for this family, we see him burn the old photo of his own family, perhaps to start anew and fresh. He dutifully again fills another favor for the family to get an oxygen tank for the grandfather, but it is not enough to save him and he dies.

They are unaware of the fact that he will turn, the sickness that turns zombies, well they have been fortunate enough to have never witnessed it. The grandfather nearly kills Tara, the Governor saves her and again they are grateful. He realizes though that he has to leave.

When he tries to leave the mom, who secretly has been eyeing the Governor from afar, tells him she wants to go with him. Just think this woman hasn’t had a man in her presence for years, she definitely had the hots for the Governor. I mean he is kinda sexy in a post-apocalyptic way.

The family goes with him and he takes them in as his own. When the truck breaks down, they must go off into the mean streets and of course zombies come at them. They run and the Governor holds the little girl in his arm and falls down a hole. Inside are more zombies, he kills them and then his old buddy, Martinez, his former pawn and minion finds him.


Now we see how the old crew has reassembled. Will the family he has taken in be able to survive? Are they in one of those tents or do they not make it out? Only further pissing off the Governor and making him more upset.

I really liked this episode because we got to see a different side to the Governor. I always wanted to know more about him and delve deeper into this character. I also enjoy the actor who plays him, David Morrisey, I think he is able to convey the power that he possesses, yet play him with a refinement and sensibility that he was once a family man. Someone who once had a good heart, but when everything was destroyed, turned to his own darkness to deal with the chaos of the new world order.

In a sense he is a lot like Rick, yet he has much more capability of being a leader and acting with more power under duress than him. In the outside world of years before, perhaps Rick was that person and he himself has gone a little off his rocker and lost the edge he once had, but regardless both are a force to be reckoned with and it will be interesting to see what happens when their two worlds collide again.




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