The Art of Getting By (2011)

The Art of Getting By (2011)
Directed by Gavin Wiesen
This movie happens to be one of favorite films and I am secretly obsessed with the main character, played by Freddie Highmore. You guys might know him as the little boy in Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or as the creepy teen in Bates Motel.

The film is about a teen boy, who is an outcast struggling to graduate high school for his lack of simply not caring about his schoolwork. He would much rather focus on his hobby which is drawing.

One thing that George, aka Teen Boy Outcast says is “we live alone, we die alone and everything else is just an allusion.” I know you must be thinking, shocker teen Tumblr girl who is depressed on life. No that’s not the case, I this quote actually rings true. I like how George lives by this quote and he truly believes you need to live your life the way you want because no matter what you are going to die.


George develops a new friendship with a girl named Sally, played by Emma Roberts, who he ends up falling in love with and in the end they both realize that love is a hard thing to express and process. This whole transition from friendship to love was a rocky ride for the couple and it was a good one to watch.

I recommend anyone who is into romantic movies to watch this flick. This movie has an amazing soundtrack and talented actors. It also helps that the two male characters are very attractive and mysterious.


I also loved that the story was set in New York City. In all reality the reason I fell in love with this movie is because this story plot seems so real. Everyone struggles with high school, love and being torn with the question of whether or not a relationship is something worth in investing in. This movie is not only relatable, but one worth watching.


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