Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 8: Stress Cases

Homeland Recap
Season 3, Episode 8
HOMELAND (Season 3)
This week’s episode of “A red wheelbarrow,” showed us that a) Carrie really is pregnant b) Brody is still alive and c) Saul needs love.

Since I have been watching this show, Saul has always seemed distant and emotionless, but in this episode he seems to have gotten his mojo back. After admitting to the House Chief of Staff that he has sent Javadi back to Iran as asset, a coup for Americans, to which the Chief applauded him, he is relieved and happy that his plan worked. Mira realizes that she wants to be back with him and rekindle their marriage. He brings her breakfast in bed, everything seems great and then he tells her he has to leave for a quick trip.

She realizes he’s doing it again. Choosing his work and making it a priority over their marriage. Cue her back-up plan boy, Bernard, who slyly enters their home and we see that he is up to something when he tries to put a USB stick in the computer and replace their mouse. What is he up to and who is working for? Mira fell for this crap and now things are going to get real ugly.

Episode 308

Carrie finally goes to a doctor to get an ultra sound of the baby. She seems to be in total denial of the pregnancy and the doctor warns her that she must learn to stress less.

Is Carrie capable of not being a stress case? Come on now, that is what she does best.

She is hell bent on proving that Brody was not part of the terrorist plan at Langely. The group believes they have the man who drove the car, but Peter Franklin is there to literally shut him up with his silencer. Carrie is told to stand down, but she refuses and Quinn has to shoot her in the arm to get her to stop.


Bleeding and in pain her stress level has definitely not abated.

Saul finally arrives at his destination, he gets out of the car and we see that he is in Venezuela. The man takes him to recover Brody, who is laying in what appears to be a stinky mess and used up needles. He looks like the broken down, POW Brody that we met in the first season.

Once he is back in the states how will he handle the news of being a father? How will the CIA handle that mess or take that? Is that even allowed and is there anything they can do about it? I was glad to see Brody back on screen, for a moment I thought they had kicked him off the show. Looking forward to see how this will play out for all involved and if Saul will finally get the happy ending he deserves.


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