Blogger’s Anxiety

Snap Crackle Watchers, oh boy, I have been a bad blogger. Last week I did not blog, except for one post. In the past I have started and left so many blogs, I really do not want this to happen with this one.

I actually love it and this is the topic that really is me, but of course my real life job has a tendency to take over my life. I am new to all of this and a perfectionist at heart, so I have been sitting here toiling with the idea and questioning myself, are my posts to long, are they boring, does anyone care?

I am going through blogger’s anxiety. I want to change the look and fix it up of course, I just haven’t had the time, but at least I want my content to be on here because that is what matters most to me. I can fix it later, I can’t worry about that right now this moment because life is driving me cray right now.

I was stressing about this, but I know that I cannot. I am just going to keep writing and hope that someone cares and reads this stuff. Insert sad pathetic sad face. If anyone has any good blogging sites with tips, please share them with me, I need help!


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