Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 6, Episode 13: Charming Is Not For Lovers

Sons of Anarchy
Season Finale
Season 6, Episode 13


Seriously, are all us Sons of Anarchy fans just dying and reeling over last night’s episode. Another show, that has managed to upset and disgust me with the world out there. That’s how deeply I get involved watching shows. All my friends have been texting and emailing over what happened. We are all pretty much in shock still.

The season finale, “A Mother’s Work”, started off with finishing the story arc of Tara and her issue of whether or not to give up information to the DA in return for immunity her and the boys. Jax learned of what was going down and had her followed.

The boys played on the playground, while Jax came out of nowhere and sat on the park bench with her. What ensued was dramatic and heartfelt.


We see that regardless of all the bull crap that has happened in their lives, they both love each other and I think he knew she was doing this all not to be against him, but to save their boys. She tells him to just let her say goodbye to the kids and not to hurt her in front of them, tears rolling down her face.

The shocker here is that Jax tells her he’s not going to hurt her, but instead he is going to give himself up to save Tara and the boys. Just like Tara said, Jax agrees, that the boys do not deserve this life and he does not want them to end up down the road he has gone, one filled with violence and despair.

In a shocking turn the DA agrees, he tells the clubhouse and passes the torch to good ol’ Lord of the Rings, Gimli, look-alike, Bobby. Everyone hugs and says goodbye while the boys play with their favorite motorcycle club babysitters.


Last week, Juice confessed to killing the drug addict girlfriend of Nero’s cousin to none other than Nero. This tells him that Jax lied to his face and now he is beginning to question his loyalty to the Sons.

Juice gives Jax a goodbye hug, to which Jax says, “You betrayed me.” Juicy is no fool and he knows this spells out his death, a betrayal against the club doesn’t keep anyone alive for long.

Nero disappointed and plotting his next move, dumps Gemma. She says to him, “You’re dumping me,” in total disbelief. She consoles herself with weed and booze and she finds out that Jax is going to jail.


She believes that Tara has sold him out and pretty much that’s it, there is no turning back she is pissed off. She threatens to take Unser’s car and he tries to stop her, but she takes off anyways.

What ensued next was mind blowing. Earlier in the show, we saw Gemma washing dishes; one side filled with dish water the other with dirty dishes. A significant scene, which foreshadowed what was to come later on.

Tara arrives home, FINALLY, with Eli as her escort. She sees Unser’s truck parked outside and assumed he was inside helping with something.

She had a look of happiness for a moment. A sense of relief that she was finally done running from the life she chose and that she could live in peace for once with her kids.

Eli walks outside and all hell breaks loose.

Gemma in a drugged out stupor, starts to bash Tara with an iron, then puts her head into the sink to suffocate her, all while grabbing a turkey fork and jabbing it into her skull and back. At this point, I think I almost threw up on myself, it was graphic and violent.

An out of control gesture that was not surprising coming from someone like Gemma. She is impulsive and self-destructive, yet the ultimate protector of her roost who is willing to do anything and I mean anything, for the sake of her family.

Juice and the cop go back inside after they hear screams. Gemma just keeps on saying, “It had to be done, it had to be done.”

Eli tell hers that she never ratted out Jax and that Jax gave himself up to save Tara. Gemma knows at this point she’s pretty screwed. He tries to call in the mess, when all of a sudden Juice shoots him in the back. Man down.


Juice helps by offering Gemma his hand and throws out the murder weapons. Oy vey!

Now the kitchen looks like a bloody mess. WTF, just happened. That’s all I kept saying as I jumped around my house.

Jax comes home to find the mess and sobs over her body and kisses her. Tears strolled down my face while my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I just kept thinking, Jax is literally the hottest widower ever. I know I am sick and twisted right?


What will happen next year? How will Jax reconcile and revenge the death of his beloved Tara? How will Gemma live with the fact that she killed her? Is Nero plotting something bigger than the club is ready to handle?

I can’t wait to find out!


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