American Horror Story Coven Recap: Season 3, Episode 9: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Eyes….

American Horror Story Coven
Episode 9
** Spoiler Alert
Last night’s episode, “Head,” was awesomely gruesome in every single way. We are getting closer than ever to the show’s finale and the coven is really starting to heat up even more.

I have to say one of the things that impresses me the most about this show are the camera angles. Distorted, slanted and viewed almost through a fish eye lens at some points, gives us the feel of a campy, B horror movie. I love it, to say the least!

This episode really brought everything to fruition and to light with Hank.

We now know that just as the coven has a long lineage of witches, the opposing witch hunters have been killing for centuries as well. Hank is part of that secret group and has been groomed by his father to be a destructive killer, who as he tells him should have “no mercy” for the withces.

09 - Head_0000846846

Despite the fact that he was embedded with the coven for so long, being married to Cordelia, he never had the guts to kill her because he really did love her. It appears that Hank also made a deal with the voodoo witch to kill the coven and Marie Laveau sends him a message through a horrifying voodoo doll scene.

Legs bent, twisted and contorted she plays Hank like a rag doll and tells him he must kill the coven or else he is next.

Although Cordelia and Fiona have had issues, she still respects her mother and knows that the coven needs the help of a Supreme in this dire time of hell with witch hunters out there ready to pounce.

Myrtle Snow is back for good now from the dead and out of the ashes like a phoenix has arisen stronger than ever. In an awesome, gruesome twist, she slips the counsel Pembroke and Quentin some paralyzing potion that makes them stiff as statues. She grabs a melon baller and scoops one of Pembroke’s eyes out and slips it in Cordelia.

09 - Head_0001072905

Later we see her cutting up the counsels’ bodies and dismembering them. Ewww gross!

Now Cordelia has some eyesight back, but has lost her power to see through people.

For a moment, I thought Cordelia could be the Supreme with that type of power, but we know that it can’t be her, it has to be one of the young girls. I don’t think it is Misty either, she does have the power of resurrection and Stevie Nicks behind her, but I don’t think she has that forceful, powerful energy that is needed and within a Supreme.

In a horrific turn, Hank decides to screw it all and goes after the Voodoo tribe of witches doing hair on the other side of town. Queenie was managing the phones, and was just coming off a high of showing Madame LaLaureie’s head about the ills of what occurred to African-American people since she was buried.

She shows her Roots and the violent riots of the 60’s, which only serves to juxtapose what is happening downstairs in the salon.

Hank comes in a blaze of glory and starts shooting everyone down. He manages to shoot Laveau, but of course she doesn’t die. Queenie in a final act of glory shoots herself in the head, which goes straight through Hank in a mirror fashion. Again, ewwwwwwww!

Laveau comes knocking on Fiona’s doorstep. The fact that she finally needs the Supreme’s help shows how catastrophic the Delphi Trust of witch killers is to the coven and the voodoo priestess.

Also, forgot to mention Fiona found Kyle and used her powers on him and brought him back to life, new and improved and better, plus its always nice to have a guy around a bunch of witch bitches, as Fiona puts it.


Will all the ladies finally be under one roof? A nation of witches against the world, now that sounds satisfying to me.

We have to wait until January 8th to find out what will happen next. The next episode is titled “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” is this going to be the episode where we finally see the rumored appearance of none other than Stevie Nicks herself? The Delphi Trust now knows that Hank is dead, what will they do next to our beloved girls? GASP! Let’s hope Fiona regains her strength and unleashes her powers or the new Supreme shows them how it is done.


4 thoughts on “American Horror Story Coven Recap: Season 3, Episode 9: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Eyes….

  1. Ahhh! It was definitely something to make you cringe! I loved it! I wish the episodes were longer though and I wish this season wasn’t going to end so soon!

    Is this going to the end of American Horror Story in general? There are so many ideas they could use. I hope they keep going!

    1. Hey there! This is definitely not the end of AHS. Coven will probably be ending in a few episodes and next year will be a whole new story. Ryan Murphy has said that the show is like a modern day Twilight Zone, different stories with the same montage of actors. Also somewhat like old school horror movies.

      I seriously cannot wait to find out who the Supreme is? I think it is Zoe! You?

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