Merry Christmas and My Love for Lifetime Xmas Movies


Merry Christmas eve everyone out there in cyber world. I was extremely busy with work last week and this week with Xmas I have been all over the place. But the reason I am writing this post is to comment on the fact that with the holidays, all my wonderful shows I normally watch have been on hiatus for the season.

This has me returning to my DVR and I have been catching up on my Real Housewives ladies and the Millionaire Matchmaker. All shows my husband despises watching and sends me to the room to watch alone. LOL.

I just want to say how much I love Brandi from RHOBH. Seriously, I love her  honesty and when she was calling Joyce, “Jacqueline” over and over again, that was just too funny. I feel like this season is much more boring and I really wish Kim would just start drinking again.


I think Brandi is just misjudged and she doesn’t have a stick up her butt and people hate on her for that reason. I would def be her friend in real life.


On top of my ridiculous girl shows, I have been watching a ton of Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies. Ok, I confess I am obsessed. I have a serious problem.

sdfasdfsdf(one of my faves I have a problem for realsies)

These movies are so corny, yet they make me feel better about life. Plus they always feature old movie and TV stars who were really famous in the 80’s and 90’s like Danica McKellar, Tatyana Ali, Norm from Cheers, and pretty much anyone you can think of who was really, and I mean really famous back in the day. Also, you get to see actors before they were famous, when they could only get cheesy roles on these channels.


When in doubt Lifetime/Hallmark will give anyone a role. But that is why I love my channel.

Does anyone else have an obsession with some random channel?

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is having a good one out there.



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