Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful Creatures (2013)
Directed by Richard LaGravenese


On Christmas Day, I was feeling quite under the weather and all I wanted to do was stay in and watch movies. I had recorded Beautiful Creatures a while ago and finally decided to put it on.

I really just regretted that decision and should have just taken a nap.

Beautiful Creatures is a flick about a group of witches that live in a little town in the South. A town filled with a rich history from the Civil War, as there had been many battles that had taken place there and which still in a sense haunted the community. The story is about a girl named Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), the new girl in town who is awkward and different and who has come to stay with her uncle Macon Ravenwood (Jeremy Irons).

imagesT4034K3H (yeah this is how he rolls)

She comes from a mysterious family, the Ravenwood’s, people say that they have not even seen her uncle come out in years and this religious town thinks that they believe in the Devil.

The movie centers on her and Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), a young guy who loves reading and getting lost in his books. He hopes to one day escape from his dreary little town and set off on glorious adventures. He also just broke up with the popular girl and now has a little romance with her.

What sets this movie apart from other witch stories and movies is that for all young witches at the age of 16, they reveal their true nature, they are either taken to the dark side or reside in the light. Lena will soon find out and has been counting down by putting the days left on her hand a la Taylor Swift.

209005_199941250129445_2131911935_n (OMG is she a witch!)

Now from here, the setup sounds fun, this could definitely work out, but it just got really confusing.

I honestly kept stopping the movie and asking my husband what just happened? I wasn’t sure if it was I was losing my mind or if I had just grown really dumb. The story uses a lot of mythical spiritual names and everyone is not who they appear to be. Also everyone in town is connected from way back when, like 100 years ago. UMMM yeah ok, so how are they still alive?

The backup characters are Ridley Duchannes (Emmy Rossum) her cousin, Amma the town librarian (Viola Davis) and Mrs. Lincoln (Emma Thompson), just to name a few. I enjoyed the character of Ridley, she helped to spice up the movie and Amma was so thoughtful and sweet, I couldn’t help, but like her.


All I kept thinking throughout the film, was this is exactly like Twilight, she is the weirdo like Edward with powers and he is the awkward, dorky Bella who falls in love with the wrong person. Also the whole movie has a very Oregon, green, woodsy feel to it. I just kept thinking when is Jacob going to come out and take off his t-shirt? That sexy werewolf beast!

Beautiful-Creaturesbeautiful-creatures-movie-still (oh Edward and Bella)

I am still confused as to why Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, both distinguished reputable actors would star in such a corny witch movie. I guess they wanted to make something their 13-year-old grand kids could watch instead of their stuffy “adult” movies.

One thing I enjoyed was the literary references and the joy that Ethan had from reading his books. That is pretty much the only thing I could relate to on any level. Also, the actor who plays him I think did a really nice job with a crappy role. I look forward to seeing him in some meatier roles.

Overall, this movie is lacking in story and the writing just falls flat. I believe that since this was derived from a book, it probably had a really interesting story line that gave a lot of background information on the characters and in reading it, one could probably get much more connected to the characters. That factor was missing from this movie, as I am sure they tried to cram in every idea into a short timeframe.


The fancy graphics, the cool witch makeup, really nothing can save this movie from going down the drain. I wasted an hour and a half of my life and I cannot get it back…ever.

Remember that scene from Inglorious Bastards, when the movie screen goes up in flames, I wish that would have happened with this movie.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures (2013)

  1. Well. This is not only a 2013 film I haven’t seen. It is also one of which I haven’t heard, despite its named cast members.

    After reading this review, I’m in no hurry to rent it.

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