Quick Update & Happy New Years!



Hello everyone out there, just wanted to say hi and give a quick update on what has been going on. The holidays really do have a way of bringing down all of your motivation, right?!

I have literally been at home doing not much of anything and of no significance. I have been super sick and finally feeling a little better. I stayed in on New Year’s Eve and started the show Big Love.

photo (2)(See pic below for my lameness)

Currently on Season 2 right now and so far it is pretty good. I don’t think it is super exciting, but it is definitely an interesting topic and one that makes you wonder if you have any Fundamentalists living on your block. Hmmm…

Also, Aaron Paul has a small part in Season 2, OMG he looks like a total nerd. It’s great!

I actually went to the movies twice so far in the past week and I plan on going on Saturday to go see 12 Years a Slave. My local independent theater is finally playing something worth watching. I saw Inside Llewyn Davis yesterday, I had been dying to see this movie and last weekend I saw Hunger Games 2. Look out for upcoming reviews on those flicks.


After not having gone to the movie theater in ages, I forgot how much I loved going to the theater to see movies on the big screen. Lately, I have been feeling that going to the movies is not only expensive, but it’s always crowded and annoying. That is literally what bugs the crap out of me. When I was younger, I used to go to the movies alone and go randomly during the day when it was empty. Ah… that was awesome. Now my schedule doesn’t really allow me that freedom, so I am condemned to go with all the crowds on the weekends and at night.

I saw Inside Llewyn Davis at a little theater in town and it was not packed at all, I need to go back there more often.

Any who, back to work and back to life. Happy New Years! I am so happy I started this blog, it may not be much and my goal for this year is to make it a better one, but it has been great to talk with other movie/TV lovers out there!

Did anyone see any good movies over the holidays?

rfefasd (Greetings from Jesse Pinkman)


2 thoughts on “Quick Update & Happy New Years!

  1. Happy New Year Year to you as well. Look forward to your reviews of 12 Years a Slave and Llewellyn Davis.

    And good movies? The Wolf of Wall Street. You should totally see it. 🙂

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