Quick Update

I am seriously lagging on all things movies and TV as of lately. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I have been busy at work and honestly not getting a good amount of sleep. I have been staying up late watching Big Love. I am seriously addicted and if I didn’t have a job I would probably already be done with the show.
three (Big Love style with Chloe Sevigny)

I keep thinking of that episode of Portlandia, where they are sitting on the couch binge watching Battlestar Gallactica and they don’t move for days. They don’t shower, they lose their jobs and in the end they keep saying, “just one more episode.”

maxresdefault (JUST ONE MORE)

Right now I have a DVR full of shows to watch, I have the new season of Episodes, Shameless, new HBO show True Detective, Girls, Top Chef, etc. I also want to review Hunger Games 2, Pain and Gain, Don Juan, but here I am sitting here doing nothing of the sort when it comes to writing.

Does anyone ever get those moments where you can’t stop writing and then other days where you can’t formulate a sentence to save your life?

Tomorrow is my birthday, another year older and it makes me just want to contemplate, I mean get depressed about life. LOL. I am going to Disneyland this weekend, doing something different this year. So not the crazy fun nights of my 20’s, well last year I did go to Vegas, but I wanted something low key. Then in 2 weeks I go to Hawaii for work. I am super excited about that, but it is work so it will be half fun, half working. I am though looking forward to relaxing and enjoying a much needed mai tai on the beach.

3rdbirthdayaaaaaaa imagesWSAP3JOR

I want to inject personal life with my movie/TV reviews, I always wonder though do people care to read these boring type posts? I know when I read blogs, I want to know about the person writing and who they are and what their life is about, but that is just me I am nosy person.

Ok, my writing block needs to loosen up, I wish there was some Mucinex for brain fog!



5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. “I want to inject personal life with my movie/TV reviews, I always wonder though do people care to read these boring type posts?”

    I do : )

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