‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Recap Episode 12: Who is the baddest of them all?

American Horror Story: Coven
Episode 12
** Spoiler Alert


As I was saying in one of my last posts, I have been slacking on my reviews and recaps. I haven’t done a recap for AHS for the past two episodes, so to fill in the gap to yesterday’s episode, this is what has happened thus far. Think of it like that really fast recap they do on Glee at the beginning of the show.

Stevie Nicks did a cameo, Madison threw Misty in a coffin, Marie’s demon coke-snorting magic man Papa Legba has been coming to collect his debts for immortality, Fiona and Marie drowned Nan in the bathtub and managed to throw the Delphi group of witch hunters over the financial cliff and kill them off with the help of the Axeman. Cordelia cut out her eyes and did not regain her powers. Madame LaLaurie has reverted back to her old ways of killing and torturing people, ewww gross. Queenie came back from being shot in the face. Zoe and Kyle ran away to be lovers.


Phew…that was a lot, makes sense though because we are coming close to the end, next week is the season finale, so everything is opening up like a can of worms at the coven.

This week’s episode, “The Seven Wonders,” started out with a silent movie about the Salem witches performing the Seven Wonders test to see who is a real supreme. I liked how they captured the sensibility and idea of a silent picture, while demonstrating to the audience how each of the powers work. This definitely could have been worked in earlier in the season to give us an idea of what the witches are capable of doing.

In the last episode, Madame LaLaurie chopped up Marie Laveau, her voice is still heard, but there is no body. Queenie calls upon Papa Legba and has a little tea party with him to discuss the details and tells him she is now in breach of her contract with him. Since she cannot deliver a new soul next year, she will have to pay penance for her crimes.


She finds Madame LaLaurie and stabs her in the heart, apparently this is the way to kill an immortal soul. Papa shows Queenie that everyone has their own version of hell, Queenie’s was when she worked at the chicken shack and now Marie and Madame LaLaurie will be stuck together forever. They are banished to the time period when LaLaurie’s daughters were killed in front of her eyes by Marie. They both have to reenact that scene for the rest of their so-called lives in hell.


Zoe and Kyle return to help out the coven when Zoe realizes she cannot escape her fate and destiny as a witch.

Fiona gives Cordelia a necklace that belonged to her grandmother. With this necklace she can now foresee the future. She gets a glimpse of all the witches being killed by Fiona, who in turn then has her powers back and intends to run away. With these powers she is also able to find Misty. Who is then unearthed and comes back to the coven to kick Madison in her hot pants.

Cordelia pays the Axeman a visit and tells him of Fiona’s plan. When he realizes that Cordelia was right he kills Fiona and goes into the coven and is killed and stabbed to death by the witches. They definitely do not need a man to take care of them.


Now with Fiona gone, who is the next Supreme? Cordelia tells the girls that they will have to perform the Seven Wonders test to find out who will reign next. I cannot wait to see who will be the next super witch-bitch.

I have a feeling that it is Zoe, she has been sort of lingering in the background all season and it is time to see her shine. Who will it be?


5 thoughts on “‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Recap Episode 12: Who is the baddest of them all?

    1. You definitely need to watch it!! I think you can watch online on FX and watch the past episodes. But if you are going to do that you have to do it soon because once the show is over I am sure they will take them down. 🙂

      The Stevie Nicks appearance was on one hand really cool and on another really pointless and dumb.

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