Rush (2013)

Rush (2013)
Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Peter Morgan


Over the weekend I saw Rush, the Ron Howard epic flick about two race car driving legends, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. First off, wow, this was an amazing movie and I was kicking myself for not having seen it on the big screen in a theater versus my TV. The movie showcases the rivalry and their legendary race of 1976 at the Nuremburg Grand Prix. It focuses on these two dynamic individuals and the whirlwind of excitement that followed both of their lives.

James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) is the charismatic playboy, with a thrill for excitement and the wild child of the Formula One racing circuit. Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) is the serious and smart driver who not only took risks, but had the aptitude to figure out how to make his cars drive faster. They were a natural rivalry from the start, polar opposites of one another, yet they had very similar paths that brought them to the same juncture in life.


What I enjoyed about the film is that we get to see the character development of both figures, not just a singular viewpoint of how each one lived their life and the struggles that they faced in order to achieve what they did in their careers. There was witty and to a point comical banter between the two rivals, but the movie makes it obvious that they had profound respect for one another despite their differences.

The story is shown from the beginning on the day of the fateful race and then moves backward chronologically in time to build up to that exact moment when their lives changed for the worst and the best.

This movie to me was from a cinematographic viewpoint absolutely beautiful. The colors are saturated and vibrant and have a rich hue to them. As I said before, this is the type of movie that was made for the big screen; every inch of the screen has something worth watching on it. Just like they say on Top Chef, don’t put something on the plate that is inedible, this movie is the equivalent of that, everything is absolutely delicious and worth every bite.


Throughout the entire movie, the viewer feels they are part of the race, either as the driver, part of the pit crew or as a spectator. We get POV shots as a driver, with a mask that is filled with raindrops or condensation and what it must appear like to be in the driver seat. At some points, everything is almost a blur because they are driving so fast, which makes complete sense when the movie is essentially about having the ability to race and drive faster than the average person ever will in their life. We also see what it felt like to be in the stands watching these two men achieve exceeding speeds and risking their lives on the track.


The attention to detail is meticulous, from the fashion of the seventies to the way that the race tracks and cars looked. Although of course there are special effects, the little details throughout the film make the entire movie come together into one spectacular, sexy joyride.

Hemsworth and Bruhl both deliver great performances as the race car drivers. Bruhl was a new face to me and he did a great job in capturing the spirit of Lauda. It was also great to see Hemsworth in something other than a superhero role, not to mention the fact that he is incredibly great and gorgeous to watch.

MV5BMTkwMDI5ODEyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzA2MzcxMDE@__V1_SX640_SY720_  (Do normal people look like this?)

By the way, I was just wondering if it had been nominated for any awards because it was so great and it totally got passed up. That is very disappointing considering what a feat of a movie this must have been to make and Ron Howard deserves some type of respect for this film. Regardless, this is definitely worth checking out and it was an A+ in my book.

sdfsdfsdf (The real Niki Lauda and James Hunt)


12 thoughts on “Rush (2013)

  1. Well written review. It did get nominated for a few awards, including Golden Globes, but it looks like the Oscars left it out. Awesome point about it feeling like you are literally in a race. I should really get around to watching this.

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