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I watch so many shows, so I decided to make my recaps a little more condensed and short. Just so you guys get a gist of what happened in the episode and what was great or sucked majorly. I just got rid of Showtime, so once I decide to get that back, I’ll do one for that channel too. Honestly the shows on there right now are so crappy; they do not even deserve a review. Shameless is getting wacko, Episodes is boring, and House of Lies just doesn’t do it for me. I need me some Dexter back in my life.

True Detective
Season 1, Episode 5: “The Secret Fate of All Light”
HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary Fukunaga

I am really enjoying this new crime, psychological thriller show. It’s creepy, weird and the characters are so damn interesting. Matthew McConaughy is awesome; he plays Rust Cohle, the detective with a sketchy past and a damn good cop who can pry a confession out of anyone. Woody Harrelson plays Martin Hart, what he paints himself to be on the outside, we are finding out is not true of what he does in his spare time. He has issues; he just hides them better than Rust.

Together the two are partners, investigating a ritualistic killing in Louisiana in 1995. From there the show flashes forward to 2002, where they are both being investigated separately on the incidents that occurred in the 90’s, as it seems that the same murders that were occurring then are happening again. Did they catch the wrong person or is someone playing copy cat?


I feel like at this point, we are being pushed to believe that perhaps Rust could have done it, but I think it is going to be something that comes out of left field. In this episode we watched how the incident in question with the suspected murder LeDoux went down. Everything happened differently then what they told cops. So far this show is really captivating and reeling me in, it is the type of show I want to talk about with people and wonder what else people are thinking. I want to watch it over again and see if I missed anything. After this episode, I am left wondering what does Rust have in his storage container?! How is Martin involved in this case in 2002, what did he do in that span of time, if anything?

Church4_998153ba2083cf214ffe0b0ce75d4e721-1024x576 (Scarrrrrrrrrryyy!)

Season 3, Episode 7: “Beach House”


Ok, so far this season, I am really not impressed with this show. In this episode, the girls go down to a wanna-be Hampton’s beach house; they say it’s the ghetto version of it. LOL. The characters are almost becoming caricatures of their own selves.

Marnie is annoying as all hell with her perfectionist attitude, but the fact that she keeps talking about the grilled pizza incident is pretty funny. Shoshanna well she is just there now, something needs to happen with her soon. Marnie had sex with Ray and hasn’t told Shoshanna yet, so that should be interesting. Hannah runs into Elijah, her old lover who is now gay and they rekindle their friendship. Jessa is just there as well being herself, acting totally sane post-rehab. Yawn fest. This episode was boring, but what I like about this show are many of the funny lines, so I will continue to watch for now.



This show is basically Girls with gay men instead. With this show, I don’t even know if I can review it. Honestly it is pretty boring to me, it is the show I watch when nothing else is on and it has been in my DVR for a few weeks. This show is lacking grit and it needs characters with more depth. I feel like I am watching the typical life of most gay men and almost to the point where they are exaggerated versions of gay men trolling on Grinder. I will continue to watch for the sake that it’s kind of funny to watch these guys try to meet the man of their dreams. I guess all us girls want the same thing out of life.

watch-hbo-releases-new-trailer-for-dramedy-looking (Ohh look its gay Sex in the City/Girls)

PS… Please bring back Curb your Enthusiasm!!!! I heart Larry David!


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