The Walking Dead Recap: Season4, Episode 10: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hell

Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 10


All of us Walking Dead fans have been sitting here with our thumbs up our asses, waiting patiently for the show to come back. Well bitches it came back and it is getting good!

I have been so busy lately that I didn’t get to catch you guys up on last week, so we’ll just start here. Quick recap, the gang is now scattered through the city with the burning of the prison and the killing of Herschel by the Governor. Everyone has found a new partner and slowly the show is bringing them all back together again, sort of like Humpty Dumpty except with more blood. The season premiere focused on Rick and Karl, and Michonne finding them.

Sunday’s episode, “Inmates,” centered the story on other camp members reuniting. Daryl and Beth are traversing unknown ground with a few weapons, but at least she is with Daryl. Of all the people, I would want to be stuck with; I would definitely pick Daryl because he can totally handle his own.

Next scene, Tyreese is alone with Lizzy and Mika and drumroll…. Baby Judith! Yes that little one is alive and screaming and pooping. Of all the people I would not want to be stuck with, I hate to say it; I would not want to be with that baby. Hello, it is hard enough in the real world to take care of babies and their needs, let alone in Walking Dead land. If this doesn’t get Tyreese laid, I don’t know what will.


Lizzy is the baddest little girl ever, hands down. She tells her sister not to be afraid and hands her a knife. She is basically like Carol’s mini-me slash little minion.

At one point, he hears screams and goes down to the train tracks to find two men being attacked by walkers, it is done he cannot save them. Out of nowhere, Carol is back in tow and she has found the girls. Hallelujah… do we hear church bells yet?


Carol is back… hell yes! I can’t wait till she finds Daryl and spits in Rick’s dumb smug face.

On a side note, the train tracks lead to a place called Terminus, some type of place that sounds like heaven for them at this point.


The other part of the show focused on Maggie looking for Glenn with Sasha and Bob in tow. Nowhere to be found, she is desperate and has lost hope of ever finding Glenn.

Back at the prison, yes the prison filled with walkers, is Glenn. He wakes up and realizes he is all alone, but he must get out, there is no hope of survival if he stays.


Armed with a helmet, he rushes through the crowd and finds Tara. She is sitting there alone and scared. Together they bust out of the prison to find Maggie.

On their way down the road, they start battling more walkers, a truck then stops and 2 unknown men and a woman come out to lend a hand. They totes look like people on those survivalist shows. Hmmm, who are they? Looks like they will be setting up camp with new people who have weapons and all the good things a hitchhiker can want in life. Will it be too good to be true? Are they part of camp Terminus? What did you guys think?



9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season4, Episode 10: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hell

      1. You know – when I was reading the comics I got really bored and – on my first attempt at blogging elsewhere – I tried to do a blog about these and got bored. Is it worth catching up on?? I think I stopped that episode where they had Michael Rooker handcuffed on the top of a building.

        OH!! And it wasn’t even broadcast in HD!!!! SD can suck it!!

      2. Well I think if you read the comics you would probably either really enjoy it or be comparing it the whole time… plus you already know the story. Part of the fun of watching this show is I don’t know what is going to happen. Honestly though, I think the show gets better after Season 1, Season 2 is good, Season 3 is okay, and Season 4 so far has been the best. If you are really bored one day or laid up on the couch sick, it’s worth watching. 🙂

  1. I haven’t read the comics, just been watching the show. That last photo from the latest episode made me chuckle. No idea who they are or if they were in the comics, but I like trio refer to them as (left to right) Fat Bill Hicks, Mr Eighties Videogame Mid-level Boss, and Nineteen-seventies Vietnam Playboy Stripper.

    1. I googled it because I google everything and it sounds like they were in the comics… I don’t know maybe our comic buddies can tell us out there?

      LOL I like that trio name….they totally look like they stepped out of a videogame or a corny GI Joe movie.

      1. Yeah, I’m having trouble with the like button at the minute. It seems to stop and start working randomly. A bug with the Jetpack plugin I’m using. Hopefully, it’ll get fixed soon! They’re working again now, but who knows when they’ll go wrong again!!

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