True Detective Recap, Season 1, Episode 7

True Detective
Season 1, Episode 7

**Spoiler Alert


This week’s episode, “After You’ve Gone,” starts off where we left off in present time with Rust and Martin who go to a bar that proverbial beer and chat. Rust reveals that he has been conducting an investigation and compiling evidence and believes vehemently that the killer is still out there.

He needs and wants Martin’s help and pretty much tells him, “We left something undone, we got to fix it.”Martin doesn’t really want to do it, being that they have a crazy intertwined past.

Rust continues by telling him he has to “Because you have a debt. Because of the way shit went down in ’95. This is on you too, buddy.” That was a powerful moment because Martin knows that Rust saved him during the Ledoux shoot out and if he shot the wrong person then part of this cover up is unintentionally on him as well.


They go back to Rust’s man cave slash dungeon of dark undercover investigations afterwards, which is filled with all the evidence he has been compiling for years. Can we say creepy central?


He sits Martin and tells him he has to see something and hands him a flask for a drink, yup that’s how bad it is, upon watching he sees a little girl, Marie Fontenot, who is being used as some type of sacrificial object of abuse by a group of five men with masks. Martin is repulsed and knows he has to help out.


We also know that what occurred was not at the hands of one man, but five. In last week’s episode, Rust interviews Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle, who founded Christian schools that were linked to other disappearances and killings. His brother is current Senator Eddie Tuttle  who tried to get Rust and Martin off the case in 95. As said in previous episodes rich men are behind these ritualistic murders, could it be the Tuttles?


Martin and Rust go and investigate the Tuttles’ former housekeeper and show her images of what is believed to be the Carcosa. She enters a trance and starts acting crazy. It almost sounds like these people were part of a devil-worshiping cult.

The image of the man with the scarred face has been continuously running through the series. We are finding out more and more that he was part of this clan and that he is still out there. Is the man with the scarred face the guy mowing the lawn at the cemetery? Could it be him or is it too obvious?

true-detective-spoilers (Could it be him?)

Also, do you guys believe that one of Martin’s daughter  is somehow involved in all this? I feel like they have been foreshadowing that something will or has occurred with her.

I like how Martin and Rust picked up as if time had never even passed. They make a great match at investigations and police work and it is obvious that together they make a keen match for figuring out complicated matters and can trust one another in a way to back each other up in situations. Next week all will be revealed !! I am on the edge of my chair!


On a side note, next season will be a whole new story and McConaughy will not be returning as he just announced yesterday after the Oscars. Excited to see what big name actors will pony up for Season 2, my guess is that after all the buzz this show has received they will be fighting get on this show.

funny-True-Detective-time-circle (Too funny had to share)


5 thoughts on “True Detective Recap, Season 1, Episode 7



    I watched this (again) and watched the featurette afterwards and the director said “… now that we’ve finally seen the face of the killer…” so it’s gotta be that guy : )

    Also – I totally think Hart’s daughter is involved somehow…

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