Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

True Detective is actually REALLY REALLY funny! No seriously guys, I have been scouring the web for funny stuff because that’s what I do best and really I wish there was a job in the newspaper for this because I would totally apply for it. Any who, here is my summary slash the top 10 things I realized after watching our favorite warm and fuzzy show, True Detective.

la-et-st-first-lady-michelle-obama-to-appear-o-001-thumbnail Me after finishing the show!

1. I bet if I drank this I totally would have understood what the hell Carcosa meant!


2.  How much time did we waste contemplating this show? We will never know that answer. imagessdfs

3. But I bet if Justin Beiber were on the show, he totally would’ve solved that sh*t in 95′, he’s totes smart.


4. Although Rust is an emotionless man, I still kept thinking….


5. And all the guys were like… especially IPC




6. Seriously did you guys notice Lorde’s guest appearance?


7. But like I kept thinking after the show who is going to mow Marty’s lawn now?

tumblr_n1ze8uPPzx1r7uxhho1_500 Check out Angie’s List great reviews!

8. The word “Flowers” is the best code word for sex. Yah Buddy! Bring on the flowers.

tumblr_n2a2tyYQJq1qz9qt7o1_500 Great for when your parents are in town.

9. It was all a façade they are all serious best friends in real life?! WTF. Now I am mad.

tumblr_n284p5Ixum1qc92svo1_500   tumblr_n289sas3Tc1snfylfo1_500 BFF’s Forever!!!!

10. But in the end the show was all about LOVE.

untitled  tumblr_n101egev9x1tsoz9lo1_500


11 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

  1. . This was a true story. What about those poor girls and boys? Isn’t there other things to have fun with? Sad that so many think this is funny.


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