The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 15: Terminus or Bust

Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 15
**Spoiler Alert
This week’s episode, “Us,” focused back on Abraham and Glenn’s crew wandering around once again looking for Maggie. Ugh, I am getting so bored of this storyline, so I was glad this one ended fruitfully for all.

The crew get to a tunnel where it is obvious that there are walkers inside and Abraham, Eugene and Latina GI Joe girl Rosita decide not to take the risk and Glenn and Tara go anyway. Tara agrees to help Glenn find Maggie and Rosita reminds her that the only reason she is doing it is because she feels guilty.


Once inside there is a big set of rocks blocking them and walkers around them everywhere. Tara slips and her foot gets caught in a rock. Long story short, Eugene and crew go back and save them by shooting up all the walkers.

OK spoiler alert… Maggie was in the group and they are reunited. Are you yawning yet? It was a really sweet moment, but all this fuss over finding each other has been getting on my nerves.

tumblr_n2z1n0zhE21syvdico1_500  tumblr_n2wzqn4o9I1qzukcpo1_500

This was seriously a filler episode and I hope the show gets better next season. Seriously The Walking Dead is pissing me off right now.

On the other side of town we see Michonne, Karl and Rick walking on the tracks. Michonne and Karl play around and bet who can balance the longest on the train track over a wannabe Kit Kat bar. Still yawning… Anyone notice how Michonne is starting to look and feel more feminine and sweet lately?

tumblr_n2yniyBKjj1ql73y7o1_500 BFFs FOREVER!

Cut to Daryl and the reckless crew of merry men that he is traveling with and we see that he is not fitting in with the group. One of the guys just seems really bothered by him and upon Daryl trying to kill a little bunny, another comes over his shoulder and kills it and yells “claim.” According to their fearless leader, one of the rules of the group is once a person calls claim to something whether it be food, shelter or necessities, then that belongs to the person who said it.


Daryl is annoyed obliviously, but he continues on with them. Upon arriving at an old car shop, everyone yells claim to the beds of different trucks and cars, leaving Daryl on the floor. The guy who has been bugging him starts accusing him of stealing his cottontail. He tells him to empty his trash bag and out the bunny falls onto the floor. Daryl says that the guy planted it on him.

The leader tells him he saw the guy plant the bunny and they go out back and kill the guy. Umm ok, that was quick. I guess Daryl has to stay with this group, otherwise they will kill him. Sort of like a gang in South Central LA, once you are in, you cannot get out.

Also, the leader of the crew told Daryl that they are out to find the guy that shot their friend in the bathroom. Uh oh… they are looking for Rick!


The end of the show finishes with Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita, finding Terminus. The shot of Terminus opens with sunflowers and a woman who tells them “welcome” and to “come on in”. Hmm, I do not trust this chick!


Terminus is starting to look like a weird cult. I wonder what goes on there, human sacrifice, bloodletting or is it just a nice, safe haven for all?


Creator Robert Kirkman says that the season finale will be a shocker! I really hope so because the past few episodes have been boring fillers. I am ready for The Walking Dead to get back to business. What did you guys think of Sunday’s episode? What do you think Terminus is really about?

tumblr_n2xyqkKO7b1s538f0o1_500  Anyone notice Maggie wearing Daryl’s old poncho!!!


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