Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 2: A Toast to the Proud Lannister Children

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 2

Last night’s episode, “The Lion and the Rose,” which is the only episode this season written by the author himself, George R.R. Martin, should have given us a clue as to what was in store. Only someone as tied to the story as himself, could have written the story that ensued. The episode was mostly focused on the highly anticipated royal wedding between Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell.

In the usual Game of Thrones fashion, a royal wedding never goes unharmed, if you escape unscathed consider yourself lucky and if you are an actor on this show and you are still alive after a wedding consider yourself fortunate.

Ok let’s talk about what happened last night, c’mon kids and join me.



The show opened with Ramsay Snow, that jerk, hunting down a servant girl with hounds and Theon Greyjoy in tow. His father, Roose Bolton, then comes to town and finds out what Ramsay did to Theon, you know cut off his junk, and is upset because he was going to trade him to the Ironborn in exchange for Moat Cailin.


Ramsay then proceeds to tell Theon what happened to his pseudo-brother Rob Stark. Another blow at Theon, who is visibly a fallen, distraught shell of a man. Roose tells his son if he wants to prove himself as more than a bastard, he should go out and find Bran and Rickon as they are rumored to still be alive.

tumblr_n40tstXNfm1rtf3g6o3_250  tumblr_n40tstXNfm1rtf3g6o4_250 (ewww)

Bran and his merry crew, Hodor, Rickon, Jojen and Meera, remind him that he must not spend so much time in the body of the wolf because in doing so it can cut off his human capabilities. He then finds a tree and gets a message from a 3-eyed raven that they must continue on North.


Tyrion fears that his family knows about Shae and he knows that she will be killed as his father told him to stop sleeping around. He sends Bronn to take her and ship her away, as much as it hurts him, this is the only way she will live.

tumblr_n40qnjwyd81qf338zo1_250 tumblr_n40qnjwyd81qf338zo6_250

Tyrion also sends Bronn to help Jamie with his sword capabilities and trains him how to reuse his left hand for fighting. He takes him to a secret spot where he usually goes to have sex with other guys’ wives. Oh how nice of him!


At Dragonstone, Melisandre has three of Stannis Baratheon’s men burned at the stake for disbelieving in the God of Light. She then goes to speak with Stannis’ daughter, Shireen, the little girl with a disfigurement on her face, and explains to her the differences between the Lord of Light and how the story of the Seven Gods is a lie. Hmmm, where are they going with this?

tumblr_n40ul9379V1r0b3zfo1_250  tumblr_n40ul9379V1r0b3zfo2_250

At the wedding breakfast, King Joffrey is presented with gifts, Tyrion gives him a book called, “The Lives of Four Kings,” and then he is presented with a sword made with Valerian steel. He proceeds to cut the book up and taunts his uncle even more. He then says that he will call the sword, “Widows Wail.” Oh how appropriate.


Now on to the juicy, meaty part of the whole show. After the wedding, the celebration is in full tow with contortionists, jugglers and musicians. Here there are several different mini-stories that are taking place. Cersei and her father talk to Prince Oberyn Martell and his lover. He explains to her in a condescending way how his people are quite different from hers and that fortunately her daughter doesn’t live in a place where women are raped and murdered. What a nice conversation piece that is, right?!



Jamie talks to Ser Loras who is supposed to marry Cersei and tells him that, “She’ll kill you in her sleep.” Cersei on the other hand talks to Brienne of Tarth and thanks her for serving Jamie and tells her that she believes she is in love with him. Basically these two are like stay away from my boo, girl he/she is mine.

tumblr_n41biuiKdV1qgfx04o1_250 tumblr_n41biuiKdV1qgfx04o3_250 (Awkard)

During the celebration the entertainment is clearly boring King Joffrey, he throws coins at the artists and uses them as fodder for his own pleasures. He then commands five dwarf actors to reenact the War of the Five Kings. One of them being Rob Stark to Sansa’s dismay, the tension builds and we are beginning to sense that Joffrey has it out for his uncle. He tells him to join the other dwarfs, an obvious jab at him.

tumblr_n410lx3Ou71s98i4xo5_r1_250 (Sir Royal Jerk Off)

Tyrion insists he has had enough fighting for his lifetime. He tells him, “I think you should fight, this was a poor imitation of your own bravery on the field of battle. I speak as a first hand witness.” This is now a jab towards the King, who we know did no fighting at the Battle of Blackwater.


Upset he is, as Yoda would say, and Joffrey gets back at him by pouring his wine over his head and tells Tyrion that he will now be the cupbearer for the day. He throws his wine cup on the floor and tells him to pour him more and Tyrion obliges while holding his tongue.


The awkwardness is palpable and newly appointed Queen Margaery tries to pull him away by announcing the service of the pie.


Ohhh PIE! Joffrey goes up to the gigantic pie, hits it with his new Valerian steel sword and releases the doves from inside. The scene is glorious and thrilling and for a moment we catch a glimpse of a dead dove inside. Margaery feeds her new husband a piece and as he is about to feed her, he turns his sight again to his uncle, when all of a sudden he starts choking.


Joffrey chokes and coughs and it feels as if no one is really helping. Out of nowhere Sansa is ushered away by Ser Dontos. Cersei grips her son in her arms, while his last action is to point at Tyrion as to blame him. She screams and yells, “He killed my son, take him.”


tumblr_n41982GpG41rlm13co6_250 (Pie Anyone?)

Oh my god, oh my god, that is all I kept thinking.


My husband read the book, so he knew this was going to happen, he sat there smiling smugly. Seriously, I get mad when he knows these things are coming, I couldn’t believe it. All I want to do right now is go home and replay that scene again and again. Hats off to the creators of this show, what a great episode, it was well played and it built up the tension perfectly.


RIP Joffrey Baratheon and Jack Gleeson, the actor who portrayed the character so well. Even though he was an asshole, I will miss his presence on the show. Look forward to seeing what will ensue from his death and the aftermath that is Tyrion’s life.
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18 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 2: A Toast to the Proud Lannister Children

  1. Really liked the PW adaptation, both Lena and Jack were tremendous. I was so happy to finally see Stannis and him defending Shireen was so cute.

    1. I know they were awesome! You read the books right? I have to tell you I accidently read spoilers on your blog last week so I knew Joffrey was going to die!! I was like UH oh I just read too much. I tried commenting but my responses weren’t taking, not sure because it wasn’t wordpress or what. Regardless I was enjoying your blog!

      1. I’m not sure how it’s possible since I always mark spoilers in the posts and make sure people actually have to highlight the text to read them.

      2. I know and I am a masochist… it said spoiler but I thought well I think she means show so I clicked it anyways. 😦 But it’s ok that’s my fault! I was digging your blog and kept reading and reading…

      3. Well the show and the book have the same basic storyline so me marking something as spoiler refers to any future events that weren’t shown in the show yet… 🙂 Just in case – there are usually spoilers in comment section, as plenty of book readers read my recaps and I have no power to edit someone comment and mark the spoilers there.

      4. Of course not I totally understand! 🙂 I know that going into any blog I read, trust me I already read something that happens at the end of the story gasp….. Do you see a pattern, I get super involved reading something and can’t stop myself. Love your blog!

  2. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing how Tyrion gets out this predicament. Even though Joffrey is a monster, I’ll miss his presence too, the actor is terrific just the way he sits in his chair makes me want to slap him haha.

    1. Thank you! I actually was thinking this morning, I don’t think anyone is going to care to read this, unless there’s other crazy people like me out there who like talking about this! Thanks!!

  3. They killed Joffrey! They killed Joffrey!

    I just watched this episode the other day having not read the books, not knowing what was coming. Like with episode 9 from last series, my jaw dropped to the floor. Wow. What a series. Where is GOT going now?

    Great review/recap. Funny stuff.

    1. Agreed!! I actually just started the books so I have no idea where it is going, all I can tell you which is what I hear from others who have read the books is that it gets crazier. Such a great show and from a non-book reader standpoint, it doesn’t cease to surprise and amaze me!

  4. I’m still a little behind on my GoT watching. I just watched this episode and the one that follows last night. But I’m seeing all of these reviews for the most current episode and I’m worried about seeing spoilers that I don’t want to see! It’s a race to catch up. But yeah… this was a great episode. The only thing that bothers me is Joffrey’s death. I’m glad he’s dead, but it was unsatisfying. He should have had his head ripped off and punted across a battlefield, lol. Something more fitting would have been nice.

    1. I know it’s so hard to avoid spoilers nowadays. Even if you watch the show on west coast time it is hard to not find or hear a spoiler. So it’s understandable. I am surprised they didn’t make it more bloody and crazy, but I guess killing him had to be done really incognito. You will not be disappointed in future episodes. Trust me!

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