Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 5: Let the New Order Begin

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 5

This week’s episode, “First of His Name,” gave us a little bit of almost everyone, excluding probably Stannis and his peeps (sorry Sati) and divulged a little more on topics that I am sure are going to be even bigger in this series. We are seeing the beginning of Daenerys establishing and sinking her teeth into the role of Queen, Jon is slowly morphing into becoming more of a leader and Arya is truly growing up to be more of a warrior then a fancy teenage girl. I could not get what Anna told me last week about Sansa out of my head, “Leave Sansa alone, ” in that Chris Crocker aka the guy who was obsessed with Britney Spears during her melt down voice. Loved this episode, I am never disappointed and hopefully my book friends were happy too.

Let’s talk about what happened, shall we?



The show started with a bang, the coronation of the new King, Tommen Baratheon. Seriously he is such a cutie pie and Margaery continues to put her claws in him by smiling at him from afar and slowly, but surely drawing him closer to her.

tumblr_n53mk8Yv781qfv6tdo2_250  tumblr_n53mk8Yv781qfv6tdo1_250

Of course Cersei is no dummy to these types of politics and notices her smiling to Tommen. She meets her up on the balcony and discusses with her the prospects of rejoining their alliance and perhaps marrying her other son. Margaery tells her that she needs to discuss this with her father first and Cersei says the same, she must be speak with hers. Listen to your daddies girls!

tumblr_n53npkhJyZ1tpabkto3_250  tumblr_n53qei5QKW1qhfadgo3_250

We later get a scene of Cersei interrupting Prince Oberyn from his poem writing and they have a conversation about how although both have so much power they could not save the ones they loved. They talk about her daughter and how she is doing in Dorne. Cersei seems to have a tiny bit of a heart, if anything the only thing she loves in this world more than power is her children.

tumblr_n54ss5gHv11rtz922o1_500  tumblr_n54ss5gHv11rtz922o2_500

Petyr Baelish or Littlefinger proceeds to take Sansa to the Eyrie, where she will join up with her aunt Lysa. She poses as his niece in order to get through the gates.

tumblr_n53g9hSTkm1qmgbv3o4_250 tumblr_n53g9hSTkm1qmgbv3o5_r1_250  (Trust no one)

Upon their arrival, we see that Lysa and Petyr have an odd relationship, he fiends his love for her in order to get what he wants as usual. She pressures him to marry her and he plays along.

tumblr_n53nw8Ngs21qka970o1_r4_500  tumblr_n5360cexXI1qka970o1_r5_400

Lysa at first acts like the nicest aunt ever and then starts to put her claws into Sansa. First she likens her resemblance to her mother in the way she eats sweets, she digs deeper by telling her she will get fat if she continues to enjoy her precious lemon cakes and then quickly goes in to her suspicions that she is sleeping with Petyr. Sansa denies her accusations and tells her, “He thinks I am just a stupid little girl.”

tumblr_n53usyHeFp1r2nlkpo1_500  tumblr_n53usyHeFp1r2nlkpo2_500

Lysa then tells Sansa that she will marry her son Robin, yes that weirdo, breast fed kid. NOOOOOOOOOOOO can it get any worse for Sansa? Yes, it does when she hears her aunt having sex with Petryr. I feel so bad for Sansa.

tumblr_n542hcN5zY1qf1yseo1_500  tumblr_mp81i4qLpe1qmfnw5o2_400

Daenerys is still in Meereen and realizes that she has not 100% earned everyone’s trust since the cities of Yunkai and Astapor have gone back to slavery. Instead of sailing off to Westeros (oh damn!) she decides to hold still and reign as Queen of Slaver’s Bay. She is smart and knows that she may not have a chance at King’s Landing yet and decides she will strike when the time is right. PS… Dany finally wears something  different, she looked like such a beauty with her backless dress.

tumblr_n536k3EsQC1rp2zn0o8_r2_250  tumblr_n536k3EsQC1rp2zn0o6_250  (Yes, you do that gurl!)

Brienne of Tarth is starting to see that Podrick is not the mission following type of guy, as all he did for Tyrion was serve him wine and put out his clothes. He can’t even cook a rabbit right, but through their bumbling conversations she finds out that he killed a Kingsguard in order to protect Tyrion and in a way maybe she realizes that he can be taught a thing or two and become more useful. She is not used to be doted after, but soon allows Pod to do his thing and he helps her take off her armor.

tumblr_n53fkzDLlq1ttqft9o1_400  tumblr_n53fkzDLlq1ttqft9o2_400

This was such an adorable scene, I know it’s GoT, nothing adorable about this show, but the friendship that is  being formed between them is so cute!


Off on the road we see Arya and the Hound, the other unruly pair. At night she counts down on all the people she will kill and in the end says in a sarcastic way, “the Hound.”

tumblr_n53fmfIz3o1s7qdi8o6_250  tumblr_n53fmfIz3o1s7qdi8o8_r1_250

He also catches her doing some fancy footwork known as water dancing with her sword. He makes fun of her and the teacher, Syrio Forell who taught her these moves. The Hound can be such an ass at times, but that is what makes this duo so interesting to watch. He doesn’t treat her like a little Princess and she doesn’t fear his huge body or boisterous and rude personality.

tumblr_n53sn6zbur1tzias7o1_250  tumblr_n55h82BeE31s2791bo5_250

Down at Craster’s Keep, the ugly Karl comes in to try to rape Jojen’s sister, Meera. He tells him he can see things and he sees that he will soon die. Umm… ok thanks for the info kid and he proceeds to run away. Little does he know that Jon is on his way with his the rest of the Night Watch dudes.

tumblr_n53kifcNjr1s9c6nao4_250  tumblr_n53kifcNjr1s9c6nao1_500

Locke is on the hunt for Bran and finds him in the hut and puts him over his shoulder. Oh no! Luckily Bran uses his powers and goes through Hodor who rips his chains apart, rescues Bran and snaps Locke’s neck like a turkey bone. When Hodor comes to, he doesn’t even realize what he has done. Bran now sees that Jon has entered the camp and is engaged in battle.

tumblr_n53niw6zFS1spgsaeo5_250  (HODOR! All Hail Hodor!)

As he tries to call out for his brother, OMG, this was so heart wrenching guys, but then Jojen tells him he must not call for him because he has to find the 3-eyed raven. Thanks Jojen, thanks a lot!


Jon and pals do some serious damage and he then enters the hut and comes face to face with Karl. They get into a down and dirty battle, but ultimately it is one of Craster’s women who puts a knife in Karl’s back. This allows Jon the ability to grab his sword and put it through his head and mouth. What a great battle that truly captured the essence and grittiness of GoT.

tumblr_n54ahiHxgc1s7ojnfo1_500  tumblr_inline_n545s3wUyi1rycr62 (Bye Bye Bitch)

Just when we thought that was enough, out of the blue Jon’s direwolf, Ghost comes of the woods. Finally we get some type of reunion and something somewhat nice happens for once. The men and women of Craster’s Keep proceed to burn the place down in all of its’ unholiest glory.

tumblr_n538shIB0R1qdjmcko6_250  tumblr_inline_n5429jBPE11rycr62

Next week puts us past the middle point of the season, so it should be interesting to see where the show is headed and I am sure the action and pace will pick up even more.

untitled  (Aww, do you guys remember him?! I miss him dearly)


52 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 5: Let the New Order Begin

      1. I also miss the whore that Joffrey killed…. especially her twin dragons…

  1. Danerys sucks every which way. So pretentious. The sooner she gets an axe to the face, the better off we’ll all be. I just caught a SHOCKING twist early on in Book 5 about her. Wooowee.

    1. LOL yes you put that leave Sansa alone comment in my head. Poor Sansa, seriously listen to her aunt having wild sex ugh is that worse than being accused of murder? Almost!

  2. Fun post, Melissa! Well as you know I don’t watch the show, but from all the recaps I saw, I quite like Prince Oberyn, he’s pretty cute 😉 Well not as cute as Toby of course.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I am starting to crush on Oberyn, but really crushing more and more on Jamie Lannister/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I know you have reviewed some movies with him, do you like him at all?

      1. Oh yeah I LOVE Nikolaj, I first saw him in CBS show New Amsterdam, so bummed it got canceled so soon. Did you read my review of him in A Thousand Times Good Night (with Juliette Binoche) and also Headhunter, a Danish film?

      2. Yup I read the one with Juliette Binoche! I will have to check out the other. He kind of has that Toby vibe (yes just kinda) but he is definitely getting more Hollywood-ish with his movies. 😦

      3. I don’t know if he’s got quite the same range as Toby but I think he’s hunkier than him in general. I usually like the tall ones, Toby’s not even 6′ tall but he more than makes up for it w/ his charisma… AND the voice!!

        I spent the entire afternoon working whilst listening to all his CBeebies Bedtime Stories on youtube, lots of famous Brits do this but my faves are Toby’s as he’s so expressive! This one is hilarious as he’s playing Capt Flint long before he got the role in Black Sails:

        Sorry I hijack your GoT post, ha..ha..

      4. Hey Melissa, my friend’s review of The Other Woman is up. Sounds like Nikolaj’s really good doing comedies, I’d be up to seeing that rom-com just for him. Generally I stay away from that kind of flicks.

  3. I loved that reunion between Jon and Ghost, that was so cute! What that episode was lacking in Stannis, the next one will make it up for 🙂 I hope so, at least ^^

    1. Yes so CUTE! I just started the books and was reading the beginning with his little pup Ghost and it made me think of this scene. How adorable. I know I saw him in the preview! I totally thought of you. 🙂

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