Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: Sex, Lies and Loyalties

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 6

This week’s episode, “The Laws of Gods and Men,” gave us a little more of characters who haven’t had as much screen time like Stannis and Davos and showed us that Daenerys role as Queen is much harder than she perhaps realized. The majority of the show and the suspense went to Tyrion Lannister’s trial, what a stupendous performance by Peter Dinklage, he never ceases to amaze me. We also did not get much from the Stark children this episode, despite my love for them this was a good choice because we really needed to get caught up with some of the other key players.

Ok let’s enjoy a nice have a cup of ale like the Hound would and sit back and talk about what happened.


Finally we see Stannis outside of his dark, dingy castle. How long have we been waiting for that to happen?! The opening scene where they travel under the warrior was a beautiful touch.


He and Davos travel to Braavos to the Iron Bank, where they proceed to ask for a loan. The Iron Bank dudes appear to have already made up their minds and have their own assumptions about Stannis.

tumblr_n5hmrc7yT71rz3ko0o1_500  tumblr_n5hmrc7yT71rz3ko0o2_500

Now this is where Davos steps in and basically tells them to listen up because King Tommen is really just a child bred out of incest and the real king on the throne should be Stannis. If granted the loan, not only would he repay them, he would serve as a just and fair king. He takes off his glove and shows them that he cut off his fingers, he uses this as an example to show how just he is, even to his own friends. Wow, what a great BFF!

tumblr_n5hgzfjAvZ1s3mtrno3_250  tumblr_n5hgzfjAvZ1s3mtrno4_250

Davos proceeds to enter the steamy bath house slash brothel filled with sex and naked chicks, no he doesn’t go in there to get his rocks off. He goes in to find and offer money to the pirate Salladhor Saan and tells him to get ready and to come work for him. He offers him some fancy coins and takes him away from his bevvy of beauties. Now this is GOT territory, no other show puts on a brothel scene at this level. Calm down boys, calm down.

tumblr_n5gpurwyo01s5jeldo1_250  tumblr_n5gpurwyo01s5jeldo7_250

Next we fly on over to Meereen where Khaleesi pants, Daenerys Targaryen’s little dragons snatch up a baby goat and proceed to kill off some of a goat herder’s livestock. The goat herder goes to her castle and pleads with her that something must be done and she offers him 3 times the goat’s worth to repay him for what her naughty children have done.

tumblr_n5irlitjQh1rtz922o1_500  tumblr_n5i2p89mRA1r1pxrwo3_500

Turns out there are many people waiting in line to speak and appeal to the Queen, over 200 subjects. One former nobleman comes in to tell her that his father was a Master, he tried to stop the children from being killed, but he could not, yet she chose to kill him with the others. He asks her to please allow him to remove his dead father’s body from the post and allow him a proper burial. Eventually Dany obliges and we see that she is finding her new post as Queen is not as easy as just having an army and calling it a day.

tumblr_n5hlq2uIC61tpabkto2_250  tumblr_n5hlq2uIC61tpabkto3_250  (Awkard)

Now we turn to Yara/Asha who is dead set on collecting her brother Theon from Ramsey. She arrives like the bad ass that she is and proceeds to find him in a dog cell, but he doesn’t want to be freed. Ramsey and his men come in and fight and he threatens them with the release of his vicious dogs. We see Yara get back in her boat and she says that her brother is dead and takes off.

tumblr_n5htjsxKw41rntxqeo5_250  tumblr_m4g1ulq1Ed1r78vdko1_500

As a present for his loyalty, Ramsey gives Theon a bath and tells him that he has a special job for him. He will pretend to be Theon Greyjoy, so that he can take over Moat Cailin. Reeekkkkkkkkkk!!!! These two are getting crazy in the head, what an odd pair?!

tumblr_n5ihz2qOIi1t5bkfko3_500  tumblr_n5ihz2qOIi1t5bkfko4_500  (Bromance!!)

In Kingslanding, we see the council having a meeting discussing Daenerys. Varys proceeds to tell everyone that he has heard that she has full grown dragons and she has taken over Meereen. She also has two knights assisting her with decisions and all of this put together, shakes Tywin a bit. Rarely do we see him get his feathers ruffled and this news makes him appear to be somewhat unsettled.


There is also a discussion between Varys and Oberyn and he goes so far as to suggest that Varys is gay. Oberyn is stunned, Varys likes neither and is asexual. Oberyn is shocked and his reaction was hilarious. He is turning out to be one of the sexiest, wittiest characters on the show!

tumblr_n5hqgtxe6H1tpjf4lo1_400  (He was totally having a bad gaydar day)

The time has come and Tyrion is finally put to trial for the murder of Joffrey. Twyin and his crew, Oberyn and Mace proceed over it and will ultimately decide his fate. Several witnesses are brought up, one being Pycelle who says he stole his poisons, the ones that killed Joff. The whole story of the poison residing in Sansa’s necklace is brought up and it becomes clearer and clearer that Tyrion was framed. Cersei comes up and continues to persuade the judges that it was he who committed the crime. He is her scapegoat and there is no getting around that fact.


The future of Tyrion is looking bleak as he really is being portrayed as the murderer. During a break, Jamie talks to his father and pleads with him to not execute his son. He tells him he will leave the Kingsguard and bear him Lannister children who can carry his name. Tywin looks at him and says “sure” instantly (WTF) and tells him he will send Tyrion to the wall to be part of the Night’s Watch and Jamie will take his place at Casterly Rock and live out his life there. Jamie talks to Tyrion on the down low and tells him to just ask for repentance and he will be forgiven. Easy right?

tumblr_m1ag160kzQ1r5gqigo1_500  (I got 2 tickets to paradise)

Jamie talks to Tyrion on the down low and tells him to just ask for repentance and he will be forgiven. Easy right?

Out of the blue, Shae is brought in as a witness. The look on Tyrion’s face is priceless and the words that come out of Shae’s mouth are blasphemous lies. Her testimony leaves him shaken to say the least and this sets him off in a mad fury.

tumblr_n5is5idMdv1sytu67o1_250  tumblr_inline_n5irucvyHe1sdepw3

Tyrion gives a speech and says that he is guilty, not of Joffrey’s death, but of being born. Ever since he was a child he has felt like he was on trial, having to defend himself for being who he is and for not being able to live up to his father’s standards.

tumblr_n5id8xtUvC1r60mgro8_250  tumblr_n5id8xtUvC1r60mgro9_250

Going against everything Jamie told him to do, he asks for a trial by combat, so that the Gods can judge him fairly.

tumblr_n5gqnmqHgJ1qc0dmqo1_250  tumblr_inline_n5hh7iMgK21rblm30

Oh boy! What will happen next week? Will someone fight for him or will it be he who fights for his honor? Do you think this was wise of Tyrion?







20 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: Sex, Lies and Loyalties

  1. I will never be Hodor dropping the bass cool! That is just too cool. Another excellent recap! That Jesse Pinkman gif is totally perfect. What a great episode, but how horrible is Shae? Watching that part was an emotional nightmare.

    1. Thanks Anna! Oh yeah no one else can be as cool as Hodor come on now! lol Yes Shae ugh I have to say that was the worst part of the whole episode. So sad, I felt so bad for Tyrion. 😦

  2. Nice recap Melissa! I haven’t read the books and now I’m genuinely afraid for my favourite character Tyrion. He can handle himself though so I’m trying to keep positive! 🙂

  3. Tyrion’s speech at the end of this episode was too awesome. Dinklage = best casting choice ever. Here’s an immature thought: whenever Stannis and Davos and co. took their ship under that statue, did anybody else wonder if there was a giant stone dong hanging over them?


    1. Tyrion/Dinklage is pretty much the and at this point can do no wrong on that show. Yes I believe many probies were sitting there wondering the same thing. Imagining Davos looking up in awe and amazement at the statues’ large thingamajigger! LOL!!!!

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