Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: Who is Your Champion?

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 7

This week’s episode, “Mockingbird,” focused on showing us pairs of characters whose bonds either grew stronger or weaker. What once was, has now changed or is in the process of changing, the way people have been living like those in Daenerys’ world are shifting, the masters of the various cities  will no longer rule over the slaves and in Dragonstone we see a shift that may soon be coming. Castle Black’s world may soon be rocked and King’s Landing is also on the verge of becoming a different landscape, considering everything that has occurred over the season thus far. New bonds were formed, such as with Tyrion and Oberyn and with the bonds we have come to love, like Arya and the Hound, a stronger, deeper one was shown. We only have 3 episodes left and yes, GOT fans we have to wait two more weeks until the next hew episode airs on June 1st.

Hold tight, stay strong, we can weather this storm together. Let’s have a quick chat about what happened this week, shall we?


In Kingslanding, Tyrion is preparing for his trial by combat. He speaks to Jamie about what has occurred and he tells his brother that defying his father’s wishes, those to send him to Castle Black and Jamie to Casterly Rock, felt like that best thing he has ever done. Despite their heart to heart talk, Jamie will not fight for him in the combat, he is not ready for that type of a fight as his hand is not strong enough yet. Tyrion mentions that if Jamie did battle for him and die, that would make father even more upset, so nudging in a sarcastic way, Tyrion suggests maybe he should do it, just to piss off daddy Tywin.


Next we see the man Cersei has chosen for battle, Gregor Clegane or the Mountain, as he is best known, who is one behemoth of a man. The camera is angled low, so that the vicious fighter looks even more terrifying. He is huge and in that moment he boldly, rips a mans entrails out of his body with no remorse to further remind the audience that he is dangerous.

game-of-thrones-season-4-the-mountain   NewGregor (Even the Mountain takes selfies)

In Meereen, Dany gets it on with Daario, after he tells her he is only good at two things war and women. Being that she is a woman with needs, she asks him to drop his pants and um yeah you can guess the rest. Unfortunately, GOT didn’t show us a gratuitous sex scene, instead we just got Daario’s booty, which was just fine, good job Dany!

tumblr_n5svymtR8j1qcmptjo2_250  tumblr_n5svymtR8j1qcmptjo3_250

Well the next day, Ser Jorah realizes what happened when he sees him coming out of her chambers in the morning. Daario totally did the walk of shame that day. She tells him that she is sending Daario to Yunkai to kill all the masters. Ser Jorah  tells her that is unwise and that he at one point was a master himself, yet look where he is now and he could never be there helping her had he been killed. She quickly changes her mind and sends a message to Daario to communicate to  the masters that they can either join her or be killed. But despite Ser Jorah’s intellect he is still in Dany’s friend zone. Ouch!

tumblr_n5vqm9Cb831tswso1o2_250  tumblr_mqz0mdf3Q91rchivno1_500

“On the road again,” that song comes in my head every time I see Brienne and Podrick together. The pair stop off for a warm meal and run into one of Arya’s old buddies, the bread maker kid, aptly named Hot Pie. Brienne tells him that she is off searching for Sansa Stark, to which Podrick tells her maybe she shouldn’t announce that considering the rumors that have run around regarding the Starks.

tumblr_n5ubebywSW1sakoaao7_r1_250  tumblr_n5u8sqLXlb1qgj097o5_500

Hot Pie comes out and sends them off with a direwolf loaf for Arya in case they find her. This news comes as a shock as she is believed to be dead. Now Brienne knows that Arya could be alive, under Pod’s direction they head to the Vale, where they believe Arya may be located with her aunt.

tumblr_n5usc2tuV01s7wskoo2_1280  tumblr_inline_n5ub2r106X1qa43er (Arya is ALIVE! Say what?!)

Melisandre is shown in Dragonstone taking a bath, yes totally boobs out, naked scene, while Selyse questions her about potions and what she sees in the fire. She asks her if they should take her daughter her with them when they leave Dragonstone. Melisandre believes that they should, as she is imperative to the vision and quest at hand. Was it just me, or was Selyse totally staring and slightly ogling her body? It was almost like the Reek and Ramsey scene last week.

tumblr_n5u3dmUNYF1qh502no1_500  tumblr_m6x3wwLsUG1r8l7zxo1_500 (Draw me Jack)

With Arya and the Hound, again we see this mirroring of characters. They find an old man by the side of the road, bloody and about to die, soon the Hound stabs him to put him out of his misery and tells Arya where he stabbed is where the heart is located. He is a fine teacher and she the astute student. Soon two guys from seasons ago, come and try to pounce and kill the Hound since there is a bounty on his head. One of them bites him in the neck, totally Walking Dead style. Arya quickly gets her sword out and stabs him in the heart, just as professor Hound taught her.

tumblr_n5vq248PUg1sixd7oo8_500  tumblr_n5vq248PUg1sixd7oo10_500

The Hound realizes his neck is hurt and as he winces over the pain, he recounts to Arya his relationship with his brother, the Mountain and how he burned his face. He further reminds us that his brother is ruthless and evil, even since he was a kid. Hint, hint, no one stands a chance at killing him or so it seems. She offers to stitch up his bite wound and together their bond, despite the Hound’s refusal is growing stronger.


At Castle Black, Jon Snow advises Alliser Thorne about the impending Wildlings who are on their way to attack. He suggests blocking the tunnel, but his requests are defeated. To make it worse, they tell him to get rid of his wolf, Ghost. This was not a good day for poor Jon.


Back at Kings Landing, Tyrion finds out that Bronn will not fight for him. He tells him there is no way he is risking his life for him, he is a friend, but he then questions him and asks, “What have you done for me?” True, Tyrion has done nothing, but given him empty promises.

tumblr_n5tvymVtMg1qmgbv3o1_250  tumblr_m5h5aiosaF1r3zat8

Oberyn Martell comes in to visit Tyrion and offers him a story about when he first met Tyrion as a baby. Rumors flew around that he a monster had been born, but when Oberyn saw him he said he was just a baby whose body was disproportionate. Cersei claimed her hate then for him as a baby and Oberyn even then, saw how much hate flowed through her body. He tells Tyrion, that he is still holding out on the belief that he wants to get back at the Lannisters for what they did to his sister and the best way to do this is to help him. He tells him he will be his champion and will fight for him in the combat. Tyrion is relieved and happy to hear this news, now we just have to pray that Oberyn can actually win. If only this battle was fought in the brothel, he would totes win!

tumblr_n5v1m0cedk1tr2cz4o2_250  tumblr_n55ov6Aoeh1r1mpi1o1_500

At the Vale, we see Sansa has erected a makeshift castle in the snow which resembles where she grew up. Robin comes in and starts asking why they don’t have a moon door. He starts to act like a little brat and stomps on the castle, to which Sansa slaps him right in the face. The crowd goes wild!


Littlefinger of course saw the whole thing and comes up to Sansa, who demands to know why he killed Joffrey. He avoids the question and tells her she reminds him of her mother, only hotter. He then grabs her and kisses her. Could life get any better for her? Now this creepy, old dude is kissing her and is living vicariously through her since he was never able to get it on with her mother. Once again, “Leave Sansa alone!”

tumblr_n5tki3xYR81r2nlkpo2_250  tumblr_inline_n5ubk1LDkA1qa43er

Lysa saw the whole thing happen, everyone sees everything around these parts and tells Sansa to meet her at the Moon Door. Of course she wants to chat with her and the open, yes wide open, Moon Door in front of them. She tells her how she saw her kissing her man and then Littlefinger comes in to save his girl Sansa. He tries to talk Lysa off the edge and tells her he will send Sansa away. Sure, sure, then he tells her,”I have only loved one woman. Only one my entire life, your sister.” Boom, he pushes her out of the Moon Door and I am sure she died really pissed off. Instead of just telling her they are better off as friends, he kills her, I am sure that is probably the worst dumping in television history.

tumblr_n5up8phIpL1r2e7zgo1_250  tumblr_n5up8phIpL1r2e7zgo3_500

Word around the streets is that episode 9 of every season of GOT is when shit gets crazy, looks like we are almost there and I have no idea what will happen. I just started reading the books, so there is no way I can catch up in a few weeks, damn you George R.R. Martin! Regardless, I look forward to the thrill ride that the show puts us on, it never disappoints.

On that note, let’s say Happy Birthday to our lovable, huggable Jack Gleeson aka Joffrey, bitches!

tumblr_n5upz4Ccib1sjo07yo1_250  tumblr_n5upz4Ccib1sjo07yo3_250


30 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: Who is Your Champion?

  1. Awesome round up. Selyse was totally checking out Melisandre’s lady bits. Possibly because she was as baffled as me at her miniscule nipples.

    1. OMG YES. Just had to comment to say, EXACTLY. How tiny are her nipples!? The whole time during that scene I was staring at them in wonderment.

  2. Fun recap here Melissa! Whoa, nice bum there mr Daario! That Ed Skrein guy is pretty cute, of course, he’s a Brit 😉 Sometimes I wish Toby’s in GoT as well, as that show brings so much exposure, and I don’t just mean showing a lot of skin, though I wouldn’t mind that, mwahahaha!

    1. Ruth! Oh hello Mr. Daario.!! OMG he would be awesome on GOT can we write a petition to get this started?! I think he could play someone that was related to Catelyn Stark since he has the reddish hair, or even someone in Kingslanding. And yes when we write that petition I want it to include the requirement of shirtless scenes. 🙂

      1. Ahah well I think he’s busy w/ Black Sails Season 2 now but you never know down the road. He’d fit right in there I think, I mean Toby can play ANYTHING convincingly. His Prince John is absolutely awesome in the BBC Robin Hood, he managed to sway my eyes away from Richard Armitage! Yes yes, shirtless and even bottomless like Daario, mwahahaha. I know he wasn’t shy about displaying his cute bums in his earlier movies. I can recommend you some if you like 😉

      2. Oh really I had no idea he has displayed his bum! I thought Toby wouldn’t go there… but hey we are not complaining! I am all for shirtless and bottomless. HAHAHA

  3. Great recap. I didn’t think it would be possible, but GoT just gets more enjoyable with each passing season.

  4. Very cool post! I think I’m going to start saying ‘I’ll be your champion’ more often in everyday life 🙂

    Also, you could see the moment Jorah’s heart snapped in two when he saw Daario coming out of Dany’s room. Poor bloke.

  5. Hey Melissa! Ahah well I found out that Toby is not shy about baring all. Even in the BBC comedy Vexed he stripped nude w/ only a strategic camera angle hiding his um, delicate bits 😉 You could see him nude in Cambridge Spies as well, though not full frontal (but Tom Hollander did), maybe he refused to do so. As much as I love him tho, I don’t know if I want to see ALL of Toby, ahah.

  6. Looove this recap! Love the combo of the Lonely Island and Daenerys, totally appropriate. I also love that gif of Sansa slapping haters, it’s perfect! You might not be surprised to hear that there is a lot of creepy fanfiction hanging around on the internet about Selyse and Melisandre. I accidentally saw some on Tumblr the other day and I was like “whaaaat”, but it kind of made sense after this episode where Selyse was totally eyeing her! How amazing was it when Lysa got pushed through the Moon Door? Total fist-pump-in-the-air moment at my house.

    Oh and happy birthday Jack Gleeson!

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah I was literally laughing to myself with the Lonely Island gif. It was like finally Dany got laid. YAY! Poor Jorah though. I can imagine the pervs out there who prob draw up weird scenarios between those 2 ladies. Yes it was awesome! So glad she is gone. Bye Bye Lysa! Now we just have to wait 2 more weeks. 😦

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