May Favorites (2014)

May was a busy month for me, I had a lot going on, but I still managed to fit in a lot of movies and TV shows. If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you will know that I love my TV shows. I will usually give most shows a shot, even it is just one episode, so if it gets me excited to watch then you know it has to be somewhat good. The quality of today’s television shows has really been amped up and some of them are almost better than some of the movies that are out in theaters, so plenty of these shows are worth watching for that sake alone. This is what I did enjoy and I have to say it was a great TV month!


1. House of Cards
Finally, after all the buzz around this show I knew I had to give it a chance. Thus far, there has been 2 seasons which you can currently catch on Netflix. The writing is phenomenal and the storyline is intricately deceitful, just like the main character Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey. The show centers around Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina and the House majority whip who ultimately wants to gain power and respect and end up in the White House. His schemes to get there are callous and could even be called coldblooded in nature. If Game of Thrones were realized as a show set in modern times, then this would be its’ counterpart.

tumblr_n5uk9qnhLu1rubm2zo2_250  tumblr_n5uk9qnhLu1rubm2zo1_250

2. Fargo
If you enjoyed the movie Fargo, then the television version is right up your alley. All I can say is wow, what a great TV show, of course nothing compares to the original movie done by the Coen brothers, but this really does the name and style of the film justice. FX has taken the genre of the dark comedy to another level and again does not disappoint. The storyline is similar to the film and it is done in the same style with a mix of odd and eccentric characters who get involved with precarious crime incidents. An insurance salesman Lester Nygaard played by the incomparable Martin Freeman, lacks confidence and the ability to stand up for himself. He gets involved with a hired hit man slash experienced killer Lorne Malvo, played by Billy Bob Thornton and from there the drama ensues. The show is set in Bemidji, Minnesota, close to Fargo and that lends us the backdrop for cold weather cops and sayings like “Oh geez” and “Ya bet cha,” which only further adds to the comedic aspect of the show. The co-stars are pretty awesome too, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh and Adam Goldberg to name a few. My favorite has to be Bob Odenkirk, who plays the Deputy in town and ends up stealing every scene, he really does have that “it” factor and I can’t wait to see his future Breaking Bad spin-off.

tumblr_n4kzikAyF31rpby98o3_250  tumblr_n4kzikAyF31rpby98o4_250

3. Orphan Black
This is another show that had a lot of buzz surrounding it and one that I had been meaning to see and I am so glad I did. The show airs on BBC, which is known for delivering great shows. This has to be one of the most original ones I have seen in a long time. My favorite book of all time is Brave New World and this show reminds me of many components of that book, like the idea of cloning and test tube babies. The story centers around the main character of Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, who by pure accident finds out that she is one of several and part of a biological cloning experiment gone wrong. The show is action packed, as the clones are part of a scientific movement called Neolution and belong to the Dyad Institute who want to keep tabs on these various clones. Sarah finds out she has all kinds of clones out there and it is really creepy for her to essentially see all these different versions of herself, from a suburban soccer mom to a lesbian geek to a detective in the police department. This show is seriously awesome, if you like dramas surrounding futuristic ideas or conspiracy theories, then you may enjoy this show. Honestly, I don’t know how Maslany plays all these characters, she is truly a talented actress and one to keep an eye out for and could have a promising career in film. Also, Paul her love interest on the show is superbly hot!

tumblr_n6nle3SUTF1qmos32o2_250  tumblr_n6nle3SUTF1qmos32o4_250

4. Turn
I have to say I got hooked on this one because of all the promos that aired in conjunction with Mad Men, since it airs before my beloved show. Yes I am a die hard Drapherphile, yup I just made that word up, so if it preceded my show I had to give it a shot. Turn is set in the Autumn of 1776 in Setauket, NY where a farmer named Abe Woodhull, played by the hottie Jamie Bell, who helps create a spy ring for George Washington and his camp. The Loyalists are all around him and his father is one too, so he must fiend his allegiance to the royal crown. The drama that occurs takes the viewer on twists and turns through a poignant time in US history. This is way more fun to watch then reading a history book. Spies, women in corsets, sex on haystacks in barn, yeah eat that 8th grade US history class.

tumblr_n6d8sap33X1tygvn9o6_250  tumblr_n6d8sap33X1tygvn9o8_250

5. Real Housewives of Orange County
Yes the original bitches of OC are back and I admit to watching it. I like to shamelessly watch this show for all the stupid, fun filled drama. All you have to do is give these women some wine and vodka and they woop it and start to fight. My fave bitches have to be Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney and the newbie Shannon Beador (see below). I am also really disliking the stuck up Heather Dubrow at the moment. Ok yes this one was a dumb pick, but I am being honest, My name is Melissa and I am a Real Housewives junkie, send me to rehab ASAP!

tumblr_n4tk11DKSy1ql5yr7o2_250  tumblr_n4tk11DKSy1ql5yr7o1_250

June is here and I am totally excited for the new season of Orange is the New Black. It starts today, June 6th! Tune in and check out the trailer below.


12 thoughts on “May Favorites (2014)

  1. I’m really enjoying Fargo right now, too. It’s so strange and weird but really fun at the same time. Turn looked pretty good from the commercials so I will probably give that a look once I catch up on some other stuff I’m watching.

    1. I know right, Fargo is really cool!! Yeah you should give Turn a shot. I am not saying it is the best show out there, but definitely worth trying out. Especially if you like this time period in history, then you may enjoy it.

  2. I am so glad you watch Orphan Black. I love that show, and agree that Tatiana Maslany is pretty much amazeballs. I’m moderately interested in Turn but haven’t watched it yet because sometimes I can’t get into period shows…very much a child of the modern world and I’m always yelling things like “Just look at the security footage” or “record him saying evil things so everyone knows he’s evil!”.

  3. You and your TV series!! Boy you watch a lot girl, right now the only TV-related stuff is the BBC 2006 Jane Eyre, ahahaha! I’m so obsessed with this one, I might as well buy another copy as this one will soon be so well-worn, tee hee. Btw, I might check out Fargo when it’s out on Netflix, I mean I live in Minnesota so it’s practically a must-see! Interesting to see Martin Freeman, a Brit, doing a Minnesotan accent!

    1. Then you definitely need to see Fargo, it is very Minnesota. My friend’s mom was in town last week from Minnesota and she was very excited to watch those characters and how they talk. Yes, Ruth, ya bet cha!

      1. Ahahahaha, you betcha indeed! Well I might catch up when it’s out on Netflix or something. For some reason I just can’t watch TV regularly, I have such a sporadic schedule.

    1. Ohhh yes so good! I love it, but I have to say Season 1 was really good to I cant decide which was better. What do you think? UMMM hello Kim get motivated girl, those 2 shows are awesome! House of Cards is slow paced, but superb writing and just a really quality made show. Orphan Black is great and super fun to watch. I think you would love it and it’s a Canadian show, your peeps!

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