Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: The Fatherless Children

Game of Thrones Recap
Season 4, Episode 10

This week’s season finale of Game of Thrones, “The Children,” finally and sadly brought us to the end of our beloved show. As I mentioned to Anna last week, what in the world will us GOT fans do for the rest of the year as we wait. For now, I am busy trying to read the books and catch up with the show. I must say I am already not liking Catelyn Stark, I have a newfound dislike for her after reading more about her and the way she behaves, I am just not into it. Back to the recap at hand, last night’s episode gave us a little bit of everything and everyone and sort of closed up loose ends on our fave characters.


I have heard that some of the events on the show were not in the books, like the Brienne and Hound scene, which left a sour taste in my mouth. Also, there was no explanation on the children of the forest, some type of background on that would have been nice, as I hear they have some interesting stories in the books. Part of what I like about this show is that much of it has remained true to the books and perhaps that is what many fans enjoy about this show, seeing the pages of books come alive on screen. I don’t know if this is because I watch the show with someone who is deeply tied to the books, so I get some of his biasness when I watch, but I believe the show producers will ultimately remain true to the story that was originally presented.

Regardless of the book issues, I did enjoy the episode, I was on the edge of my seat and I think we were left with a lot of loose ends that hopefully will start to be tied up or revealed next season. This show may have its’ flaws (so very few), but honestly there is nothing like this out there on TV. I applaud George R.R. Martin and the people at HBO for giving us a story like nothing we have ever seen before. There is nothing comparable that inspires this many people all over the world to come together and discuss an episode of a show, fans unite, reel in sadness, but this show always keeps us on our toes. Wanting more and more and never getting enough.

Let’s gather my friends, like the boys on the wall, stand together, united and talk about what went down.


The show opened with where we left off last week, at the Wall with Jon Snow. He travels deep into the forest, past the burned bodies and destruction, to see Mance Rayder. He finds him and Mance agrees to sit down with him and talk, as Jon wishes to set up a plan to negotiate with him. The other Wildlings are distrustful of him and are watching him like a hawk and Mance tells assures him that if he tries to kill him, he will fail. This is all suddenly interrupted when out of nowhere Stannis Baratheon and his large army of men arrive.

tumblr_n7bf5fzf6z1s9c6nao1_250  tumblr_n7bf5fzf6z1s9c6nao5_250

Together the men stand and Jon Snow introduces himself as Ned Stark’s son, to which Stannis asks him what would your father do in this situation with Mance. He tells him when Mance took him in as his prisoner, he was just and fair and treated him well, so he would do the same for him. He tells him he would take Mance and he would talk to him and find out what he knows. What a great scene, I really enjoyed Jon Snow’s story this season and I love seeing him grow and become more of a man than ever before. Maybe Jon Snow does know something?

tumblr_n7bblsAnO21qbe2lmo7_250  tumblr_n7bblsAnO21qbe2lmo8_250

On a side note, I love how Ser Davos always introduces Stannis. He loves his boo! It’s as if Stannis is about to say his name and Davos is like no, no let me do it dude. Can I have your attention please? Will the real Slim Stannis please stand up, please stand up.

tumblr_n7bblsAnO21qbe2lmo3_250  tumblr_m75uj7IJd31rb1ws4o1_500

Together they go back to Castle Black, where we see the whole crew has arrived. Melisandre, his baby mama and daughter are there and together they preside over the funeral for the Night’s Watch men who died. Jon goes up to visit the gingerbread man i.e. Giantsbane and they discuss the death of Ygritte. He tells Jon that she truly loved him because she always talked about how she wanted to kill him. Awww, they say that is a true sign of love when you want to kill someone! In hearing this, he takes her body and burns it in the woods and gives her a proper send off.

tumblr_n7bmtai3d21rxg4q2o1_250  tumblr_n7bed5XfL11toc9lgo1_500

In King’s Landing, apparently the Mountain is not dead. Oberyn put poison on his sword to ensure a slow death for his enemy. Cersei wants him alive desperately, but Pycelle tells her there is nothing he can do to save him. A new wizard slash doctor comes in, Qyburn aka Dr. Quinn Medicine Man and he claims he may be able to save him to Pycelle’s dismay. She fires him in a rage and allows Qyburn to start performing some weird bloodletting therapy to save him. Cersei needs the Mountain alive as her backup, since she knows she can’t really rely on Jamie to come to her aid if needed.


Tywin tells Cersei that she must marry Loras Tyrell, whether she likes it or not since it is her duty as a Lannister. She tells him that she will not leave her son Tommen alone for Margaery and her father to put their claws in him. Her daughter is gone, Joffrey just died and there is no way they are going to take her only son left from her too. In that moment, she feels a little froggy and decides to tell her father that everything between Jamie and her is completely true. His legacy has been tainted by their incestuous behavior, everything he has built is a fraud, yet Tywin doesn’t even bat an eye at the news. I am sure he has known all these years and his ego alone has stopped him from believing the truth.

tumblr_n79wtdAQie1tpabkto2_250  tumblr_n79wtdAQie1tpabkto3_250

Afterwards Cersei runs down to tell Jamie what she just did and says, “I choose you.” She tells him she doesn’t care if anyone knows anymore, she loves him and wants to be with him. She jumps on, I mean practically straddles him and Jamie responds like every twin brother out there would, by throwing her on the table and having sex with her. Umm yeah, seriously this is freakin’ gross!

tumblr_n7b47aZ3BF1sj0kyoo5_250  tumblr_mi8c9axRqE1rb9xc4o1_400

Bran and his brunch (the Bran-y Bunch, sing it with me) finally arrive at their destination, what they have been searching for this whole time, the Heart Tree.

tumblr_n7b2y58p971rmxcr0o3_500  Capture

As they trudge through the snow, Jojen is looking more and more sick, so his sister Meera tries to help him and in doing so, all of a sudden, these zombie like skeletons come out of the snow and start attacking. Whoa, did this suddenly turn into The Walking Dead? Where is Carl and Lizzie when you need them? They definitely need those kids trekking along with them. Bran shifts and uses Hodor as a vessel to start killing some of the undead. Go Hodor, Go Hodor, it’s your birthday!

tumblr_n7asxthzdH1s95j2so4_250  tumblr_n78nrvWjLE1r9mshdo1_250

Then it gets even better, this little girl comes out of nowhere and starts throwing fire balls at the skeleton dudes. She saves the kids and tells them to run into her cave for protection. Despite their best efforts, Jojen is stabbed and killed by the skeleton people. Aww, I will miss that sweet little boy.

tumblr_n7b8sd20MV1se17y7o1_400  tumblr_n7b8sd20MV1se17y7o2_400

Inside the cave it looks like True Detective up in there, Carcosa status with roots and tree branches everywhere, for a moment I thought Rust Cohle was going to pop out. The three-eyed raven appears in his human form as an old man and tells him that Jojen knew he was going to die, he was meant to bring him there. He tells him he will never walk again, but he will fly.

tumblr_n7b9gjTpPE1se17y7o2_400  tumblr_n7b9gjTpPE1se17y7o3_400

Next, we go to Meereen where once again we see the Khaleesi, who by the way has the longest name ever, imagine having to say that every time you talk to her, and the line of subjects coming to see her is once again long. It’s starting to sound like the line at the DMV, take a number, sit and wait forever and when you get called up you have to haggle with the pissed off DMV worker. Well the first guy who comes up is old and says that now that he is free he has no place in the world and asks her if he can go back to servitude. She allows this since this is now his choice. Next, a guy brings the bones of his dead daughter and tells her that her dragon did this.

tumblr_n7ak5goeEG1qdzgy2o1_500  tumblr_n7ahvkMBwa1s8f7hyo1_500

Drogon is on the loose and causing destruction in his path. He is like the rebellious teenager who is now ruining his younger brothers’ freedom. Dany goes into the catacombs and chains up the other two, so that they can cause no more harm till she fixes the situation at hand. It pains her to see her little babies tied up, but she has to do it. I absolutely loved this scene! Seeing the dragons in full effect is pretty cool considering we have seen them go from little hatchlings to bad ass grown dragons.

tumblr_n7bc4lRRrp1s2jqmso8_250  tumblr_n7bc4lRRrp1s2jqmso4_250

Out in the Riverlands, Brienne sees something in the distance and it is Arya water dancing with her sword. In seeing Brienne with her armor, Arya immediately starts asking her a bunch of questions like how did she learn to use a sword and fight. The two have a really cute exchange and bond over being tomboys at heart. When the Hound comes and tells them his name, Pod instantly recognizes him and says he is the Hound and that is Arya Stark. To Brienne’s amazement she tells her how she knew her mother and had made an oath to protect her. Brienne wants to take her with her, but the Hound won’t let her and the two get into the ultimate battle over Arya’s care.

tumblr_n7b7hoD7BR1tp0sb5o1_250  tumblr_n7b7hoD7BR1tp0sb5o2_250

Brienne throws the Hound over and looks to have fatally wounded him. Arya runs and hides and Brienne cannot find her. When Arya finds the Hound, he pleads with her to kill him. Plus she can knock one of the names off her lists he insists. She takes his bag of silver and runs away. This was so sad, I think a lot of us have started to grow attached to the Hound.

tumblr_n7bk71IRuv1qkyy30o1_250  tumblr_n7bk71IRuv1qkyy30o4_250

On to the meat and potatoes of the episode, what we have been waiting for, what has felt like forever for us non-book readers out there, the fate of Tyrion Lannister. As Tyrion waits in his cell for his impending execution, Jamie opens the door in the middle of the night and tells him to hurry up and get out. OMG! I love Jamie even more now, even if he just banged his sister, I love him! I knew our fave Tyrion could not die, no way, no hell, fans were going to riot if this went down. Ok, we probably wouldn’t have rioted, but we would have wept ourselves to sleep Sunday night. Jamie tells him to go through the hidden tunnels to the docks and Varys will be there waiting for him.

tumblr_n7biwkEZCc1rmzq3ho1_400  tumblr_n7biwkEZCc1rmzq3ho5_400

As he goes through the house, he comes upon Tywin’s bed where he sees Shae lying naked in his bed. She must have been dreaming because she kept repeating “my lion.” That was her nickname for Tyrion and perhaps this set him off and he grabs her and starts chocking her. Shae fights back, but is unable to fight him off because he has rage behind him fueling his hands. He kills her and leaves her lying on the bed, sprawled out for all to see.

tumblr_n7bmmtfeWH1tdby6ao6_250  tumblr_n5j5cqgMes1soe18xo1_500

He grabs the crossbow mounted on the wall and creeps around the corner to find his father in the bathroom. Tywin tells him that he would never have actually killed him and to compose himself and to talk it out. Tyrion puts the crossbow up and shoots 2 arrows in his father. He totally used the spirit of Daryl Dixon to shoot those arrows in him. Happy Father’s Day daddy!

tumblr_n7ar8ix4lM1qcv4aqo1_400  tumblr_n7ar8ix4lM1qcv4aqo2_400

With a look apprehension on his face, he goes to the docks and meets Varys who tells him that he can trust him, he says, “I brought you this far.” He hides him in a box and has him ready to ship out on a boat. Upon leaving the docks, Varys hears bells ringing and knows it is not safe for him to go back. Funnily, he goes on to the boat and sits on top of Tyrion’s box and waits for his departure.

tumblr_n7bgo7jHqS1ro67kdo1_500  (Peace out!)

The final scene shows us Arya at the docks as well, she asks one of the men there if he can give her a cabin and she promises she will earn her keep. The man says he is leaving for Braavos and keeps on denying her passage. Until Arya pulls an iron coin out of her pocket, the one that was given to her by that bad ass guy with the highlights in his hair, Jaqen H’gaar. She shows this to the Captain and says, “Valar Morghulis,” to which he looks astonished and tells her she can come on board. The coin is powerful and helps her to set sail on to what will be a new land for her and a place where adventures await her arrival. With the wind in her hair, she sits at the bow of the ship and we see her sail off into the distance.

tumblr_n7azyvaaKX1sk2rnjo1_500  tumblr_n7azyvaaKX1sk2rnjo2_500

Overall, this was a great season finale, we saw a lot of characters show their maturation and deal head on with the issues they knew they would one day be facing like Arya and her future, Bran and his inability to walk and Jon showing his progress as a leader. We didn’t see Sansa, but the last time we saw her we know that she too has developed into a stronger woman. Cersei as well, she finally defied her father after all these years of listening to him and his orders. Jamie went from a heartless man who only did what his father told him, to someone who started thinking on his own and took risks for the sake of his brother. Lastly, Tyrion showed his father that he is not the foolish imp he makes him out be and that he also deserves respect. What did you guys think of the finale, do tell?

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26 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: The Fatherless Children

  1. Amazing recap Melissa! I’m sneakily at work at the moment and had a big secret LOL at your image choices, especially Slim Stannis, not a square to spare, and I Choo-choo Choose You! I’m sad the season is over so I don’t get to read your recaps anymore. And you’re right, book-Catelyn is a massive bitch! Her views on Jon can be pretty upsetting. Also my partner said the same thing about the caves looking like True Detective. Looks like I need to watch True Detective now!

    1. Thanks Anna! I need to go over and catch up on your blog too. Tyrion had to kill him hello he couldn’t even give him a square of tp. The Hound could have used some of that tp too! Yes seriously she is bugging me and I have no sympathy for her now. Ummm hello! You haven’t seen it yet? I think you would love it!

    1. Awww thank you! I don’t know I think we will have to check into the Game of Thrones support group. We will meet every Sunday and go around the room and talk about our depression, the characters we miss, the friends we lost… lol

  2. Boy this show’s got everything! Bones-warrior, dragons, and of course, handsome men 😉

    But oh I know what the show is missing tho, for me anyway 😛

  3. Oooh ouch about Cat. I found her fierce love for her children and sense of pride and duty to be spellbinding.

    Also – STANNIS!!!

    1. Good point, she does it to protect her children. Well I may change my mind, I am not even half way through the first book yet. So far loving the books and the background on all the characters.

      Stannis!! Yes he is awesome and so bad ass.

  4. As always, this was glorious, my dear. 😀 Freaking LOVE these. I’m going to start using the term “Cerseiously” on a regular basis. Bahaha. This season was EPIC. BRING ON SEASON FIVE. 🙂

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