Quick Update

Hey kids out there in Blog land! I just wanted to say hi, as I feel like I have missed you all!! Last week was chaos at work for me, moving offices and my crap was literally everywhere and dealing with family stuff. You guys know how that is sometimes. So I took a little break from coming on here and posting and reading everyone’s blogs, which I realized I sorely missed you all (and it was only 1 week). I don’t know how I could survive in The Walking Dead world without my blog friends or my trusty computer.


I have a fun Game of Thrones post coming soon, just waiting on a few things and I think you guys will love it when you read it!! This should help get through the night shakes and sweating, that is detoxing and waiting for the new season of GOT to return.

tumblr_n80ovlq7BJ1qjnhqgo1_500 (LOL had to share this!)

I also saw The Fault in our Stars this weekend and I cried so much that I wasn’t even ready to write about it, I think I am now though. I had a heap of tissues next to me and it was so embarrassing I ran to the bathroom to wash my eyes out. Yes my stone cold women out there, I don’t know how you girls did it?! What is your secret to not crying with this movie?


Looking forward to catching up with everyone!!

tumblr_n7zwzzd9KJ1qznfkso1_500 (Peace out my loves!)


26 thoughts on “Quick Update

      1. LOL – I’ve never said I wasn’t sensitive – I’m just not watching Fault in Our Stars LOL

        I cry like a little baby every time I watch the opening to Up…

      2. HAHA as T9M said they’d have to prop your eyes open Clockwork Orange style and force you to watch. I wonder if tears would fall? HMMMMM hahaha

        Yes that is the saddest scene ever. Poor dude.

  1. Melissa dahling!!! I’ve so missed you my friend. Hope you are well girl! I’ve always enjoyed our convo & fangirling about gorgeous boys, so I feel like there’s a pang of emptiness without you on the blogosphere. Ahah, a bit melancholic aren’t I, but I mean it!! I totally understand tho, so take as much break as you need, and I hope you’re doing fun stuff for the Fourth.

    Well my Toby-itis is still constantly raging, but as you already know that’s one *disease* I don’t want to be cured! 😉

    1. Hello my dahhhllling! I know same here love our interesting convos haha. Maybe other people wouldn’t find them interesting but we do so whateves. 🙂 Let the fan-girling begin!

      Oh yes that is a raging and incurable disease that you have. When the Tobette’s injected you with the Toby serum your fate was sealed. LOL

  2. Yay, welcome back! Firstly, that Davos picture is incredible, it’s exactly how I feel in my day to day life. Secondly, I totally get you on the Fault In Our Stars thing, I think people actually drowned in their own tears at cinema! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it! 🙂

  3. I’m missing you all!!!! I was going to catch up on blog reading last weekend but didn’t have time so now I’m two weeks behind. Ugh!!! Lol – that’s cute how much you cried during The Fault In Our Stars. ; ) #stonecoldbitchclub #exceptwheniwatchMASK ! : (

    1. I know I hate not being caught up! And my internet at work was not working so I couldn’t at least get in some of my reading. Damn you internet! I know I cried like a baby and you stone cold girls shed zero tears!! Hate you all! JK Love ya bitches! #cheralwaysdoesit

  4. Girl, I know about that absence stuff–feel like it’ll take forever to catch up on all this awesomeness people have been churning out! Welcome back though!!!! ❤

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