Emmys 2014 Recap: Top 12 Good, Bad and Ugly Moments

This year’s Emmys were hosted by Seth Meyers and were on a Monday night, something that hasn’t happened in years. Apparently this was due to the fact that the MTV music awards were on Sunday night. Yes people, they still give out awards for videos that are never and let me repeat and emphasize that are NEVER played on TV anymore.


The Emmys could have been a better show, the weight of the talent in the room was heavy and the shows nominated for the most part were all pretty great. Twenty years ago, TV was not what it is today, there was a stigma for movie actors to jump into TV shows, but now the quality of drama shows and character driven dramas are absolutely phenomenal. If anything they are challenging what you see in movies. Thus with that being said, the Emmys had the ability this year to take it to another level and to really make it a special night.

Let me just say really quick, Breaking Bad won for almost everything, there I said it, not much else to say about that subject.

tumblr_naw8aaWOTt1qzmfxbo1_500  tumblr_nawim9Un4U1tyzkmro1_500

The show felt like a wanna-be version of the Oscars, all that was missing was a group selfie with Seth. Despite their best to make it funny and to make it seem like the actors are just funny kids in the audience, it just didn’t work. The show was decent and could have been better, Seth was funny to an extent and I felt like I was watching another one of his weekend update skits from Saturday Night Live.

As you most know I am pretty caught up on the majority of TV shows out there, so I felt it was my duty to chime in and give you guys the low down.

Here is a quick recap of what went down and what were the good, the bad and just plain ugly moments of the night.

1. Before the Emmys kicked off, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul put out the deets for a scavenger hunt in Hollywood. He announced the hunt on Instagram and gave fans the chance to find scripts, posters, dolls and even RJ Mitte aka Walt Jr. This is smart and so on trend to the way the world works now through social media. Kudos to Paul for giving back to the fans!


2. When Julia Louis Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston went up to give an award, he mentioned that he was on an episode of Seinfeld. Remember the dentist episode? And that they had shared a kiss. When she won for her Veep performance he ran up to the stage and gave her a big kiss. The moment interjected some fun into an otherwise pretty bland night.

tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo2_250  tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo3_250

3. Billy Crystal’s tribute to his pal Robin Williams was a real tear jerker moment. It was kind, heartfelt and was nice to hear a perspective of Robin from someone who was a true friend. Robin was a comedian through and through and he will be sorely missed by all.

tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo2_r1_500  tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo3_r1_500

4. Many great shows did not win a single award and some actors were completely snubbed for a nomination. Can someone tell me why Game of Thrones did not win anything? I thought for sure Peter Dinklage’s performance in the trial scene would earn him an Emmy, he definitely blew all of the other actors out of the water. Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black did a great job this year and was at least deserving of a nomination. Downton Abbey didn’t get a single award either. Tisk, tisk Academy!

tumblr_naw6mv5FUX1qb6v6ro2_400  tumblr_inline_naw7bu7p9G1rao3i1

5. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Seth Meyers and comedian Billy Eichner hit the streets and asked people questions about the Emmys like who is hosting, how they felt about The Mindy Project and what they think about Tatiana Maslany being snubbed for a nomination? The answers were hilarious and most people did not know who Seth Meyers even was, despite being right in front of them.

tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo1_500  tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo2_500

6. One of the big hyped up moments of the whole evening was the fact that if Matthew McConaughey won for best actor in a drama series for True Detective, he would be completing the feat, which hasn’t been done in decades of winning both an Oscar and an Emmy in the same year. I felt like a lot of energy and focus was put on him, so many actors went up on stage and made a joke about it. By the end I really didn’t care if he won or loss, despite being a fan of the show, I was over the hoopla of it to say the least.

tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno1_250  tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno2_250

7. Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange both won for their performances on American Horror Story: Coven. You go girls! It was nice to see the show get recognized and both ladies were completely not expecting to win and it was obvious when they went up on stage. It was really cool to see them have their moment and get the applause they deserve.

tumblr_naw9uoiWBh1sri7qoo3_500  tumblr_inline_nawib6StaQ1rgfbwx

8. The moment when celebrities got up and asked random questions. Ummm, why, what was the point of this? Jon Hamm asked if the Emmys were on TV, Melissa McCarthy asked if her car would get towed Julianna Margulies asked if she could have Maggie Smith’s Emmy if she won. This whole moment felt weird and it just didn’t go off as funny as they intended.

tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno1_250  tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno2_250

9. I was very happy that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch both won for Sherlock. Finally the show gets some awards, but unfortunately none of the British actors were in attendance. Dame Maggie Smith wasn’t there either, so we never got a shot of her in the audience.

tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o2_250  tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o1_250

10. Sofia Vergara went up on stage and introduced Television Academy’s CEO Bruce Rosenblum, when he came up he asked her to stand on a revolving platform. She played stupid about it and said “Is this how they do it on American television?” As he talked about how the Academy works to inspire audiences and help students with careers, Sofia spun around aimlessly on the pedestal, showing off her curvaceous body. She is beautiful that is a fact, but I felt it was the most degrading moment for women and I could not believe that they stooped that low. By far the worst moment of the night.

tumblr_naw770FTWE1qd4rf5o1_400  Capture4

11. Cary Joji Fukunaga won for best director in a drama series for True Detective, this was by far the most deserving award of the night. He’s young and added a fresh vibe to the boring acceptance speeches. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo3_500  tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo4_500

12. This was corny, but totally funny. Given that theme songs are vague, Weird Al Yankovic made up lyrics to go with the songs from the nominated shows. By far the best one was for Game of Thrones, he mentioned boobs and not getting attached to characters, wisely saying that everyone should have a back-up fave character. He sang slash told George R. R. Martin, who was in the audience to “start typing” because we need more scripts. Check out the montage, he is LOL-worthy for sure.

tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o7_r1_250  tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o8_r1_250

Did you guys watch the show? If so what did you think? Or do you just hate award shows? Do tell!


48 thoughts on “Emmys 2014 Recap: Top 12 Good, Bad and Ugly Moments

  1. I thought this was an incredibly boring 3 hours! I wasn’t expecting any real shockers, but nothing surprised me at all. Breaking Bad and Modern Family cleaning up… what is this, 3 years ago?

    The Sofia Vergara moment really rubbed me the wrong way. I get that she was in on it and hammed it up, but that type of blatant objectification made me so uncomfortable.

    On another note, Cary Joji Fukunaga is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL/TALENTED MAN EVER. I’m so in love with him.

    1. YES!!!!!!!! It was like the same people winning again and again. Hello Jim Parsons, can they pick someone else!!!! W T F

      Seriously that was just plain stupid to do that Sofia thing on national TV. This is how the Academy uses their time?

      AGREED!!!!! I forgot to write and he is my new crush. For sure GORGEOUS! Those braids only he could make that look sexy. High five girl!

      1. Hahaha I’m so glad you agree with me! I watched the True Detective special features and he was rocking a beautiful man bun that stopped my heart!

  2. I was planning on it..and then, I turned on the comp to stream True Blood. Thats all I have to say for myself. I figured I never watched it before and wouldn’t be missing too much, seeing as unlike you, I’m really behind with TV series. I mean, everything you said won or got snubbed, I haven’t even started watching yet, except Sherlock. So.. YAY for them! 🙂

      1. If you mean the last episode, it was okay. Peaceful for the most part. I was pretty indifferent through the whole thing, if not most of the season..haha! I think the second last ep was really good.

      2. Agreed!! That one was good and then the last one was just very subdued. Which is random because it was the last one. Oh well it’s over we rode the True Blood ride! I will miss Eric though. 😉

  3. I love that Breaking Bad won in almost all categories, but the Emmy itself was boring. I like Seth Meyers in SNL but he isn’t the best host. I laughed more when Kimmel was on stage and mocked Matthew McConaughey. lol.

    Good post Melissa and great job on finding those GIFs. Loved it.

    1. Glad you agree! She’s hot, but come one dudes! Speaking of Emmy’s I have a pic for you guys, I’ll send on Twitter. 😉

      Awww, let’s hope she doesn’t go as far as Joan!

  4. Hey dahling! No I didn’t watch it as you already know, I’m still sad Toby wasn’t even attending 😦 I know he’s a small fish in Hollywood, which is a darn shame but sheesh, I think his performance as Capt. Flint is as deserving as most people nominated [that is a mathematical certainty] 😀

    In any case, heh what is up w/ Sofia Vergara??! Yeah that is a new low for Emmy, geez louis!

    As an Anglophile, naturally I’m happy Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch won [and Moffat too for Sherlock], but they weren’t even there so overall I’m not missing anything that I didn’t watch it!

    1. Helllooo DAHHHHLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally catching up on your blog next. Trying to get back in the swing of things.

      Yes he did pretty good in Black Sails. Considering that Parsons guy from Big Bang Theory keeps on winning, I really think Toby could at least get a nod, shoot at least a shout out!

      That whole Sofia thing was horrible. I was really surprised they would pull such an old school Mad Men era like stunt on a night like this one. Really?! That’s all they could come up with to be funny or clever?!

      I believe Moffat was the only one there, but when all the other winners were called out the crowd was very lackluster. Very blah. You could almost sense their animosity towards them. Oh you missed absolutely nothing dear! Even the Dame Maggie couldn’t be bothered. lol

  5. Never watched it but that Sofia Vergara thing is very strange. She’s a great comedy actress so it seems like a very degrading thing to have her do. Maybe Maggie Smith was originally meant to do it but couldn’t attend?

    Thanks again for the twitter pic!

  6. The best part, for me, was when Sara Bareilles sang ‘Smile’ for the ‘In Memoriam’ section. It was spellbinding, if you ask me. Other than that, I think Seth Myers did a very fine job of hosting.
    None of the people who I rooted for won, though.
    That Kiss, Kimmel’s making fun of Matthew and McCarthy’s question were also somewhat amusing moments from the night.
    Next year #EmmyForMaslany! (fingers crossed)

  7. Great recap Melissa! I didn’t watch this but I was checking the winners on Wikipedia, haha. Thanks for collating the key moments for us non-watchers! 😀 That Cary Joji Fukunaga fellow is pretty dreamy.

  8. Great post! I wanted to watch it but watching it here meant not having any sleep so sadly I had to not do it! Sounds like a very strange thing though hahah. Going to go check out the dresses (and Kit Harington for sure) right now. Whoop!

  9. I thought the show was ok. Never seen an ep of Breaking Bad, so I don’t understand the hype. I DO think that Modern Family was deserving of tying Frasier’s record for most consecutive emmy’s for a comedy.

    Favorite moment was the weird Al part, he did a great job with the lyrics for all the shows.

    was also a bit surprised that Dinklage didnt get another win for that speech. 😦

  10. I never watch it so this is a perfect (and very fun) way of recapping all I need to know. Surprised Modern Family and Breaking Bad did well – not because they aren’t great but aren’t they getting a bit past their sell-by date now (that said, I did think the last series of MF was the best since the first). Nice to see Sherlock get the recognition it deserves given the third series was the best yet!

    1. Thank u!! Glad I could assist those who didn’t watch it. The 3 hours I spent watching were for the good of the people. LOL. Totally agree with you, MF has really gone down hill and it’s just not that great and definitely not Emmy worthy. Sherlock is awesome!

  11. The whole thing felt like a bit of an irrelevant fuck you to Netflix. You can take our audiences but you cannot take our awards! Yeah whatevs.

  12. Didn’t watch. There are only a few shows that I have really committed to in my life, and really only one right now in Brooklyn 99. But, I do enjoy the Oscars usually, so I don’t abhor every awards show.

    To be honest I bet this was still better than the VMAs lol.

    1. How is Brooklyn 99? I keep meaning to check that one out and I keep hearing good things about it.

      You are so RIGHT! I watched the VMAs the other night and was mind blown at how stupid it was and how horrific it has become. That used to be a really fun, cool show!

      1. It is hilarious! My favorite show ever is The Office, and some of its producers and I think writers contribute to the show, so it has that sort of feel without being a mockumentary. I recommend checking out the first season at some point.

  13. What a great summary, lady! Just what I needed actually–I caught maybe 1/3 of the Emmys. Now I feel like I’m all filled in! And thank you for posting that Weird Al clip! I’ve been meaning to watch that! Very funny. 🙂

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