The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 3: A Promise Is A Promise

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 3

This week’s episode was fast paced and gave audiences plenty of answers. I feel like with many past seasons of TWD, we are given hints of what could or couldn’t be, but with this season they are coming right out and laying it on the table. Which I really enjoy because in the past they have dragged whole premises or issues out to the point where we are almost sick of hearing about the issue at hand. For example, when everyone was getting sick in the prison, that kept going on and on for episodes and it never really had that much value on the show. But this season, wow, the pacing is perfect, we are getting tidbits of information at the right time, not too much, not too little, just like Goldilocks and it is seamlessly working to make a pretty damn good season thus far.

Let’s discuss what went down with the good ol’ Grimes gang.


The episode started right where it left off with Gareth having a conversation with the newly one-legged Bob, well it was more like pompous lecturing. He gave him the ins’ and outs’ and reasoning behind them eating human flesh. He even went so far as to say women and pretty people taste a lot better. From there, the sound effects of them eating Bob’s leg was disgusting to say the least!!

tumblr_ne4byo2haN1rkbi4ao4_r1_250  tumblr_ne4byo2haN1rkbi4ao6_r1_250  (WTF!)

But then Bob starts laughing, cracking up like a crazy man. He tells them the joke is really on them, he has been bitten and they just ate tainted meat. The group of cannibals immediately start freaking out and try to throw up what they just ate. Seriously that was gross.

tumblr_ne46vbCkl31rkbi4ao2_250  images (EW EW EW)

Inside the church Sasha is feeling unsteady and doesn’t trust Father Gabriel. She believes he is the source of everyone’s disappearance. Gabriel finally breaks down and we find out that he was just a coward. I mean there may be more that he is hiding, but he lays down the story. When the town went to crap with the zombies, he turned people away from the church. They clawed and tried to get in, but he sat inside and let everyone die, people who were his friends. He believes that the crew is there to punish him, that he is finally getting what he deserves.

tumblr_ne4fp9gZx41qzb5s2o5_250  tumblr_ne4fp9gZx41qzb5s2o3_250

Needless to say the cannibals leave Bob at the doorstep of the church. Sasha and the crew comes out and he reveals to them everything, those people were cannibals and he has been bitten. He is going to die. This was a pretty sad episode, Sasha takes him to the back room to nurse him and help him through his passing. Bob says thank you to everyone for what they did for him and he smiles the whole time. He is happy that he will get to see Sasha in his last hours. But seriously how depressing was that for Sasha? Just when she met someone, everything went to hell. Too bad there is no Tinder app in this world, because Sasha and Tyrese need a date asap!

tumblr_ne457hPGKM1r1qffbo4_250  tumblr_ne457hPGKM1r1qffbo6_250

Then more drama goes down, Abraham is ready to leave and get the hell out of dodge and go to DC. Rick refuses to leave until they find Carol and Daryl and he will not leave until he gets vengeance on Gareth and his group of cannies. Tara makes a plea bargain with Abraham and says she will go with him, if he waits one more night. Abraham counter argues and says he will agree with that plan if he can also take Glenn and Maggie. The gang agrees knowing that this is the only way to get through this together.

tumblr_ne3761ZsMd1tv5ikso3_250  tumblr_ne3761ZsMd1tv5ikso4_250

The crew gets ready to attack the cannibals who are outside and trying to get in. They set up shop in various corners of the church and get ready to battle. Sasha leaves Tyrese with the duty that when Bob dies, he must kill him, it is what he would have wanted. When the cannibals get in, they go searching and hear nothing, but then baby Judith starts crying and all hell goes loose. Finally, Gareth and Rick are face to face and he goes all Ezekiel 25:17 on him and kills him with great fury and vengeance.

tumblr_ne31aenRyB1tjxpebo4_250  tumblr_ne31aenRyB1tjxpebo2_250

Michonne also goes ballistic and starts killing like a mad woman. Yes, now that is the Michonne we know, not the sentimental junkie we have been seeing lately. The best thing that happened probably on this episode, was her being reunited with her long lost sword. Winning!

tumblr_ne33hgMwx51tjxpebo4_250  tumblr_inline_nduzxx8LWM1sz9wbf

Father Gabriel is distraught and somewhat freaking out about the bloodbath that just took place in his house of worship. He tells them that “this is the Lord’s house,” to which Maggie says, “it is just four walls and a roof.” Metaphorically all symbols of what were in their previous lives are gone. Churches remain, but they are no longer places to congregate on a Sunday, but instead a place where they can live just one more day and survive in this hellish world.


Bob dies and they bury him and Sasha wears his military jacket with pride, since that is all she has left of him. The stache’ crew aka Abraham’s group, says goodbye and leaves Rick a map telling him that he needs to come back and he needs to part of them saving the world. Maggie, Glen and Tara look on in the bus like sad little puppies leaving their home.

tumblr_ne32cwAo3R1rynrjeo4_r1_250  tumblr_ne34xp2YON1tmo5g4o7_r1_250

At night, sitting on the porch Michonne hears a rustling in the woods which alarms her. Upon checking out the situation Daryl comes out through the bushes and Michonne asks, “where is Carol?” Daryl says “come out,” but is it really Carol who is with him or is it someone else? Again, where is Beth? And does anyone notice how Maggie never mentions her sister. What the hell!

tumblr_ne43olO5O61rkbi4ao1_250  tumblr_ne43olO5O61rkbi4ao4_r1_250

Here’s to next week and finding out who was in the bushes. Will they find Beth? From the previews it looks like she is in some sort of hospital. What did you guys think of this episode, do tell?


RIP to the sweetheart ex-alcoholic military dude Bob and cutie cannibal Gareth!



11 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 3: A Promise Is A Promise

    1. I know! What a waste of a plot point…

      I love that the UK shows these only 1 day after the US now! And, yes – I said to the hubby “does Maggie not give a shit about Beth?” WTF?? No one has asked about what happened to her or any of the others from the prison. I think these episodes have so far been a big improvement over the last couple seasons, though…

      1. Agreed again, this season is far better than last season. The last one really dragged on and on about Terminus and all that crap. Glad that we got that out of the way. Seriously her sister went crazy looking for Glen, but her sister is gone and she was like whatever.

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