The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 4: Never Underestimate Beth

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 5, Episode 4

Finally after all the waiting, we found out where our beloved Beth has been hidden. If you don’t remember last season she was basically kidnapped right under Daryl’s nose and we haven’t heard from her since. Some speculated that Gareth and his crew had her or maybe she was hiding in Terminus somewhere or maybe some other weird cult out there had taken her away. The point is we had no idea where she was and if she was even alive. Last year was a big change for the character of Beth, at first she was meek and barely even noticeable as Judith’s babysitter and Maggie’s sister, but with the death of her father she transformed into a true bad ass. Under the tutelage of Daryl of course she learned how to kill much more efficiently and started using her voice and coming into her own as a woman and an adult. This week’s episode only further served to build her character and show us how far she has come in the zombie apocalypse.

Ok get yourself a plate of guinea pig and let’s discuss what happened.


Right off the bat we see that Beth is no longer in the woods, but at Grady Memorial Hospital. She wakes up distraught, confused and very much alive and well. Being that she is okay, Dr. Steven Edwards, the only doctor in the hospital and Dawn, the cop in charge, tell her that she will now work for them, since they saved her. As Dawn so nicely puts it, “you owe us.” Immediately they give her some scrubs and put her to work as a doctor’s assistant. I am sure this place has great medical benefits and a premium 401K plan that pays out its’ dividends in lollipops.

tumblr_nehf0fZtbg1rkbi4ao2_r1_250  tumblr_nehf0fZtbg1rkbi4ao3_r2_250

Dawn has a weird way of thinking out this whole process, her hospital saves people, but they will only do so much to save someone. They use a limited amount of resources and if the person dies, they take them off life support, stab them in the head and dump them for the walkers. A woman gets wheeled in and keeps yelling obscenities and telling them to leave her alone. They decide to save her by amputating her arm, meanwhile Beth has to hold the girl down. It seems that perhaps people know that coming in to this hospital is a death sentence in itself.

tumblr_nehg0mEXl01rkbi4ao3_r1_250  tumblr_nehg0mEXl01rkbi4ao4_r1_250

Beth must change her bloody scrubs after the amputation, the doctor says that Dawn insists they always look clean and presentable. Inside the pocket of her scrub she finds a lollipop. For a moment, she smiles and derives some comfort from this token. This is so rare on TWD, last time we saw candy Michonne and Carl were fighting over it.

tumblr_nei1jgCk8v1rdu0e4o1_250  tumblr_ndeofoQTDm1qckb7ho1_500

When Beth goes back to deliver the dirty scrubs she meets Noah, who is in charge of pressing and cleaning them, and right away you can tell he is happy to see another young person at the hospital. He admits he left the lollipop for her and tells her his story. He came to the hospital with his father, but they only saved him. Noah believes they did this on purpose because his father was strong and could fight back. They don’t want any hostile people there, especially since Dawn is losing her grip on controlling the other officers and people inside. She fiends being strong, but it is obvious she is probably more afraid then anyone else. By the way anyone else notice that is the kid from Everybody Hates Chris!

tumblr_neidecrvu31qcb892o1_250  tumblr_neidecrvu31qcb892o3_250

Dawn tells Beth she needs to eat, although she doesn’t want to pay it off, she needs to because she will get weak and die. She then goes into her soliloquy about what they are doing at the hospital. They are trying to keep order and keep things as they were before it all went down and when they get rescued they will be the decent human beings that keep the world alive. Back in her room, she goes to pull her candy out to eat it and Gorman, the creepy cop comes in and starts eyeing her. He grabs her lollipop and does the most disgusting thing I have seen on this show, worse than those cannibals eating Bob’s leg, he licks the lollipop then puts it in her mouth. OMG gross! The doctor happens to walk by and saves her from him this wretched man.

tumblr_neg5b4fupY1rnikqmo4_250  tumblr_n6qg9hJy881rqgazeo4_250

The doctor takes Beth up to the roof. Now she can see the city in ruins, this had to have been a shock for her. In a way seeing that in the background makes him believe that what he is doing at the hospital is right. He is a survivor, trying to get by day by day, but unlike Beth he has not seen the carnage that is outside or experienced it fully. Beth seems disinterested and it is obvious she just wants to get the hell out. He tells her on her way out to go down and give a patient his medicine, to which Beth complies.


She mixes up the medicine and gives it to the patient, at the same time Noah walks by to chat her up. At this point I think people were thinking could this be a future romance? But then the patient starts having a violent seizure and dies. Turns out Beth gave him the wrong medicine. When Dawn comes in and asks what happened  Noah takes the blame and says he accidently hit the machine and turned it off. He gets taken in and beaten up. Beth then discovers that the guy who died was a doctor. Right there she starts to realize the doctor did this on purpose and that this hospital is  nothing what it seems.


After Dawn got Noah beat up, she tells Beth basically that she knows he didn’t do it, but she had to do that to keep order. She thinks Beth is weak and tells her that no one cares about her on the outside and that at least in the hospital she is doing good. When they get rescued they will know that they were the good ones. Is this woman high?! She has no idea who Beth is or what she is capable of doing.

tumblr_negeb3D4UV1qkubxlo1_250  tumblr_inline_nefzj8fjYd1r4n78x

With a newfound determination Beth finds Noah and puts together a plan to get them out of there. Noah tells her all she needs to do is get the key out of Dawn’s desk. With a plan in motion she goes in her office, finds remnants of Dawn’s old life and partner and finds the key, but not quick enough because then Gorman comes in and catches her. He pushes her against the desk and tries to man handle her, Beth lets him because out of the corner of her eye she can see that Joan, the girl they amputated earlier, is dead and about to turn into a zombie. She quickly grabs the jar filled with lollipops, crushes it on his head and throws him on the ground just as Joan is reanimating into life. She takes his gun and runs for her life. Just like that Gorman is gone, RIP, creepy cop dude.

tumblr_neh2jxTwFS1rypsblo4_250  tumblr_neh2jxTwFS1rypsblo1_250

Beth and Noah run down to the basement elevator and get down with the old knotted up sheet trick. I always wondered if this worked when I was a kid, but I guess it doesn’t because when Noah comes down he falls into the hole with a bunch of dead people and ends up with a semi-broken leg. The two manage to get outside and immediately are intercepted by hospital zombies. Beth starts killing zombies like no other, straight in the head with precision. Noah slips right through the gate and she is caught by one of the guards. Nooooooooooooooo! But regardless Beth smiles as she sees Noah leave, she is happy for him and his newfound freedom. Will they meet again?

tumblr_nej7tzfmR41rkbi4ao8_r1_250  tumblr_nej7tzfmR41rkbi4ao6_r1_250

Dawn gets a hold of Beth and is pissed off and she realizes that Beth is stronger than she had surmised. They get in a screaming match and Beth tells her, “No one’s comin Dawn, no one’s comin.” With that she punches Beth in the face. No biggie for Beth she has been through worse.Beth grabs a scalpel of some sort and looks ready to do some damage, but then suddenly a new patient is brought in. Drumroll… who is it? It’s momma Carol and she is on the stretcher, this makes Beth think twice about her decision and she runs in to help save her.

tumblr_nehkyiQd161tx3z4fo10_r1_250  untitled2

What’s going to happen?! Do you guys think Carol and Beth are going to take over? Will they kill Dawn or take her to their side? What did you guys think of the Beth episode? And finally a post is never complete without some funny pics enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 4: Never Underestimate Beth

      1. Um, yeah… I’m also hoping they move on quickly! The episode was okay but I’ll get really bored with the hospital thing if they don’t get the hell out of there SOON.

        I usually don’t like when a show focuses on only one character for a whole episode. I usually just think “So, the rest of the cast just wanted a day off”. 😉 They did the same with an episode of The Leftovers recently. Get back to showing everyone else!

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