What To Watch On TV In January 2015

I thought I  would share with you guys some ideas for what to watch in January, seeing that so many new shows are starting up. Some are new seasons of old favorites and others I am going to be testing and seeing if they are any good and worth a watch. I am adding in a little bit of everything, so if you have no idea what to watch and you are itching for something new, then hopefully I can help you decide.

What will you be watching in January? Do tell.

Downton Abbey: Season 5 (PBS/Masterpiece) – Premiered Jan 4

Anyone that knows me know I am soooo obsessed with Downton Abbey. I was super happy this past weekend when it came back. This season already started out great and it looks very promising. So many questions will be hopefully answered. Who will Lady Mary hook up with this year? Will Carson and Ms. Hughes finally kiss? What about Daisy will she find love or a new career? But seriously what is going to happen with Lady Edith? I won’t even say what is going on with her, so that I will not spoil it for anyone who is not caught up yet. But if you are a fan of period dramas, then this is your show.

Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC) – Premiered Jan 6

I think I will give this one a shot. The trailers have sold me and I just saw the lead actress in Black Mirror and she was really good. A little mystery, a little bit of intrigue and a strong female lead, I think it is worth trying out.

Empire (Fox) – Premieres Jan 7

At first I thought to myself there is no way I would watch this show, but the more I have seen the trailers the more interesting it looks. Terrence Howard is pretty good and I like that he is back with his Hustle & Flow partner Taraji P. Henson. Hmmm, this could go both ways, we will have to see!

Portlandia: Season 4 (IFC) – Premieres Jan 8

I am such a fan of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia is for those of you out there who have a dry sense of humor. Some of my favorite sketches are when Fred dresses up and talks like a girl, seriously he’s funny. This is perfect for when you are at home and want something relaxing to just watch and enjoy without having to think much.

Glee: Season 6 (Fox) – Premieres Jan 9

I know I am a huge nerd for liking this show, but OMG I have stuck it with it for this long I can’t give up now. I have to watch the new season. It looks cute and apparently Rachel and Kurt are going back to start a glee club at the high school. Totally lame, but I will watch it. Anyone else a gleek out there?

Man Seeking Woman (FXX) – Premieres Jan 14

I love Jay Baruchel and am so glad that he is coming over to TV. Given that he has already perfected the bumbling skinny guy who can’t get a date routine, this show takes that idea to another level. Here he is a single guy trying to date, yet we see the odd things that he thinks come to life in a surreal way like blind dates who look like monsters, sexy aliens and talking hands.

Best New Restaurant (Bravo) – Premieres Jan 21

I love Top Chef, so I guess I will watch this. See this is how easily networks like this suck me in to their TV shows! The show stars Tom Colicchio who will go around to 16 new restaurants and decide who is worthy of the infamous title and a bounty of cash.

Broad City: Season 2 (Comedy Central) – Premieres Jan

Super funny and crude, if you are a fan of this type of humor you must check out this show. Now these chicks are my kind of gals. They are basically like the Workaholics guys, but with dresses and makeup.

Black Sails: Season 2 (Starz) – Premieres Jan 24

If you haven’t had a chance, you need to see season 1 and get caught up on this show. It is definitely worth watching. I like it for the historical aspect that it brings with famous pirate stories like John Silver and Jack Rackham. In Season 2, some of the love stories look to be heating up, especially with Captain Flint and new ruthless pirates will be introduced. A must watch if you like adventure stories, pirates and sexy wenches.

PS… February is looking pretty awesome too (see below for a preview of one super cool show that despite its’ issues has me hooked), but more to come on that subject.


34 thoughts on “What To Watch On TV In January 2015

      1. Wait… We found something Brian likes?? Actually, three things! Wow! I’ve noticed that UK Netflix has suddenly added loads of TV shows & that Philadelphia thing is one of them. Should I check that out or something? As for the others… I don’t know. I watched Gotham & I’m about to start season 4 of Game Of Thrones finally and of course will watch The Walking Dead again… Maybe I’ll give Agent Carter a try at least.

        By the way – enough with the lovefest – Melissa is mine!!! 😉

      2. HAHA Yes Philadelphia is one of those shows that is super funny and cynical and doesn’t take itself seriously sorta like Brian. It’s worth watching, there are so many episodes, I have missed a few seasons, but whenever I put it on, I can guarantee that it will be funny and it doesn’t matter if you missed a whole season. Season 4 of GOT is the bomb! Can’t wait till you see it and then you will be totally caught up with us when the new season starts. Agent Carter ended up sucking, I really did not like it at all, I found it boring. 😦

  1. Hey dahling Mel, I’m ashamed I still haven’t got around to catching up on Downton Abbey (season 3 & 4) 😦 I was gonna watch ’em this week but ended up checking out Broadchurch instead which was excellent btw, I think you’d like it.

    Oh I LOVE Agent Carter, she’s my fave Marvel heroines! I missed the premiere though but will definitely catch up on that tonight.

    Too many great shows too little time!

    1. Seriously so many great shows, really you need to catch up with Downton. I can’t believe you haven’t I would definitely think it is your type of show. I keep hearing about that show Broadchurch, if you give your stamp of approval, then I will have to watch it for sure.

      1. Downton is my type of show, that’s why I’m bummed I haven’t got the time but I will soon.

        I think once I finish Broadchurch I will catch up on Downton again, there are only 10 or so episodes of Season 1 of Broadchurch and it’s REALLY good Mel. It’s quite addictive too, I saw 3 episodes in one sitting last night.

      2. Do you like David Tennant? He gets to use his own Scottish accent here which is great. But it’s the writing and direction of Broadchurch that’s truly gripping.

      3. I have heard of him, but I have never seen him in anything. I can’t believe it. I know he is one of the Doctor Who dudes and has a following, ok you have sold me I will check it out. YAY for Ruth recommending a show, well second show since you did get me hooked on Black Sails. 🙂

      1. Oh yes I did! It’s very cheeky and goofy but I enjoyed it. LOVE the songs by Menken, I grew up listening to all his Disney songs from Little Mermaid, etc. Joshua Sasse who plays Galavant is totally my type too 😉

      2. I need to record it, I kept reminding myself and then I forgot! Which I am usually on top of, but I think I will check it out maybe they will re-air part 1. Plus it has that period aspect so I know I’ll probably enjoy it.

  2. We have already had season five of Downton in the UK and you will not be disappointed. And I think I am going to check out Portlandia.

  3. Great work here Melissa. I cannot say that I am itching to see anymore of The Walking Dead. Gosh, that show is just dragging. I haven’t even started the new season yet, and really don’t know if I want to go back there.

    1. Zoe it is one of those things if you give up, you will totally be fine you could probably just Google some walking dead gifs and you would get what happened. But once you start watching it, then it will be hard to give up considering all the time u spent watching it, you have to finish it. So my advice is if you are over it, then don’t stress about seeing it, you won’t be missing out on much. 🙂

  4. Nice list here, lady! Downton is one I really need to watch one day. And I have such great things about Portlandia, too! I have Agent Carter recorded, but…I dunno. I’m just not enthusiastic about it for some reason. Did you watch? I also recorded Galavant, which I noticed you and Ruth discussing. I’m kind of psyched about it. Seems very goofy and fun. I’m also very curious about Man Seeking Woman because I, too, ❤ Jay Baruchel. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cara, Downton is one of my favorites if you like period type stuff then you would enjoy this. It definitely is different, it’s not fast paced and not tons of action, if you can handle that then give it a shot. Portlandia, I totally think you would like it considering I know your humor. I have Galavant recorded now, once we watch it we will have to compare notes. Agent Carter…. SNOOZE fest, it was so boring, I am already over it!

      1. I think I might dig Downton–if nothing else for Maggie Smith, that raging badass. Bahaha. Portlandia always seems really funny when I watch the commercials. Watched Galavant the other day and it cracked me up. So silly, but a lot of fun. Oh man! Agent Carter is boring, huh? That’s kind of what I worried about. Still gonna give it a go, but…we’ll see. :/

      2. Watch Downton please so I have someone else to talk about it with. I just recorded Galavant too, I can’t wait to see it, considering you and Ruth both liked it. That’s a good sign, I trust your guys’ taste! Let me know what you think of Agent Carter when you see it. Curious to hear your thoughts.

      3. Downton is high up on my list for sure! Hoping to watch Agent Carter this weekend, so you shall know very soon! And fingers crossed you like Galavant, too! …But I really do think you will. 🙂

  5. Nice post Melissa! I just got around to seeing Backstrom with Rainn Wilson. It is entertaining but I’m not sure it will last. Have you seen it yet, and what do you think about it?

    1. I saw the first episode and part of the second so far… and what can I say I totally agree with you. I think it is trying to hard and it is a bit corny. I really like Rainn and I want to like this show, but I just don’t know I think I am already over it. Doesn’t it seem like a wanna-be Sherlock Holmes?

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