January Favorites (2015)

January is one of those months where there is not a lot of exciting stuff to watch. Some shows that I thought would be good like Marvel’s Agent Carter ended up being not that exciting. I did find a couple new things to watch though, nothing to fantastic, but nonetheless they helped pass the time until more of my favorites come back.

Hindsight (VH1)

I normally don’t watch a lot of shows on VH1, but this one I happened to catch and I am really enjoying it. The show is about a girl named Becca (Laura Ramsey) who is about to get married in the present time to a guy she has been with friends with since childhood. She has her doubts about him and this leads her to getting transported back to 1995 via an elevator.  Becca gest the choice to redo her life all over again and only lets her best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) is in on her time traveling secret.


She made a lot of mistakes in the past like a failed first marriage, a break-up with her bestie and lots of crappy professional failings. Imagine being in the present and going back to a time when video stores ruled (her bff works there), pagers were the “it” device and smartphones were non-existent. At first she has a hard time adjusting like when she has to search for quarters to make a call and realizing that all she owns is babydoll dresses and doc martens, but then she gives in and kind of feels free from all things that encumber people nowadays. This show is fun to watch and the music is equally reminiscent and brings me back to my teenage years (REM, Collective Soul, Gin Blossoms lol). I like the idea of what would we do if we could change our past, would we make the same mistakes or do everything that we regretted we didn’t do when we were younger?


Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Bravo)

So now it seems that both VH1 and Bravo have taken on a new turn to scripted series versus their endless amounts of reality shows. This one is about Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) a famous author of self-help books for women and her life that seems to falling apart, yet coming back together in a fun way. After writing tons of books telling women how to be mothers and wives and handing it all together, Abby’s marriage falls apart from her husband Jake (Paul Adelstein) and she has a break down in front of millions. Once he moves out, she realizes that she has to start all over again in so many departments from dating, sex, hanging with friends and having fun.


She starts to put herself first and come to terms with her failed marriage. The show is wacky and funny and pretty much a parody of the real housewives franchise. Her friends and their drama embody the housewives to a tee, Lyla (Janeane Garafolo) is bitchy and mean and Phoebe (Beau Garrett) a former model, dabbles with threesomes and daycare. Even though this show is pretty corny, it is totally fun to watch.

tumblr_nhrqezgBNv1rvmok5o1_250  tumblr_nhrqezgBNv1rvmok5o2_250

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Ok now this show, I cannot believe I am admitting to everyone, but I love this trashy show. As usual Donald Trump takes a big group of B-list celebrities like Ian Ziering, Kate Gosselin, housewives Brandi Glanville and Keyna Moore, Vivica Fox, Geraldo and Kevin Jonas to name a few and throws them all against each other to battle it out for the title. The one good thing about this show is that they do raise a lot of money for each of their charities and Trump tends to pitch in extra money for them as well.


The challenges that they put them through are pretty laughable and the way these people fight against each other keeps me entertained. My husband hates when I put this show on, this and all the other ones I listed to name a few. The best part so far has to be Geraldo, who has goofy ideas and is willing to do anything to win, at one point he stripped down to his underwear in an episode. Oh gosh, ew! Another wacky one is Ian, who will always be Steve Sanders in my eyes, is a narcissistic, ego maniac who thinks he knows it all and it is pretty funny to see the other people react to his comments. Does anyone else watch this? Probably not.

tumblr_nj82l8dXUt1ql5yr7o1_500  tumblr_niwllkAJwX1r8hpiao1_400


16 thoughts on “January Favorites (2015)

  1. Melissa! Um… I think Game of Thrones really needs to start ASAP!!!! 😉 lol! The first show sounds almost bearable. 1995? Your teenage years? That’s so cute! I call that my 20s. 😉 Man the 90s sucked, though….

    1. Well on that show it is their 20’s, it’s totally corny. HAHA!! So are you completely caught up with GOT? Apparently everything 90’s is coming back, why I don’t know?! My sister who is 19 and all her friends where 90’s-ish styles. I really can’t believe that it is in fashion right now. haha

  2. Look at you and your TV watching, lady 🙂 Boy it’s been ages since I actually saw a Reality Show. I remember being into Survivor for like one season, and also American Idol, but now I barely have time for TV in general. Well you already knew that, he..he..

    1. Oh I know, I finished Broadchurch in a day and a half lol. That is because I tend to binge watch late at night or on Sundays. And yes you are right Broadchurch was fantastic, you should check out The Killing if you like that kind of stuff. How’s Black Sails so far?

      1. OMG, you finished it in a day and a half??! It took my like 2 weeks LOL! I’ve only seen episode 1 of Black Sails season 2 as I have to go to a friend’s house who has Starz. But I’m gonna binge watch in early March, I mean Toby in a naval uniform… YUM!!!

        Btw, you’re invited to my B’day list-ravaganza I posted yesterday, would love to hear your opinion on it 😉

      2. HAHA Yes well my husband was sick so I stayed in with him and we just watched the whole thing. It was so good, was there ever a season 2? I will check it out! Being that I was taking care of my husband, I have been sick and haven’t done any blogging or reading till today. I can’t wait to see Black Sails! #tobyisback

  3. Oh no, are you feeling better now? It’s a bummer that if one of us get sick, automatically the spouse will get sick too, it’s almost a mathematical certainty!

    My friends at work who’ve seen the 2nd & 3rd episode were all saying how GOOD this second season is and it’s much faster in pacing. They said the writing is even better and I’m thrilled they showed Flint’s backstory! I mean it’s soooo intriguing and it totally made you understand his character and why he did what he did.

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