Oscars Recap 2015: The Top 16 Most Interesting Moments

The 2015 Oscars can be described as having been okay at best. I think the Golden Globes were a little bit better this year. Neil Patrick Harris did a great job though, he was funny and witty, and I love the way he talks. He has that Barney Stinson way of dragging out words or pausing to make it funny. In a room filled with entertainers, there was hardly any entertainment, I just don’t get it. Last year, Ellen did a great job and really made those jokes hers and interacted with the audience which was fun to watch. I think the show needed a little more of that spice or some dancing numbers.


This year it was all about the speeches and there were some surprises in many categories especially Best Picture. I think everyone was shocked, Birdman was a great movie, but I think most people thought Boyhood would win. Take a swig like Mr. Cumberbatch and let’s talk about what happened and discuss the most interesting moments of the evening.


1. NPH in his underwear re-enacting the infamous Birdman scene.


2. The dresses this year. My favorite had to be Rosamund Pike’s beautiful red dress with matching red shoes. Now that is hard to pull off, but she looked perfect.

tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do4_250  tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do1_250

3. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s speeches for both Best Director and Best Picture. For best director he mentioned that he was wearing Keaton’s tighty-whities for good luck and best picture he made remarks about immigration and allowing everyone the same rights. Rarely do see we any Mexican artists get credit from this kind of a community and what a powerful platform to make a statement about immigration.


4. While we are on the topic WTF Sean Penn. I am sure he was joking, but his stupid comment when he announced Alejandro’s win, by saying “Who gave this son of a bitch a green card,” was stupid and ill-timed.



5. J.K Simmons won for Best Supporting Actor and I loved what he said about appreciating your loved ones. He said if you have them around, call them!

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao2_250  tumblr_nk7ckvM5m21qh9nffo1_1280

6. John Legend and Common’s performance of the song Glory from Selma. The performance was moving and had many actors in tears.


7. Jared Leto’s hair ugh… I can’t get over it. His hair is beautiful and he is a man who knows how to rock an umbrella.


8. The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out a lot of other films in four technical categories. This is rare for Wes Anderson to get so much recognition and boy was he happy.


9. Patricia Arquette’s speech for Best Supporting Actress. She made a statement about wage equality and women’s rights. You go girl! 

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao4_250  tumblr_inline_nk8fdoHUKo1ruajr1

10. The Oscar made out of Legos. And Emma Stone holding it in the audience, she is too cute!


11. Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech for Best Actor. OMG how cute! He looked genuinely surprised and shocked and said that he would be the custodian of the award and that it was for everyone battling ALS.

tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o2_r1_250  tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o1_250

12. Common snubbed Oprah when he won for Best Song. Seriously that was funny.


13. The Idina Menzel rehash of last year’s major mess up by John Travolta. Is it just me or does he look kind of creepy?


14. But really what was up with Lady Gaga’s gloves?? Loving the memes going around.

za  zzzzz

15. Juliane Moore’s acceptance speech was also great for Best Actress. She added some fun to it, but also raised awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and made it a heartfelt speech.


16. One of my fave moments of the night was Graham Moore’s speech for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was personal and unique and he serves as voice for everyone out there who considers themselves different. Stay weird my peeps.

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o1_250  zzzzztumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o2_250

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o4_250  tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o3_250

Tell me what you guys thought of the Oscars? What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the show?


29 thoughts on “Oscars Recap 2015: The Top 16 Most Interesting Moments

  1. LOL at that Nelson pic! “ANDY WILLIAMS!?” That’s exactly what Anderson looked like. 😀

    I liked pretty much all of the same stuff as you. And Rosamund Pike’s dress… DAYUM. Sean Penn showed himself to be the arse that he is. I actually loved Gaga’s performance. And I would have called my parents, but it was about 3am here when Simmons made his speech. ;P So I e-mailed my mother a compilation of funny cat vines instead.

  2. Nice Post!
    Didn’t watch th show (not available in my part of th world) tho from what i gathered from online updates (theguardian & BBC) it was absolutely boring to sit thro!
    U r th only 1 to actually commend NPH for his act.
    Congrats to Eddie for his Best Actor; & Graham Moore fr Screenplay & speech!
    How can u load so many GIFs?! Tried putting that Cumberflask gif up but had to give up, ha ha!

    1. Thanks! This is pretty much the gist of the show wrapped in less than 3 hours. You know what everyone is dissing on him, but he was not bad, I think he wasn’t given good material. When he did add in his little funny stuff like joking about gone girl that was funny. Poor NPH! Make sure that when you save the gifs that they are in gif format. Sometimes they do not save as gifs and you have to go back and save it right. Try that next time! And thanks Brad!

  3. You’re quick, Melissa! 😉 Love your recaps, as always. 🙂 I may not get around to doing one but I think you’ve chosen all my favorite moments as well. Loved Patricia Arquette. You go girl!!! 🙂 Also LOVED the “stay weird” speech. That was perfection. The Travolta moment was funny yet so so creepy. lol – why can’t he just NOT be weird or creepy?! I’d add that I loved Jack Black basically singing about the Oscars being bullshit but I know not everyone likes him. But it was like “Tenacious D does the Oscars”. Loved it. And Common is so damn handsome. 🙂

    1. YES Common girl he is cute! Did you ever see Hell on Wheels he was in that for a bit and was really good. Glad you liked the moments, I was telling someone else, I wanted to put more stuff but I think it would have been so long. There is another creepy Travolta pic going around with Scarlett Johanssen, have you seen it? I’ll send it to you on Twitter. HE IS WEIRD!!!!!!!! He needs to not stay weird. HAHAHA 🙂

      1. Never heard of Hell on Wheels – is that a TV show? You’re my TV show expert. Without you & Cara, I’d never have heard of any TV shows! 😉 Not seen the Travolta / Johansson pic. Lol – celebrities can be so odd!!!

  4. Great post, Baller!!

    I personally thought the show was amazingly boring and finally yawned myself to bed about half way on….


  5. Great post! John Travolta was so creepy in that moment with Idina Menzel and on the red carpet kissing Scarlett Johansson… Loved Eddie Redmayne’s speech and his WOW, how cute!

  6. The highlights for me were Birdman winning, Glory performance, and Lady Gaga’s rendition of Sound of Music which floored me. Glad award season is over though, now we can all move on!

    1. Thanks MMJ! Yes Mr. Cumberbatch is the coolest right. Let’s hope they get some better jokes and the show really needs a comedian up there to do the writing justice or add their own twist to it. NPH was good, but we need better. 🙂 Come on Hollywood!

  7. Melissa, can I just say how much I LOVE when you cover these things?? Haha. Yes, a lot of these were things I took note of, too. All the speeches you mentioned were great, LOVED the Lego Oscars, “Glory” was performed absolutely beautifully, and yaaayyy Grand Budapest! As for Penn and Travolta…wtf was up with them?! Lol. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute! Blew me away! Oh, and Benny downing that flask. That is everything, obvi. 😉

  8. These posts of yours rock, seriously. It means I don’t have to do it xD And I can be entertained. I LOVED Redmayne’s speech, it was freaking adorable, and Emma Stone is an absolute darling!

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