The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 11: Trust No One Except Maybe Aaron?

This past week’s episode of The Walking Dead was finally much better than the last two. A great change of pace from the group’s endless bout of depression. There were also a few surprises with Aaron, the new clean cut guy who has somewhat infiltrated the group. He really seems like the nicest and friendliest guy around like a TWD version of Ned Flanders. Hidey Ho, good neighbor! This guy is just way too nice and has the cutest smile ever, so yeah don’t trust these kinds of weirdos. If the zombie apocalypse goes down and you want to make friends, you better be ready to be a bad ass son of a bitch. None of this shiny happy people crap. At the end of the recap, look forward to Brian’s reaction to the episode and yes, I am pretty much dragging him into watching the show.

Let’s chat about what happened.


The show opened with the gang back at the old faithful dusty barn. Maggie brings Aaron back to meet the group and yeah let’s just say they don’t like his type around these woods. Judith starts crying  and even she seems to have a distaste for this dude. Sasha tells them that he wants to “audition” them for his camp. Audition, what the hell haven’t these two ladies learned anything from past experiences and what the hell will they do in said audition, tap dance and sing?

tumblr_nkangq4YLR1rkbi4ao3_r1_250  tumblr_nkangq4YLR1rkbi4ao6_r1_250

Apparently, Aaron the new guy has been watching them and believes they would be a good addition to his group. In his bag he has an envelope with proof of this place. I felt like he was trying to sell them a timeshare, you know those places where they tell you all you have to is watch a 10 minute video and then you can get a free ticket to Disneyland. Yeah that is Aaron, he is that annoying guy.


Rick punches him because yes that is what Rick does, literally Rick does not give a damn about anyone’s feelings anymore. He wants to know how many people are out there, but all Aaron says is that he knows that they are survivors and they would be a perfect fit into his community. Also, he lets them know that he has a partner out there helping him recruit. Michonne is obviously upset by Ricks move and Rick is even more pissed that these two guys have been following his group.


Rick decides to split the team up, one goes to find the partner and the other to find the supposed vehicles he will take them in. Aaron and Rick stay in the barn and Aaron keeps telling him “I know you are not bad people.” I agree with Rick though, after Shane, the Governor and the cannibal tribe, how in the hell can you trust anyone.

tumblr_nk7gu4h2Tm1qdk4doo2_250  tumblr_nk7gu4h2Tm1qdk4doo1_r1_250

When Judith starts crying he tells Rick to get some applesauce out of the bag, but again Rick doesn’t trust the sauce.


When Michonne and her crew find a trailer and a car and inside the trailer, there are spaghetti-o’s and all other kinds of stuff. At that moment, they start to realize that maybe Aaron was not lying to them. Once back at the barn, Michonne speaks for the group and has decided they are going. I feel like at this moment, I was getting annoyed with Michonne, I liked it when she was a bad ass. It seems as if she is in a sense taking a stance as a leader, instead of just going along with Rick’s ideas.

tumblr_nk9wyurDGN1rkbi4ao6_250  tumblr_nk9wyurDGN1rkbi4ao7_250

Rick decides they will go to the camp, but only if they take a different route and Aaron cannot be the driver. Rick says he wants to get there at night and this causes an argument. Rick then takes Michonne aside for a little talk and tries to slap some sense into her. He then asked her some great questions, he said what did you hear when you got to Woodbury and Terminus and she responds by saying “nothing.” That silence in a sense should have been a warning to her and he is basically telling her to wise up and start taking caution to what she is hearing from Aaron.


Once in the car Glenn, Rick and Michonne transport Aaron. Michonne realizes in that moment of looking at his pictures, that for one why are there no people in these pictures and that she never asked him the groups’ usual questions. Remember they used to ask any newcomer the pivotal questions that make them understand what the person has been through.  He answers them and then Rick finds a listening device. These mo-fos have been listening to every word they have been saying. Rick is not happy!


Then suddenly Glenn hits a ton of walkers and splat goes all the blood and guts, which end up mucking up the windshield. Suddenly a flare gun goes off and Aaron goes berserk. He basically says F this crap and “this is over.” Umm,  what just happened, he went from super nice guy to total weirdo in one second.


They get out of the car and start killing walkers and Aaron runs off. Glenn ends up finding him and decides to save him. Then one of the best zombie killing moments occurred when Rick shot a flare into a zombie, who lit up like a Christmas tree. After this moment of madness, they decide to just take Aaron in and follow him back to some random location to rest.

tumblr_nk7y5qEv7X1rj6vmto8_400  tumblr_loytk78x8W1qiijpmo1_500

Once inside we see that Aaron was going nuts because his friend was in trouble. Eric another new guy, has a swollen ankle, but was saved by the group. Then Aaron starts making out with Eric. Work it boys, work it. I mean I guess we should have known he was gay, the one clean cut, well dressed and groomed man on TWD. Uh huh. Aaron also tells Rick that he owes them for saving him.

tumblr_nk8pijjc1h1qcxymno4_250  tumblr_nk9hlfl3m31ru124fo1_500

Aaron starts talking to Noah about his leg and says that at the camp, they have a surgeon, Pete, who can maybe fix his leg. What don’t they have at this camp?! The next day they get back on the road. The camp is in Alexandria, VA, on the way they see the Washington Monument. It is still standing and in a way this gives the group a good feeling. More crap happens on the way, but it was nothing exciting. When they get to the camp, Rick holding his baby girl, he hears children’s laughter and noise. This is what he has been hoping to hear as a good sign of things to come and he seems relieved. But as we know how long can that last? tumblr_nk8ra3oIXE1txtty0o4_250

Now let’s see what Brian had to say about all this. Yay!!!!!!!


Thank you, Melissa, for allowing me to speak my mind about this horrible show. The world needs to hear it.


Last week brought us what was possibly the worst episode of any television program in the history of broadcasting. It was literally just whining for an hour, and then, like, a god-tornado, I think. This week’s wasn’t quite so putrid, but that’s like saying having Ebola isn’t as bad as having the bubonic plague. This week, our sobbing survivors interrogated a mystery man who really wants them to join his camp, for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. For all they know, he’s another Governor Cannibal, but for all he knows, so are they. He says he’s been watching them, but how long could he have really been doing that, and why? And just because they were slowly walking down the street before he views them as good people? At least Rick is apprehensive about hooking up with another community, and he’s completely right, but also completely annoying. Some in the group, like Michonne, want to trust the guy and go to his community because they’re sick of wandering and moping. Rick really doesn’t want to do it at first, but why do they need his permission? You’re a grown woman, Michonne, just go if you want to go. But no matter what, Rick is apprehensive and wants to protect his children. Nothing wrong with that, but why not just let some people like Michonne go then? They can check everything out first before you bring your kids there.

This episode at least had one decent action sequence, when they drive through the herd of walkers (because there’s always a herd of walkers when the dramatic tension needs to be ramped up), but that was really more comical than anything. The flare gun was enjoyable.

So, here we are, back at another community, where I’m sure things will turn out badly for everyone because they’re hiding something. Yippee. This show has gotten more stale than a Neanderthal’s cracker. But if we can learn only one thing from this episode, it’s just eat a friggin’ spoonful of applesauce if someone is threatening to kill you and it’s your own friggin’ applesauce.
What do you guys think of Aaron so far? Do you agree with Brian?


14 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 11: Trust No One Except Maybe Aaron?

    1. Okay – I did read this last week but wasn’t logged in & feel totally guilty for not commenting after Brian was made to suffer through this. ; ) Seriously, though – eat the fucking applesauce! I don’t like applesauce either but I’d probably eat shit if my life was being threatened.

  1. This was all going great until I got below that picture of Chris Pratt. Then I developed some sort of allergic reaction to what I was looking at and my eyes got all blurry and developed polyps.

  2. I think Aaron group might actually be good, but I don’t think everyone is going to pass that “Audition” which is going to force the group to leave or consider leaving as I said in my review. The flare zombie was one of the best zombies to date, really cool. I hope you are voting in the just started Walking Dead March Madness Tournament that just started on my blog.

    1. Thanks John! Hmm that is a good point, maybe he is good. I really hope they don’t get separated, but I am sure that if it happens that is drama the show needs right now. I will check it out!

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