The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 12: Suburbia-land

So this week I am SUPER DUPER late on my recap. I had a really hectic week and to top it off I lost my TWD notes, those really help me remember everything that happened. I had to give up, but somewhere somebody is reading my notes and thinking what a weirdo I am or thinking they just landed on a great idea for a new TV show.

This last episode of The Walking Dead was a lot better than the past two, where the group seemed to had lost all their mojo and were sad and dreary. The crew is right at the end of where we left them, at the gates of Aaron’s supposed awesome community. Is it truly all that it is cracked up to be or is this place just another Terminus filled with psychopathic cannibals?

Let’s talk about what went down and hear Brian’s take on the episode.


The gang gets to the safe community in Alexandria. Daryl walks in with a freshly caught possum and says he is bringing them dinner. They walk in with guns on their hips and scowls on their faces. The people inside look confused and are trepidations with them. In their eyes I am sure they are the most menacing people they have ever seen. Rick and Sasha look at each other, and before the gates close, she takes down a zombie. The people inside seem clueless about killing zombies and it is quickly obvious that this group knows what they are doing.

tumblr_nkmthhDw491rkbi4ao3_r1_250  tumblr_nkmthhDw491rkbi4ao4_r1_250

Inside they meet Deanna who is the head of this community and safe zone, where these people have been living since the apocalypse started. For one, we know that these happy, shiny people are just way to ignorant to the things that are going on beyond their gates and they must have no idea how to deal with zombies. Deanna takes everyone in her house and records everyone’s stories, who they were before this apocalypse happened and how they came to be together. She tells them they can stay in their own houses and relax and clean up and then they can decide whether this place is for them or not.


Rick and Carl get a nice big house, seriously this is way too nice, it has all the amenities of their past lives including running water. Say WHAT! And yes Rick gets in the shower butt naked and washes off and shaves his beard. What comes out is a handsome and sexy Mr. Grimes. Yes, he does clean up good.


A knock at the door and there is a woman named Jessie bringing him food and she tells them that she has a son Carl’ age too. Seriously these people act like nothing bad is happening in the world. Jessie also manages to give him a hair cut, which was much needed. This could finally be Rick’s new love interest, he and everyone else is in much need of some snuggles. Do you guys remember her? She was the sexy maid on the first season of American Horror Story.


When Carol is interviewed, she is cheery and happy and says that she used to be a housewife and that she had a loving husband. Again, say WHAT?! Yeah she is totally lying and scheming a way to get into the community. Back at the house, we see her come out with a soccer mom outfit, complete with a cardigan and khakis. Daryl tells her she looks ridiculous, because yes she really does and she tells him to take a shower. Daryl doesn’t want to play this game at all. I used to love Daryl and he is getting so effing annoying!


At night, instead of sleeping in separate houses, they all bunk up together. Ugh, this is annoying. Then later Carl and Judith wander off and Rick freaks the hell out, but then on the manages to bump into Jessie. Apparently, Carl was hanging out with the old people who miss having kids around.


Carl then meets Jessie’s son and the rest of the pre-teens that live in the neighborhood. There is one girl in particular who has no time for Carl and keeps sneering at him. They play video games and hang out. For Carl, this is way too weird. He almost looked bored, he is used to the adrenaline of being on the run and shooting guns, for him this is not a way of life. He tells Rick that if they stay there they will get weak. I think Carl is right about that fact.

tumblr_nkro1gvYoJ1sim304o2_250  tumblr_nkro1gvYoJ1sim304o3_250

Later Glen, Tara and Noah go off with Deanna’s son Aiden, as they are given the job of going out on runs to look for supplies. Out in the woods, they come upon a zombie that is hung up in a tree, because he supposedly killed their friends. These people are so freaking annoying. The zombie gets free and comes right at Tara and Glen stabs it in the head. This pisses Aiden off like no other.


At the gate, this confrontation is still going on. Daryl and the crew see what is going on and Daryl gets into the fight as well. Deanna comes out to settle the mess, but then Rick comes out all sheriff like and puts a stop to it.


Back at their house, as things seem to be going wonderfully for them, I mean hey they have food and they can take showers, that’s pretty awesome in their book, but Carol is starting to feel uneasy. She agrees with Carl and says they are going to get weak, just like them. Rick tells her not to worry they will not get weak and if they don’t like these people, they will take this place from them.


This episode was interesting, I really want to know who these people really are and I hope they don’t stay at this place too long. One more thing where the hell was Father Gabriel? Did he die and I didn’t catch it??

Let’s hear what Brian thought of this whole fiasco.

Weird, they said this episode of The Walking Dead was all new, but it was actually a repeat of a Woodbury episode from Season 3. TV Guide is gonna get an earful from me…


Here’s a thought on the show in general: You can’t have this show without zombies, but the show can’t evolve with zombies in it. It’s forced to rehash the same plots over and over again. It’s a flat, lifeless circle.

Soooooo, in this episode, nothing much happens. The group is wary. They talk about how they’re wary. The new Governess tapes them for some reason. Rick shaves his merkin beard, at least. Why can’t Cawrl cut his hair too? I guess so he’ll fit in with the other two teen boys with horrible haircuts he meets.


Oh look, shady new characters. Sssssssssssssssssshocking.


The chained up zombie part is so stupid. Why is it on this show when a zombie attacks they always hold it by the shoulders and struggle? The survivors should be at least 5 times as strong as the emaciated zombies with no muscle mass. Just do an olé move! Or kick it away!

I love how they’ve found conflict already. So interesting.

What is Daryl’s deal? Lighten up, Francis. Remember when he was a badass character? And thanks for gutting that possum on our porch.


“This place is gonna make us weak.” Shut up. Then do some kind of daily training or something.

I don’t even remember seeing Gabriel there at all. Did he die last week?

This show has too many characters, who only exist so they can be killed off later for dramatic effect. Are Gabriel, Sasha, Tara, Rosita, Noah, Abraham, and Eugene adding anything at all at this point? Has Eugene said more than three words since Abraham almost beat him to death? And what’s the point of Glenn? Maggie? Carol? Daryl? Rick? T-Dog? The baby?

tumblr_nkra87OjHu1sg92hgo1_1280 (KILL HIM)

Grade: D—

So what did you guys think of this whole episode? What do you look forward to seeing in future episodes?


5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 12: Suburbia-land

    1. I honestly couldn’t even think of who the fuck Gabriel was when you mentioned him. Huh. Yeah – too many shitty characters always being added just to be killed off. I never can remember any of their names anymore.

      Nice work you two! I may watch the new one tonight. I’ll be thinking of you both! ; )

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