The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 13: Alexandria or Bust

Finally this last episode of The Walking Dead was pretty interesting. Still not the best or that exciting, it was somewhat of a filler, but it is getting better. Talk about weird, the whole episode was centered around the residents of Alexandria and how they pretend the zombie apocalypse barely exists versus the Grimes gang who can’t shake everything they have experienced on the outside. What I really enjoyed was  the new found bromance between Daryl and Aaron. Although Daryl is known to be one of the most bad ass characters, he does love a good friendship. I am also enjoying the clean cut Rick, seriously I think I have a new crush.

Throughout the recap you will get bits of Brian’s conversation with Brad regarding the show. This should be interesting!

BRIAN: So, I have an announcement to make…I am officially and permanently no longer watching this show. I came to this realization this week when I couldn’t muster up any interest whatsoever in having it on my TV screen. I just hate everything about it. Fortunately (only for the purposes of this recap) Brad is going to bravely slog through the end of the season, so we’ll be able to provide some back-and-forth vitriol.

BRAD: Yup. This season is the last for me. Definitely. The show just has ran its course. I know where this show needs to go and it’s taking its sweet ass sloppy time. Obviously Rick’s group will become the villains now at this peaceful community. The only other new plot-line they can attempt is the rebuilding stage where the Zombie apocalypse ends by a cure or whatever and humans need to rebuild but that sounds more boring than what the show is doing now. Even the zombie kills are so f***ing boring after 6 seasons I just don’t care anymore. I used to love the zombie subgenre; it was actually my favorite, but now I’m done with it

BRIAN: Why won’t they listen to you??? The only thing that may have been semi-interesting would have been to tell this current story from the perspective of the people who are already there, but that would mean a lot less screen time for the regular cast. Then at the end of the season, everyone dies horribly

Now let’s discuss what went down and talk about what is up with their new prison/farm/hospital/terminus.


The show begins with the realization that Sasha is still very unsettled in this new environment. Rick, Daryl and Carol are out in the woods, hatching a plan to steal guns from the armory. Something that really stuck to me was when Rick said, “They’re the luckiest damn people.” That is a great way to put it, these people have never experienced the horrors that have consumed the world. Instead they sit in their  homes, ignorant to the outside and how lucky for them that they haven’t had to kill people or lose their loved ones. On top of that they found a walker with a “W” etched on his forehead. Wh the means, we don’t know yet.

tumblr_nkyjklyD201r1qffbo1_r1_250  tumblr_nkyjklyD201r1qffbo2_250

Out in the woods Daryl goes hunting and finds Aaron spying on him, but he claims he was just hunting rabbits. Uh huh, sure. Together they come upon a horse, Daryl believes he can catch it. Apparently it used to pass by the village and the kids named him Buttons. Well, they are unable to catch the horse and then zombies come out of nowhere and go crazy for that horse meat. Long story short, the zombies end up tearing into Buttons and killing him. I just want to know how the horse survived that long without that ever happening to him?! #RIPBUTTONS

tumblr_nl0y2xN7xJ1s0sn5co1_250  tumblr_nl0y2xN7xJ1s0sn5co3_250

BRAD: Sunday’s episode omitted Father Gabriel and Eugene completely! The townsfolk throw a welcoming party for the gang and absent were those two knuckleheads. Daryl is the only one with any common sense on the show now. If everyone dies except for Daryl I’d watch for one more season.


BRIAN: Gabriel was completely absent last week as well. How can the show just forget he existed? If they have no use for him why not just kill him off? But Daryl has also become a whiny teenage girl.

Back in town, Carol is off doing her part of the ploy to steal the guns. She gets chummy with the girl in charge and fiends to know nothing about guns. She acts like she is just a poor helpless little housewife. Sasha is still reeling and decides she wants to take watch on their watchtower, but Deanna doesn’t let her just yet. Deanna invites everyone to a welcoming party for the gang and insists that if Sasha comes that will help her get that job.

tumblr_nl25peeanj1qck2r0o1_1280  tumblr_nl25peeanj1qck2r0o2_1280

At the party everyone gets dressed up and takes part in the drinks and finger foods like spam with asparagus. The whole party feels weird and Deanna goes around introducing to Rick to her friends. They drink, they laugh and they talk about trivial matters. Rick and Jessie talk again and it is obvious there is some chemistry between them, but she is married.


At one point, he gives her a kiss on the cheek and they lock into a crazy gaze. Yes Rick wants that and he should go for it. I was really excited to see someone other than Glenn get some action on this show.

tumblr_nkzu8shzcS1uox514o5_250  tumblr_nkzu8shzcS1uox514o6_250

One of the ladies who cooks insists on cooking Sasha her favorite meal. This drives her to madness and she flips out in front of everyone.


BRAD: If the point of this season is to show how hard it is for the group to settle down, be more civil with humanity and learn to be normal again and they end up becoming the villains because they can’t (Sasha is an example in this episode of that) then they are truly making those assholes un-rootable and will sink the show for sure. I already loathe all these morons and they are turning them into greater assholes now. What’s the f***ing point? They are painting themselves into a corner.


Outside Daryl, leaves the party and on his way runs into Aaron on his porch. Seriously, Aaron look so put together, especially against Daryl. He invites him inside to have a spaghetti dinner with Eric and he accepts. Oh it’s like spaghetti Tuesday again, ah man I wish Herschel was there with them. I love that Daryl is hanging out with the gays, how cute. Aaron takes him to the garage and shows him a motorcycle frame and parts and basically offers it to him. Well this was just the motivation that he needed, because then Aaron asks him to be part of his recruiting team. After that Daryl is all gung ho for this new mission and he seems to actually enjoy Aaron’s company.

tumblr_nl1og6sMJS1rh6rw0o4_r1_250  tumblr_nl1og6sMJS1rh6rw0o3_r1_250

While at the party Carol decides to sneak out and go to the armory to follow the plan they had hatched. While in the middle of taking the guns, Jessie’s son Sam comes up behind her and asks her for cookies. Carol is caught off guard and literally scares the kid to death. She tells him that if he tells anyone, then he will get tied up to a tree and attacked by zombies. So much for the kind hearted gentle Carol.


At the end of the episode, Daryl starts to back out of the group’s plan. He kind of wants to stay there and feel the place out a bit more. Hmm, maybe he will take a bath soon?! Out in the neighborhood, Rick literally stares down Jessie’s husband and it is obvious he is thinking about stealing her away.


BRIAN: I don’t think it’s possible to make those characters more unlikable. That they’re actually attempting to do that is just ludicrous. But that’s what happens when you’re creatively bankrupt.

What’s also funny is they have that show Talking Dead on after it, where Chris Hardwick has to pretend that the episode was profound and special.


What the f** do they talk about after these Walking Dead episodes? This isn’t Lost. There’s zero allegory or even philosophy on this show. I eye-rolled when the kid of the only hot chick in the town gave Rick a stamp of a large red letter “A.” One of the writers on the show must’ve just graduated 9th grade.


BRIAN: I’ve only watched bits and pieces of them when they have on one of the women who are super hot when they’ve bathed and put makeup on.

BRAD: I don’t know why I love to hate this shit show.

BRIAN: I did for a while, now I just plain hate it. It annoys the fuck out of me.

BRAD: I have this morbid fascination at watching how awful it’s becoming and how much worse it’ll get. I’ve never felt this way about anything before.

BRIAN: That’s exactly how I feel about my life.


I agree with both Brian and Brad, some days I totally am annoyed with the show. Other times well I am just so damn sucked in and have spent so much time devoted to it, that I have to finish the series. What did you guys think of this episode?


11 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 13: Alexandria or Bust

    1. Brian has given up?!? I’m gonna cry! No!!!! His hatred made the show FUN for me! 😦

      Okay – I’m over it. Nice job, Melissa! (And Brad. And Brian sorta) 😉 This episode was… Well. Meh. Again. Rick should just screw that chick already. Did I just say that? Girls don’t say things like that! I’m just bored. 🙂 I did like Carol being evil to that kid, though….

      1. Thanks Mutant and yes even though he says he wont watch, every week he watches it. lol What do addicts do? Deny their addiction. Uh huh he’s addicted to TWD!! I agree I want them to hook up. Get it girl! Yes I love evil Carol and screw cardigan wearing Carol. But seriously I am ready for this season to be over!!!!

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