The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 15: Almost Exiled

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty exciting and fun to watch. I like when all hell breaks loose and our characters show their true colors. I have really been enjoying watching the change in Rick occur. Some people are either liking this or totally starting to hate Rick. The person who has always been the proverbial savior of this group. Now in Alexandria, he is almost becoming the pariah and someone they wouldn’t even consider as a leader anymore. I personally like seeing him become less of the good guy and the one to emulate. It’s time for him to show how this apocalypse has destroyed him and made him a different person. He has been through so much and still survived, but it has left him with many emotional scars that have not healed. Overall it was a good episode and there is only one left, so cheers to all for making it this far.

Brian and Brad have joined me again to discuss the episode.



BRIAN: Did you watch? Looks like an exciting episode of wandering around the woods and being melodramatic.


MELISSA: Every Sunday it is the same thing and we keep on watching. #losers

BRAD: Yeah I watched! Apparently I missed the scene when they brought back Tara alive. And the only surgeon to work on her is the town drunk aka Rick’s new enemy.

The show really has to work on time elapses because it’s only been like 3 episodes since they started living at this town but they’re talking like it’s been months. And they are super duper sad about Noah but they only met him like 8 episodes or so ago. We as a viewer have only known him a scant 8 episodes so it’s not like we had enough time to bond with this asshole to care.

The only thing to watch from this episode was Rick basically going ape-shit on the drunkard and practically losing his mind I front of everyone until Michonne knocked him out. It’s possible they will attempt to exile Rick or maybe split the main cast into pro-Rick or con-Rick parties. CIVIL WAR!!

tumblr_nlul8m7gj61tse85no2_1280 tumblr_nlul8m7gj61tse85no3_1280

MELISSA: Tara who the hell is that? I was hoping they would kill her off, but I am sure through some miraculous medicine they find when they go out for a run and she will live happily ever after with the Grimes gang.

BRIAN: How unbelievably lame and cliched is it that the drunkard is critical to the group? How many times have they done shit like that?

I’m definitely in the Anti-Rick camp. You think the original group would just be completely sick of him and want to cut ties already. Like me with the show.

I’ll remember Noah as fondly as I remember those two prisoner guys from season 3, whatever their names were.


MELISSA: Call me crazy, but I was always anti-Rick and pro-Daryl, now I have switched and become a Rick fan. I like this bad boy side of Rick. I hate it when he is a goody two-shoes and plays by the rules.


BRAD: The drunkard plotline is so crucial that they are hinging Rick’s sanity on it as well as the fundamental philosophies of the group vs. the town. This drunkard is that important!

If you look at the track record of Rick as leader, he’s terrible and has not done much at all for them. If it were up to Rick they’d be eating nothing but squirrel in some backwater Georgia forest.

MELISSA: I want to know how is the guy even a drunkard, don’t they have a limited supply of booze? And isn’t it locked away and kept under key by that old lady who is annoying as hell.


BRIAN: Why did he lose it on the drunkard? Just because he wants to bone his wife? There are no single women that Rick could pursue? There are a few in his own group!

Rick’s a good room-sweeper, that’s about it. The group should elect a new leader, but everyone’s an idiot.

BRAD: The main reason is he wants to bone the wife but he also made it out that he has to protect her and her kid before he beats them to death and how little the town disregards law and order of this sort because they won’t do anything to help the situation except maybe exile if something really bad happens. Both Rick and the mayor chick are at opposite extremes of how to handle the abusive & drunkard husband and both are stupid.

tumblr_nlp1a7n6nn1rj6vmto1_400  tumblr_nlp1a7n6nn1rj6vmto2_400

MELISSA: If the drunkard’s wife did “it” with Rick, he would probably settle down!

BRIAN: Why doesn’t that chick just move into a different house? It’s amazing to me now that I was actually interested in this show at one point.

BRAD: She would buy they gave the last empty homes to the group. She should just hire Sasha or Carol to kill him instead.

In all seriousness though it took her about 4 minutes to be convinced that something needed to be done to better her situation from Rick. 2 minutes of denial that the situation is actually that bad and another 2 minutes of acceptance. Ponderous writing.

I’m still shocked that it’s the most watched show still. Truly ponderous.


MELISSA: Every season it is basically the same storyline, but we keep watching. I am somewhat addicted even though the show has become so dumb, at this point, I really need to see how it all ends.

BRIAN: Maybe it took Rick several months to convince her and it was just a time-lapse problem again.

People don’t like to give up on shows for the most part. Like we’ve talked about before, this show SHOULD be good, and was in the first season, it’s just not anymore, and it’s not going to recover.

MELISSA: See statement above, a lot of us out there are just too addicted to give this crap up, even though we know it’s bad for our health. #suckers

BRAD: Perhaps, but I’m only going by what we were shown.

I don’t even remember the first season at all. If I cared a tad more I’d rewatch it to rejig my memory. But the fact that after 5 seasons people are still loyally tuning in for this slow and dull show with moronic characters is what’s in question though. Like you (& me) they should be weaning off the show because of the decline. There’s a ton better shows to watch in its place. There’s no excuse. There can’t be too many people, like me, who are watching it to hate it either.


MELISSA: It will soon be over, only one more episode left! And then you can move on to Mad Men in its place which is a million times better.

BRIAN: It was when the characters weren’t abhorrent and they had a few interesting ideas.


BRAD: It was also a show about a few survivors fighting off zombies. Now it’s the occasional zombie attack interspersed with forest hikes.


BRIAN: It’s a soap opera in the forest and when they need to have a break in the whining a herd of zombies jumps up out of nowhere.

MELISSA: I loved the first season, it  was fresh and different and we were just getting to know these characters.  Now we have gotten to know them and we are starting to love them less. The show needs some new characters who are not jerks and wussies. Come on TWD! But I forgot to mention umm hello Carl almost had his first kiss, how cute!

tumblr_nludjgb6AV1upazamo4_400  tumblr_nludjgb6AV1upazamo5_400

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think that Rick will be exiled from the Alexandria community?


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 15: Almost Exiled

  1. I find it deeply offensive when you say “WE keep on watching.”

    Yeah I guess Rick is basically Season 2 Shane now, and I hated that character too, but turns out he was basically right about everything. Hopefully Cahwrl shoots Rick in the head, too.

  2. I’m convinced that Brian is actually still watching…

    Yeah – I hadn’t made the Rick & Shane connection. It’s really no different! Although this chick is much more attractive – she’s worth killing for more than skinny what’s-her-face! Shit. What was her name again? God I can’t remember any names on this show. The Prison Break chick! Anyway, where was I?! My mind started wandering there. Kind of like when I watch this show…. 😉

    1. LORI!!! Omg yes me too, I think at this point we watch it out of habit and we have to see how this all ends. He’s basically everything that Shane was. Maybe Shane got there faster because he was out in the world before Rick. And yes I hated Lori too, she was annoying and so was Andrea.

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