What Would Modern Movies And TV Shows Look Like On VHS?

I saw this the other day as I was perusing the internet and I thought I would share with you guys. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and when you went to rent a movie you would go through all the aisles looking at the VHS cases. Some movies you rented solely based on the cool cover. Nowadays, that has gone away and most people don’t even buy movies anymore, since you can just buy them and save them on your Amazon or Google account. The tactile sense of holding the movie in your hands and being excited to go home and watch it has gone away.


Do not fret though, artist Julien Knez created these VHS covers for April Fool’s Day. He posted on his site that he was a Parisian hipster who only watched movies on VHS. Too cool, I know some of my fellow 80’s lovers will enjoy these mock-ups.



The Walking Dead


Guardians of the Galaxy




Game of Thrones


The Grand Budapest Hotel


The Wolf of Wall Street


Breaking Bad






27 thoughts on “What Would Modern Movies And TV Shows Look Like On VHS?

  1. These do not looklike the VHSes I grew up with… because ours were all bootlegged off the TV and then had hand decorated covers by my mum.

  2. Fabulous post!!! I was a teenager during the 80s and weekend trips to the video store were commonplace. I’ll be honest, I kinda miss it. Was so much fun going in the video store anxiously awaiting the chance to bring home three or four movies for the weekend. I loved browsing the aisles and as you say grabbing an unknown movie based on the cover art alone. Great times!

  3. Heh, I remember watching vhs as a kid. Actually, I only recently threw out my vhs machine and the few remaining cassettes I had. I was keeping it till everything I owned I had gotten on dvd. I kinda miss browsing the ailes of movies to find the perfect one. I lived right next to a huge 2-story video store for a while, and I’d rent 1 to 3 films almost every day! I saw a LOT of bad horror during that time! hehehe

  4. Looooollllll. This is amazing! I have missed you and the crazy stuff you find, Miss Melissa! Catching up this weekend. Let’s see if I can make up for some of that neglect… 🙂

  5. I miss the days when box art got me to pick their movie. Often it was the first time I’d ever even seen anything about the film. Now we know everything and anything before any movie starts and are given multiple covers and blah, blah, blah. This is nice.

      1. I used to love browsing through the DVD rental stores and letting clever covers lure me in. Now they all look the same.

  6. I dont know if you’ve seen it, but there are actually these videos of opening title sequences of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on YouTube made in VHS quality that make the shows look like they were made in the 80s and 90s

  7. Ah, this was so cool lady! I used to LOVE going to the video store, spending time picking out new movies, ones you had seen, no matter, and plenty were picked based on the cover. There were few things as thrilling as going home with an armful of new movies. Then you would pop it in and the last bastard to rent it hadn’t rewound it. ARGH that used to rain on my parade hahahaha. It took TIME to freaking rewind! It was a common courtesy to prep that darn cassette for the next viewer!

    1. I know right that was part of the process of renting a movie. Walking around, looking at that back covers, deciding which ones to pick. Going through your fave sections and finding a movie you haven’t seen. Totally they need to bring video stores back. Thanks Zoe!!

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