Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 1: The Wars to Come

After waiting for what felt like centuries, eons, a billion days, Game of Thrones finally returned to television. Season 5 premiered this past weekend with the first episode titled, “The Wars to Come,” if that doesn’t sound ominous enough, I don’t know what does. It started off right where we left off and primed us with the idea that things are changing in the Seven Kingdoms. Is it just  me or does it seem like an hour just doesn’t feel like enough? First things first we need to understand that at this point in the show, the storylines are now becoming very complex for each character. Also, new characters will be coming up,  which will only further add to the medley of stories.

Really quick let me recap where we left off last season. Tyrion escaped and is on a new voyage with Varys somewhere far off. Jamie and Cersei now have a different dynamic and she wants justice for her father’s death, which means she really wants to catch Tyrion. Daenerys Targaryen is still in Mereen and has established herself as the Queen. She kicked Jorah Mormont out and now has a new small council. Her dragons have also been locked up, all except for Drogon who is nowhere to be seen.

Arya is in Bravos, Sansa is with Littlefinger hiding out as Alayne and Bran is out in the woods with his crew.  Jon Snow is still at Castle Black, along with some wildlings and Stannis and his people. Pod and Brienne are still out searching for Sansa and last season she killed the Hound. Roose Bolton is with his son Ramsay and they are off looking to claim the North for good and Reek is there with them.

Ok that was a lot! Let’s get on to discussing the episode.


First off from the rumors I have heard, this season is going to feature more flashbacks. I absolutely love that, I don’t know what it is, but I like seeing what characters used to be like and what drove them to be who they are now. The show opened with young Cersei out in the woods with a friend running into mischief. They meet Maggy the Frog, who by the way is a pivotal person in the book, and reads her future by tasting her blood. I just have to say little Cersei was such a B! Just goes to show you, people do not change. Maggy tells her that she will be a queen one day, but a more beautiful one will come along and usurp her. George R.R. Martin, seriously loves that word. At this point Cersei believes that she will one day marry Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and is arrogant about it even as a child. The witch also tells her that she will have 3 children who will be shrouded in yellow. At that point she has no idea what these words mean, but as an adult I am sure she has seen some of these fortunes come true. Ummm scary, Joffrey has already been shrouded, but does that mean her other children will die too?

tumblr_nmqdu3aHvD1s95j2so2_250  tumblr_nmqdu3aHvD1s95j2so3_250

In present time, Cersei  has to climb the stairs of Baelor’s Sept to visit her father at his funeral. One thing that the show did not discuss is that in the book, his body stunk so bad. I am surprised they didn’t show that because I think it would have been a good jab at the Lannisters. Upon walking up the stairs, all eyes are on her and when she sees Margeary it looks as is if she might rip her head off. Jamie and her have a discussion inside and he warns her that everyone will be wanting to take her power. Cersei no longer seems to yearn for Jamie, all of her attention is now focused on killing her brother Tyrion.

tumblr_nmqnxk6y0T1rp2zn0o1_r1_250  tumblr_nmqnxk6y0T1rp2zn0o3_r2_250

But seriously how freaky did Tywin look?

tumblr_nmqt4vo1sy1te91lso1_1280  tumblr_nmqg1z274h1tp7p27o2_500

Tyrion is back bitches! And he comes rolling out of a box and into a palace in Pentos with Varys. Clever as always, he has a plan to use Tyrion. Varys was part of a group of people who want to see the Targaryens rise to power again. He tells Tyrion that he wants to use his political skills combined with his compassion to assist another ruler. One that Tyrion actually knows nothing about, Daenerys Targaryen. It is obvious that Tyrion is distraught and hopeless and looking to consume as much wine as possible to destroy or make him forget about the things he has done.

tumblr_nmqxbf39531qgfx04o1_250  tumblr_nmqxbf39531qgfx04o4_250

Brienne and Pod are out searching for Sansa still. Not really sure where this storyline is going, but I do hope that one day Brienne gets to make out with Jamie. Seriously she needs it!

tumblr_nmqf8ln7ul1s5m21go1_250  tumblr_nmqf8ln7ul1s5m21go3_250

Out at the wall, Stannis and his crew have literally taken over the place. Along with all the Wildings that are couch surfing in there are, they will soon run out of food. Remember winter is coming (for reals this time) and that phrase is finally beginning to ring true. Stannis’ plan is to utilize the Wildings for his cause and help him fight. He also wants Mance Rayder to bend the knee. Well actually Stannis literally wants everyone to bow down to him.

tumblr_nmr6fki9FK1qgfbkmo7_250  tumblr_nmr6fki9FK1qgfbkmo8_250

Melisandre is also on the prowl and is on the verge of pouncing on Jon Snow. She literally asked him if he is still a virgin. Why does she want to know this? Is she trying to seduce him like Stifler’s mom?!

tumblr_nmqf5rgLL11tqtt3wo1_500  tumblr_m48i57a7wy1r95khyo1_1280

GIlly is also at the wall and Sam promised her that he would take care of her and the baby. He knows that many of the other Night’s Watch men do not want any Wildlings there, specifically Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt.

tumblr_nmr8moQCJR1u410r7o1_250  tumblr_nmr8moQCJR1u410r7o3_250

Sansa and Littlefinger are hiding out somewhere in the Eerie. They are hanging out with their bannerman specifically Lord Royce and having them take care of Robin. In his stay, Robin is to learn how to fight, but it is obvious that he is a hopeless cause. Throughout the seasons, Sansa has become smarter to the ways of the world and now that she has taken on the role of Alayne she knows how to play the game with ease. Alayne is her Sasha Fierce, yes girl go on with your bad self!

tumblr_nmr4je6qDj1u17sbuo7_250  tumblr_mwwm5qhw501sj715go1_500

Jon Snow knows that Mance will not bend the knee. Even when he pleas with him to bend the knee in order to save his people, he refuses. Mance is then put to the test in front of everyone and he graciously declines. Mance is burnt and everyone watches in horror, but Jon Snow comes out of nowhere and puts an arrow through his heart. Jon has always been the compassionate one, somewhat like Ned Stark. I believe his stay with the Wildlings and his love for Ygritte softened him up to them and putting Mance out of his misery was the best thing he could do for him.

tumblr_nmqrc8oIGA1s5m21go1_250  tumblr_nmqrc8oIGA1s5m21go4_r1_250

In Mereen, the giant statue comes crumbling down and this is a sign that the city is no longer what it used to be. In one of the brothels, an unsullied comes in looking for attention from a prostitute, she holds him in an embrace. Although, the unsullied do not have their parts, it is obvious they still yearn for female affection. In a flash, he is killed by a man with a golden mask. Who are these people and why are they attacking Dany’s men? They call themselves the Sons of the Harpy and are out to destroy Dany’s rule.

tumblr_nmqldabRVG1s65rzwo4_400  tumblr_nmqxufMxGW1qk24rro1_250

Saddened by the news Dany is pissed off and orders these men to be found and killed. At court, Hizdahr zo Loraq comes to see her and pleads with her to reopen the fighting pits. She stands for nothing that means violence and death to slaves, but she doesn’t understand that these people live and breathe for these pits. In order for her to be loved by her subject, perhaps she needs to give in to their desires, but on the other hand why should she back peddle on her morals?

tumblr_nmr11nG28J1rol0uno1_250  tumblr_nmr11nG28J1rol0uno2_250

Dany is confused on what to do about everything that is going on in her city. Half of them love her, and the other want to see her die. She seeks comfort in Daario, her main squeeze and lover. He reassures that she is a queen to be feared, but she does need her dragons back. He tells her, ““A dragon queen with no dragons is not a queen.”

tumblr_nmqujnE9VX1u04spqo2_250  tumblr_nmqujnE9VX1u04spqo1_250

She goes to visit her two dragons and they are as furious and rambunctious as ever. She no longer has the grip that she used to have on them. They are growing more and more and do not want to be held up in a cage.


So far this season is starting out great and I cannot wait to see how everything will play out. I do believe they are deviating this season more from the book than any other. I look forward to seeing Arya again and getting a peek at Dorne. What do you guys think so far? What character were you most excited to see?



11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 1: The Wars to Come

  1. Stanley needs to be on Game Of Thrones!!!! Pronto!!! Erm, sorry, that’s the first thing that popped into my head as I’m scrolling down your post, pardon moi 😛 I’m just imagining him in this kind of scenes… [le sigh]

    Great recap girl! Funny but my friend at work’s been constantly bugging me to get on this show. Well now that it’s available on Apple TV I’m soooo tempted, I just wish I had the time! Especially when now I’m so preoccupied by y’knowwho! In fact, I’m watching (no, more like staring) at Stanley in NAHE… again! 😀

    1. Ruth you really need to get on this. I think you would like this show!!!! And you will probably recognize al the English actors. I need to have them put Stanley on the show so you will watch it. Or even Toby! lol Thanks Ruth!!!! Now get to watching it, once you start it you will not be able to stop.

      1. Oh you don’t need to convince me dearest!! It’s just a matter of finding the time, as like you said, once I see one ep I won’t be able to stop. It’s tough as I have tons of blogging obligations now w/ the film fest + also being a press member I have to review films that I go to screenings to.

        Seriously, Stanley would fit right in!! I mean that Michiel Huisman kinda looks like him a bit (not as hot IMO), I’d think Stanley could do his role. Of course I’d rather see Stanley get his own show, maybe something gritty like The Wire. There’s a French thriller The Connection w/ Jean Dujardin I think Stanley would be good in a show like that, he could be tough but also sexy too, so something like a romantic thriller. Oh man, I sense a movie pitch coming!! 😛

      2. Yes you have to fit in game of thrones eventually if you can. I could see Stanley in more of a Downton Abbey role as a business man, a suitor, a lord. Hmmm or a romantic movie. But really anything in the romance department would be great for him. If only we could get our dream movies made!!!

      3. Well believe it or not, it THIS trailer of his recent movie that made me think Stanley could be some bad ass warrior But seriously, the film looks terrible, and who in the right mind would hire a guy with such gorgeous hair and have it chopped off & put corn rows instead??!! It’s a travesty!! I refuse to see it even w/ Stanley it it.

  2. Melissa! You posted this really quick – sorry I missed it! I LOVE that I don’t have to avoid these posts now. 🙂 (Well, until I’ve seen it on Monday nights in the UK…) Always love your pics & gifs! I love seeing the actual actors outside of the show – they look so weird in regular clothing. This episode has certainly set a lot of things up… Should be an interesting season! 🙂

  3. I can’t read this post because I’ve been on holiday and haven’t caught up… and I am not 100% sure how I am going to watch it this time since I have cancelled my cable…

  4. Awesome write-up Melissa! I laughed so many times, Alayne Stone as Sasha Fierce, Melisandre as Stifler’s mom, Tywin’s freaky dead eyes, so good. I’m really looking forward to more flashbacks too, I may have seen a bit of a spoiler on the internet the other day that involves another flashback which could be really interesting!

  5. Melissaaaaa! Gawd I missed these! Peter Dinklage + scooter = ALL KINDS OF WINNING. I don’t know how I feel about this whole flashback deal though–especially if it’s going to be used more this season. I think the stupid flashbacks on Arrow this season have made me hate all flashbacks. Lol. I don’t know. I guess I just want more of a sense of purpose behind flashbacks, and I didn’t get that with the Cersei scene. A pretty good premiere episode, but not my fave. Nice job, lady! 🙂

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