Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 3: High Sparrow

We are on episode 3 now of Game of Thrones and the plot lines are slowly being laid down. There will be many big moments this season and the build-up to them is already palpable. I believe this season is going to deviate much more than any other from the books. With Season 5, we are now seeing the actors themselves grow up into young women and men and it is a bit daunting, but that just goes to show you how much we have grown up with them. Also, this season brings the most changes, Arya is no longer the little girl from Winterfell, Sansa is not scared of anyone anymore and Jon Snow has shown us how much he has grown up to be like the Starks. He is loyal, trust-worthy and will always do what he believes is right for the people.

This post is a little longer because I want to explain some of these new places to you guys.

Let’s discuss all the good stuff that happened on the episode.


Arya has now entered the House of Black and White and has been allowed to start learning their ways. Really quick, if you are not sure who these people are, they are pretty much the most bad ass killers in all of Westeros. Their training takes years and eventually they have the power to change their faces. Imagine the things you could do, if you had the ability to change your face? It almost reminds me of “the force” in Star Wars. As the term Valar Dohaeris says “all men must serve,” Arya must first serve before she is taught anything of value. If someone wants to die, they can come into temple and receive the gift of death. Which is what Jagen H’ghar did for the man he gave water to and who then died. Their bodies are then taken downstairs to be cleaned and all items are removed from their body. The faces are then kept for them to use later. In this episode, we meet the Waif, a faithful and blind servant who is on the road to helping Arya out with losing herself.


Before Arya becomes a new person she must become “no one.” Arya who has been defined by being a Stark her whole life has to lose her title and all possessions including Needle. Unable to throw Needle away, she buries it under a pile of rocks. Good thinking, this may come in handy later on.

tumblr_nngby2Ox7j1r00543o2_r6_250  tumblr_inline_nngn8pl3Vm1rxy9e9_500

Margaery married Tommen in a wedding that was nothing like her previous one. Tommen and her consummate their marriage, and I don’t know about you, but that was weird. In the books Tommen is about 9 years old (gross). Now that she has the King under her belt, she knows that Cersei cannot control her at all. In fact, she underhandedly convinces Tommen to tell his mother that she should go live at Casterly Rock. Isn’t that what all women do to their mother-in-law’s?

tumblr_nng0vc4VeT1qbbhu5o1_500  tumblr_nngracUwBt1te91lso1_1280

Littlefinger tells Sansa that she must go back to Winterfell and marry Ramsay Bolton who has taken over the castle. This was not in the books by the way, but we shall see how this all plays out. Marrying Ramsay is the last thing she wants to do. Hello, his family killed her mother and brother! As Littlefinger says, what better way to avenge her family, then to get in with the Boltons and later stab them in the back.

tumblr_nngvy9r9fJ1u410r7o6_250  tumblr_nngvy9r9fJ1u410r7o8_250

Reek hides around Winterfell, trying to stay out of Sansa’s sight. As the person who hatched the plan against Winterfell and then brought it down, he is the most ashamed of his actions. Seeing that what he did eventually cost him his sanity and nether regions.


Brienne and Pod grow even closer on the road. They discuss their pasts and how they grew up and became in the service of the lords they served. Honestly, I find this storyline boring right now and I really hope it picks up because Brienne is a really good character.

tumblr_nnf4wkPTaj1rlpvmao4_400  tumblr_nnf4wkPTaj1rlpvmao5_400

Up at Castle Black, everything is starting to go haywire. Stannis is preparing to leave for Winterfell and he knows that in order to take the North he needs Jon’s help. The Mormonts of Bear Island have sent a note saying that they will not support anyone who is not from the North. This makes Stannis offer Jon an enticing proposal, go rule at Winterfell and he will be granted the name of Jon Stark. Something he has wanted all of his life, but he declines the offer. This upsets him and Davos comes to speak with him to try to further convince him. Davos is awesome and his unrelenting love for Stannis is probably one of my fave aspects of the show.


At a Night’s Watch meeting, Jon declares Ser Alliser a First ranger and orders Janos Slynt to Greyguard. No one wants to go there and Janos refuses to obey him.

tumblr_nnfqzfYYli1qhfadgo1_400  tumblr_nnfqzfYYli1qhfadgo2_400
Remember that Janos played a huge part in the betrayal and arrest of Ned Stark. Jon does not offer him to take back what he said and orders him to be executed. As his father taught him in the very first episode, Jon Snow does the beheading and executes him for all to see as a lesson.


In King’s Landing, Cersei is made to pay a visit to the High Sparrow after they shamed the High Septon after he is caught with prostitutes. Lancel who is now a sparrow forces him to walk naked through the people to be shamed.


Let me explain who the sparrows are first off because they are pretty important characters. The sparrows are part of a religious movement led by the High Sparrow, that highly value the Seven Gods. They speak out against the injustices that have been inflicted on the poor and the devout leaders like the High Septon who have been influenced and bribed by the Lannisters. The High Sparrow is dressed in tattered clothing with no shoes because he has put the needs of the people before his own. Cersei really doesn’t care about this guy and doesn’t see the power that he actually can wield.

tumblr_nnh55nlD8y1qcbk34o1_250  tumblr_nnh55nlD8y1qcbk34o4_250

And finally we have Tyrion’s story which is quickly evolving to be on of the most exciting on the show. In Volantis, he takes a reprise for himself and enjoys some more wine and brothel girls. At one point, he almost hooks up with one but stops himself. Is this a nod to Shae, the whore who deceived him? Or Tysha the woman his father made him marry and said later said she was a whore? I wish they would show this, but in the book, one of the things that drives Tyrion, just like Arya recites the names, is the line “Where do whores go.” That line haunts him over and over again and could be why he refused the woman.

tumblr_nngxflDZDc1qk8r8go1_250  tumblr_nngxflDZDc1qk8r8go2_250

Outside drunk and in a stupor, he is captured by Jorah Mormont. He’s back and better than ever. He knows who Tyrion is and wants to take him back to the Queen. Jorah wants to avenge himself and his reputation with Daenerys.


What did you guys think of the episode? Which storyline are you liking the most so far?



13 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Season 5, Episode 3: High Sparrow

  1. Cersei and Margaery’s bitching session was pure genius. I think Miss Natalie Dormer might be next to get bumped off, if she carries on like she is.

    But the best line had to be Maisie Williams just shouting the C word after being smacked by the blind kid. I laughed harder than I should have.

  2. Awesome recap as always Queen Mel! My coworker was just telling me how much he LOVES this show. Hey that guy who plays Reek, I think that’s him anyway, is pretty cute 😉

      1. Oh THAT guy! Well he’s super annoying in John Wick, and thankfully he won’t be back in John Wick 2!

  3. Hey Melissa I’ve been avoiding these post because I needed to catch up. I have to say these are my favourite things ever! I liked the Jon Snow storyline because it harked back to Ned Stark right at the start. Daenarys story is getting a bit dull at the moment but I’m sure it’ll pick up. My favourite parts were Melisaandre’s boobies!

  4. Looooollllll. That last pic is magical–or I guess I should say “excellent.” I do like what Tyrion has going, but I’m also fairly intrigued with all of the Starks’ goings-on. Interesting stuff for them this season. Nice job once again! 🙂

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