Game of Thrones Recap: Top 8 Moments of Season 5, Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

First off, I have been feeling the need to change the format of these recaps. Writing these and the ones for The Walking Dead, really just started to get boring and tedious for me. So for this one I am going to do something different and recap it with the best and most interesting moments of the show that make you say OMG or WTF just happened. Basically anything I find interesting and moments I would like to give some explanations for those who might confused with some of the scenes.

With Episode 6 we are already almost half way through with the season. Thus far nothing too crazy has happened yet, but we all know that always begins to happen around the last few episodes. So the next few ones should be fun.

Let’s talk about the best moments of the show.


1. When Tyrion told Jorah that his dad died. Seriously that was sad. I guess Jorah didn’t know that his dad was killed and the look on Jorah’s face was one of silent disbelief. I think this little moment brought them a little closer. In a way Tyrion knows Jorah in a different light than Dany and Jorah knows he can’t escape that part of his life. #ripmormont

tumblr_noj95boPx01qc9j6ho1_400  tumblr_noj95boPx01qc9j6ho2_400

2. But wait let’s talk about that budding bromance between Jorah and Tyrion. The two have that funny, witty banter that we first saw with Brienne and Jamie. Jorah is trying to tolerate Tyrion and Tyrion just wants to pass the time anyway possible. But the bromance is put to the test when the two are captured by slavers. Tyrion helps them get out of it by saying that Jorah is a renown warrior and that he can be used to fight in the pits of Meereen. They decide to keep them for the time being seeing as they can be useful slaves.

tumblr_noof2gtdJ01slgxxho5_250  tumblr_noof2gtdJ01slgxxho6_250

3. The Waif introduces Arya to the game of truths and lies. While Arya is washing a body, the waif comes into to talk to her and begins to teach her the game. Although at the time, Arya doesn’t know she’s been taught it. This is a game where Arya needs to guess whether a story is true. It will help her stay on her toes and learn how to tell convincingly lies. In the books, this little game really helps Arya get keen on telling stories and deciphering whether they are false or not. This is also preparing her for one day donning a new face.

tumblr_nojsrqR0561s5m21go1_250  tumblr_nojsrqR0561s5m21go3_250

4. Arya finally finds out what the game of faces is all about. After washing bodies for like ever, Arya starts to ask why she is doing that task. Jaqen doesn’t want to answer her and tells her when the time is right she will know. Finally after torturing her with not knowing, he takes her downstairs to the hidden chamber. He shows her giant columns with thousands of faces. After the bodies are cleaned, their faces are taken so that they can be utilized for their needs. This was literally one of the coolest scenes I have seen on this show. So Arya is going to become a master assassin, how cool is that?!

tumblr_noocc1Wzac1s3bmsko5_400  tumblr_noocc1Wzac1s3bmsko3_400

5. Ser Loras and Margaery’s arrest. In King’s Landing, during Ser Loras’ trial it is revealed that he was captured because of his sexuality. He denies it, but his lover comes to say that it is true about him. Margaery is also asked to vouch for him and she says he is not a homosexual. The High Sparrow takes her and locks her away as well for lying to them. It is obvious that all of this is part of Cersei’s plan to take down the Tyrell’s and put herself back in power. #bitch

tumblr_noixlgUEAp1s69ejpo1_1280  tumblr_nondu1dAHb1sm68y9o1_500

6. Jamie and Bronn and their attempt to kidnap Myrcella. Jamie’s plan finally gets put into action and he catches Myrcella in the water gardens making out with Tyrstane Martell. I guess she is not as innocent as Jamie had believed. She refuses to go with them and then the Sand Snakes interrupt the whole process and break into a fight scene. Then Doran’s security comes in and breaks up the whole thing. I’m sorry, but that was just lame to me. They have deviated a lot from the book in regards to the Dorne characters. They are pretty interesting to read, so I hope they do them a little more justice. Side note, I am so excited to finally see Trystane and good job to HBO for picking a hot actor to represent him.

tumblr_nojsi9HmfK1qc2l6bo1_1280  tumblr_inline_mhtgg52bC11qz4rgp

7. And the biggest what the hell happened moment had to be when Sansa married Ramsay. Oh my goodness, poor Sansa has to marry the most lunatic person out there. You guys have to remember that Ramsay is a psycho and cares very little for the sake of women. His usual mo is that after he is done with a girl, he has her killed by the dogs and then names a dog after her. Reek walks her down the aisle in the most awkward wedding ever. Sansa’s wedding dress was all business and no party, as her dress had her bundled up tightly.

zGame-of-Thrones-Season-5-Episode-6  tumblr_nokldgxYc11qlsw0jo1_500

8.  The most horrific scene oif the night was when Ramsay raped Sansa. After the wedding is over, she has to consummate the marriage with him. She lets him know that she actually never did it with Tyrion and that he was kind to her and respected her wishes. Ramsay cares nothing of that, when Reek tries to leave he forces him to stay and watch. As he rapes her, Reek has to watch and we see him shed a tear. #leaveSansaalone

tumblr_nonnmuO4uO1uvug06o4_r1_250  tumblr_inline_nngn8pl3Vm1rxy9e9_500

What was your fave or least fave moment of the episode?

tumblr_noo35w0b831te91lso1_500 (Theon as Marty McFly)

tumblr_noor4l53VB1tagulno1_500  (How the Hound feels about Sansa)


15 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Top 8 Moments of Season 5, Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

  1. Hey Melissa! 🙂 I’m catching up slowly! Going as far back as I can in the Reader first.

    Ugh. This damn episode! I was seriously pissed off/offended by the ending. Then to find out that didn’t even happen in the books?! Why did the writers feel the need to put that in the show? I’m not happy! 😦

    1. YUP! And also Barristen Selmy never died in the books he’s in the last chapter. This show is pissing me off!!!! No worries girl I skipped recapping a few out of sheer lack of motivation! Yeah there is a fake Arya that Ramsey marries, but it is definitely not Sansa. Let me know what else you want me to debunk!!!!!

  2. I love this format and love your recap! Isn’t this show becoming so frustrating and horrible to watch as a book reader?

    Seriously though, this episode is the ultimate #leavesansaalone! Fingers crossed the Hound does come back to save the day. So completely outraged with the ending of this episode, the writers have really done it this time. Although now my desire for total obliteration of the Boltons has increased twentyfold.

    1. Hey girl! I am going over to your site soon. I am so underwhelmed and bored with this season. And as a book reader I am really annoyed! So many COOL things could have happened by now, but nope nothing at all!

  3. Melissa! Ahhh I’m glad you’re back! I do love these recaps! Of course, I love them no matter how you write them, but I’m glad you found a way to mix things up a bit. I totally understand getting tired of the same format, so I’m happy you were able to work out something that fits you better right now. You know, even though GoT will always be among my top shows, I’ve found this season to be kind of sluggish so far. Seems like it’s a lot of setting up for things and not a whole lot of action. Hopefully these last four episodes will be awesome!!!

    1. Hey CARA!! Yes I know you blogging peeps can relate to the writing struggles! Yes I was just writing Anna about the same topic. They deviated so much from the book and I think that is why this season sucks. I never thought I would be bored with GOT! Book 5 was so good, which makes it even more disappointing. Hopefully they get their crap together!

      1. Well, I wouldn’t say this season sucks…but it definitely could be better. I’m a little more hopeful after the end of last week’s episode though. We’ll see what tonight offers…

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