Game of Thrones Recap: Top 9 Moments of Season 5, Episode 8: Hardhome

Episode 8 of Game of Thrones was fantastic! Bravo, one of the best episodes yet. Season 5 has not been my absolute favorite, but it redeemed itself with the Hardhome story. Characters are finally coming together and various stories are quickly unraveling.

I think the next final episodes are going to impress like no other and take the story to another level (at least I hope so).

Let’s jump right into the recap and discuss some of the best wtf and omg moments.


1. Tyrion and Dany finally coming together. Tyrion asks her if he can help and be part of her counsel. She brings him back to her place and they talk extensively about Jorah’s devotion to her and his ties to the Lannisters. By telling her that he killed his father and hated him in a way shows her that he is serious about not defending his family and helping her out. He also must betray Jorah, but I don’t know if betrayal is even the right word because they were never truly bonded. He tells Dany to banish him again, instead of killing him. She does so and Jorah goes off looking to be bought by slaves. I guess at this point, along with his dragonscale he has nothing to lose.

tumblr_npa15vRdnm1txe091o2_400  untitled

2. Tyrion telling Dany that ruling Westeros is not as easy as she believes. In a way despite all that Dany has done and her great lineage, she is still somewhat naΓ―ve to the ways of Westeros. Tyrion suggest that maybe she should stay in Meereen and help more slaves because in Westeros she will never have the support of the nobility. Dany does not give a crap about that and affirms that she will break down every noble house and take the Iron Throne.

tumblr_np9osd7RgN1s6le2wo1_250  tumblr_np9osd7RgN1s6le2wo2_250

3. Arya gets her first assignment. Jaqen H’ghar tells Arya that she must become Lana, an oyster girl who will sell crabs and cockles. She must remember every part of her made up identity and practice it in the city. In the books, she was known as Cat of the Canals, a nod to her mother and she had to report back her findings in the city to the master at the House of Black and White. I really loved reading Arya become Cat and how she slowly learned the art of lying and of understanding truths in the world. So Jaqen then gives her an assignment, she must kill this gambler dude who is trying to cheat people out of their money. Think of these assassins as only killing people who deserve it to make society better, kind of like what Dexter did for the city of Miami.

tumblr_np90biKa2m1s5m21go4_250  tumblr_np90biKa2m1s5m21go3_250

4. Cersei licking the floor for water. Now that Cersei has been imprisoned in the cells, which are supposed to be absolutely disgusting, she is continuously asked to confess by the septas. This is straight out of the books, the septas harass Cersei till no end for a confession. Septa Unella offers her water as an offering to confess her sins. When Cersei refuses she throws the water on floor, eventually driving Cersei to the ground to try to sip as much water as she can. Qyburn tells her that there is only way out of this situation and hinting at her that she must confess. Prideful and arrogant Cersei, has now been reduced to nothing more than a woman locked up in rags in her own cells.


5. When Theon aka Reek told Sansa that Bran and Rickon are alive. Sansa gets into a fit and starts yelling at Reek because Ramsey and his men burned her old lady friend. In the midst of all this, he reveals that he never really killed her brothers. He used some different boys as decoys for Bran and Rickon. Wow, what a revelation! Reek is really turning into a post-asshole loveable dude.

tumblr_np9bvcejt81s5m21go3_250  tumblr_np9bvcejt81s5m21go4_250

6. Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane at Hardhome. Jon Snow embarks on a mission to go to Hardhome and bring back the wildlings from there to help them fight against the White Walkers. On a back note, Hardhome despite being rumored to be haunted, is where many Wildlings have lived over the years. It is essentially a small fishing village with a port for ships and there is not much else there. When Jon and Tormund try to convince the Wildings and Thenns to come with them they do want to budge. Jon offers them dragon glass to fight against the Walkers, but they don’t seem to really care. It was kind of like Mount Vesuvius was about to erupt and no one believed it would erupt and kill everyone.

tumblr_npa3bnwIgv1s5m21go1_r1_250  tumblr_npa3bnwIgv1s5m21go2_r1_250

7. When the White Walkers and Wights attacked. Over 5 seasons, it has been said that Winter is coming, but in this season it is actually coming soon. With Winter comes the White Walkers. As some of the Wildlings give in and start leaving with the guys of the Night’s Watch, there is a sudden noise coming from the mountains. In a quick minute, wights come out and start attacking and killing people. I was literally on the edge of my seat and I haven’t felt like that with Game of Thrones in a while. And seriously how bad ass was Jon Snow fighting. And these zombies, they are nothing like The Walking Dead ones that just seem to be shuffling along. This scene made Rick Grimes look like a pathetic zombie fighter.

tumblr_np9uwt6aEp1sdzlbpo9_250  tumblr_npa2bwToO31u915omo1_500

8. That moment we realized that Valyrian steel can kill a White Walker.  With all the wights jumping around and killing people, off in the distance it only gets worse, when Jon Snow sees one of the White Walkers on a horse coming down to get them. He tries to find the dragon glass they had brought, but his speed is no match for the Walker. When they start fighting he finds his Valyrian sword and swings at the Walker and finds that the sword has more powers than he thought. In one swift move, he shatters the Walker to pieces. Omg that was awesome!!!

tumblr_np9yrmznoG1t3sxdco3_500  tumblr_inline_noxhspQOcU1rp7c7w_500

9. The scary Night’s King staring at Jon Snow. Finally Jon Snow and some of his men jump in a boat and start to sail off. The Night’s King, who is the White Walker with the crown, comes to the edge of the water and ominously stares at Jon. Then he lifts his arm and makes the dead rise. WTF now that was scary! Why does he stare so intently at Jon Snow, what does he know?

tumblr_npcjp2FVRs1tlxs8to3_500  tumblr_npcjp2FVRs1tlxs8to4_500

Was that episode awesome or what?! What was your favorite part? Check out all the memes below that were created from the Hardhome scene!










19 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Recap: Top 9 Moments of Season 5, Episode 8: Hardhome

  1. HELL YES BABY BALLER!!!! This season has been disappointing and boring that I almost gave up and then this???? That could be the best episode they’ve done yet. Great post!!


  2. Hahaha loved those pics at the end. Finally some action… also Jon Snow just keeps getting hotter! He could melt a white walker!

    1. Oh my goodness Abbi I thought the same thing, I think Jon Snow gets more gorgeous every year. Damn you Kit Harrington. Seriously finally some action, how do you feel about this season so far?

  3. Such a spectacular episode!
    Hardhome wasn’t in the book. It was actually in the book but only as a mention of past events. Survivors describe the horrific slaughter.

    I am extremely glad we actually get to see πŸ˜€

    1. Yes I read the books too, Hardhome was a tiny bit in the books. But I like that they took that from the book and revived it and made it awesome. I prefer them doing that versus changing the story.

  4. This episode. THIS EPISODE. This was amazing. Such a turnaround for the season. All of the moments you mentioned were wonderful. But the most devastating thing was the introduce of the badass Wildling chief lady…and then her zombification. 😦 R.I.P. You awesome gal. Another great one here, Melissa! πŸ™‚

  5. Wahoo! Love your write-up Melissa and I love these images! Seriously, ‘I run this shit’ is so appropriate for the his shruggy arm movements, if I wasn’t so creeped out by it during the episode I would have been laughing. And whattttt is that picture of Tormund and the million pancakes? Seriously LOLing here!

    1. HAHA yes he did run that shit for a while. Thanks Anna! Apparently the actor who plays him, has been doing these motel 6 or something like that commercials. It’s weird, trust me! But I thought it was funny seeing that actor not dressed like a complete Wildling. πŸ™‚

  6. Sorry I’m so behind on these, Melissa – I needed to take a couple weeks off from the blogs. But I’m back! And… Woohoo! This episode was AWESOME! πŸ™‚ Loved that battle. I bet it made you excited to write about the show again.

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