December Favorites (2016)

I feel like I have not been on here in what feels like ages. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and start posting more regularly and catching up on everyone’s blogs that I love reading. I have missed our little blogging world and feel happy to be back.

With December came the end of many great shows. Homeland was great, The Affair was one of the best, but I decided to include some other shows I loved instead. In case anyone else is going through their January wondering what the hell else to watch because everything has ended, here are some of my recommendations that I enjoyed last month.


Master of None (Netflix)

I just finished Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show Master of None and I have to say it is probably one of the best shows I saw in 2015. Ansari stars as Dev, an up and coming struggling Indian actor in New York City, who lives like a typical 20-something. He hangs out with his friends a lot and they talk about all kinds of random stuff from dating in a text driven world to sex to trying to figure out with your friends what to eat for lunch (we all know that the struggle is real with that one).


One of my favorite aspects of the show is how he discusses his relationship with his parents (played by his actual real parents) and how he tries to find that balance living as a first generation Indian in America. I really love that he explored that dynamic because it has not been seen at all almost never on TV, but it is totally relatable for anyone who has a family from another country. Also his dad is probably one of my favorite characters on the show, he’s seriously funny.


I wish someone would do the same for Mexican-Americans or Latin-Americans. I would love to see that play out similar to Ansari’s show versus some corny mocked up version of what someone else believes to be true for our culture. Regardless, this is a great show, if you are in the mood for something fun and light-hearted to watch on Netflix, than check this one out.

 Broadchurch: Season 2 (Netflix)

OMG I have been waiting on pins and needles for Season 2 of Broadchurch for what has felt like ever. Finally I saw that Netflix put it up and I watched it in two days. I think I am now having pangs that Season 3 is not here yet. This is definitely not a happy go lucky, fun show to watch, not the type of thing you watch with friends and have a jolly old time. It’s pretty dang depressing, but it’s one of the best shows on television. The acting is phenomenal and the writing is fantastic.


Season 1 left us with the catching of Danny Latimer’s killer by DI’s Alex Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) and Season 2 brings us to the trial of the killer and a new case for the detectives. Both Tennant and Colman are phenomenal actors and deserve awards for this show. The small coastal town where the murder takes place is beautiful and lends itself to the characters losing themselves in the grassy fields and staring off into the horizon. If you are a fan of murder mysteries and enjoy British dramas, then you should definitely take some time to watch this because it will not disappoint.


23 thoughts on “December Favorites (2016)

  1. Hmm. Some more TV shows I’ve not watched! 🙂 Man, I really never watch TV anymore beyond The Walking Dead & Game Of Thrones. Not sure about these two but I AM curious about The Affair as I’ve heard so many people talking about it. Would I like that??

    1. I know you like what you like when it comes to TV and that’s it. LOL. I would say yes you would like it, would you love LOVE it omg you need to run out and see it, nahhh. I don’t see you getting overly excited about it. 🙂

      1. Seriously when are you going to watch the Goldbergs? Is it out over there in the UK. It is on Netflix over here. You will love it! You haven’t liked anything since Charles in Charge right? LOL

      2. HAHAHA and recording back then meant you really had to record it. Stand by the VCR and hit record and then stop if you wanted to not record the commercials. LOL. It’s okay I can confess that I recorded and re-watched over and over again My S0-Called Life as a teenager with commercials included it was so sucky having to fast forward it. haha

      3. HA! I love people who actually experienced the joys of the 80s. And I’ll totally admit to buying all of My So Called Life on DVD several years ago. 😉

      4. OMG I loved it, I still have a major crush on Jared Leto due to his role in that show. He will always be Jordan Catalono to me. HAHA. I seriously need to buy that series. The joys of the 80s and 90s!

  2. Actually got bored of Homeland after ep 3 this season, Just started watching The Affair S1 and I’m 4 eps in, it’s good, and I really like the way it is being told from two sides. Can’t wait to see where it’s going.

    Great to see u back Mel!

    1. Thanks Rob! Yeah Homeland was pretty good and I would have to say not my fave season though compared to others. The Affair continues to get better, I think you will really like it and Season 2 doesn’t disappoint.

  3. Ooooh I need to check out Master of None! The premise is just hilarious and I love that Ansari’s so open about poking fun at his own ethnic background. There are certainly lots of hilarious things about my culture too, I’m just not smart enough to write about ’em like Ansari, ahah. And Broadchurch! Man I LOVE season 1, I really should catch up w/ season 2 soon. Great stuff Queen Mel, keep on blogging girl!

    1. Thanks gf! And yes I think you would actually like Master of None especially with the whole idea of growing up with ethnic parents. Yes please watch season 2 of Broadchurch, you will love it!

      1. I have to say that I find Indian accent amusing. I can do a mean imitation of it and so I definitely should watch Master of None. Hey, check out my GG recap, curious to see what you think of the event and the winners/losers.

  4. I agree with you on Master of None. Especially parents part. And I didn’t know they’re his actual parents, good for them! They’re great! And thanks for letting me know about Broadchurch season 2, didn’t know it’s in Netflix already. Gotta watch it soon. Right now I’m concentrating on Oscar films but after that! 🙂

    1. I didn’t know they were his parents until I saw his comedy special on Netflix. He brought them on stage and introduced them and I was like OMG those are his real parents. And I read that he gave them acting lessons to help them on set. I think they did really good, the dad is so funny! Yes get on Broadchurch asap it’s so good!

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