Top 12 Best, Most Interesting and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes

Last night Ricky Gervais hosted the 73rd annual Golden Globes and I have to say he did a great job. Despite all the hate he got for hosting before, they still decided to bring him back and it was obvious why they did. He’s funny. Plain and simple he is able to poke fun at Hollywood actors like no one else. Along with his British crass, you can tell he does not give one bloody flying f*%$@! about pissing anyone off. He did it all in good fun and brought hilarity to what is usually an overall boring night.

Let’s talk about some of the best, most interesting and worst moments of the night.


1. The Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum bear bit. I don’t know I just didn’t care for it and thought it was kinda lame. And seriously what was up with Tatum’s hair?


2. Streaming services showed network stations what’s up. Amazon Video won many awards with its’ wins for Mozart in the Jungle. It won for both Best Comedy/Musical TV series and Best Actor for Gael Garcia Bernal in the same category. Take that Netflix and Hulu.



2. Oscar Issac for the Best Actor win for Show Me a Hero. I love that the world is finally starting to realize what a powerhouse of an actor he is and he truly deserved it. Honestly though he should have won for best dancing with his moves in Ex Machina.



3. Best Joke of the night had to be when Ricky Gervais welcomed Matt Damon onto the stage by saying, “He’s been the only person Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to.” LOL.


4. The numerous explicative words that had to be edited out kind of ruined the night for me. It got to the point that whole sentences were bleeped out and as someone watching it made me go okay what the hell just happened. NBC should have lightened up and not left audiences in the dark.


5. When Eva Longoria and America Ferrara poked fun at how Latin actresses are all confused as one. They mentioned that no they are not Eva Mendes, Charo or Rosario Dawson. They were obviously jabbing at the slip-up that occurred at the Golden Globes nominations ceremony when one presenter confused Ferrara with Gina Rodriguez.


6.  Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt on the same stage. They did a goofy bit that was kind of stupid, but who really cares because they are both gorgeous. I think women all around the world were falling off their seats. Can someone tell me how Brad Pitt is not aging?


7. Stallone got a standing ovation for his win with Creed, but he forgot to thank director Ryan Coogler and co-star Michael B. Jordan. WTF. But he did thank his imaginary friend Rocky Balboa.


8. When Lady Gaga bumped Leonardo DiCaprio on the way to accept her award. The look on his face was priceless and the Twitter world went crazy with their reactions to the moment. I think it was funny because we rarely see Leo seem so real, he usually stays out of the media and does so few interviews that he is rather elusive. Seeing him act like a normal person with a funny reaction was great.


9. The weirdness between Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson. Gervais said, “I want to say something nice about Mel before he comes out. So: I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with Bill Cosby.” Then there were more pauses filled with bleeps where we had no idea what they were saying. The bit between them was somewhat funny, but also felt awkward and weird and Gibson is still an oddball.


10. Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor for The Revenant and it was awesome to see him get recognized for his work. I have loved him ever since he was on Growing Pains (haha), so I was super happy to see him win.


11. Seeing Leo and Kate hugging and chatting off camera. What a moment for my inner teenage self to see Jack and Rose reunited once again. And now there are a million memes floating off of this moment.



12. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s win for Best Director for The Revenant. So excited to see him win this year, he lost out last year to Boyhood. I am sure this is only a sign of things to come for the Oscars. Also, what a win for Latino directors and actors, I love it!


What moments did you love or hate this year? I am also curious, do you guys even bother watching why or why not?


24 thoughts on “Top 12 Best, Most Interesting and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes

  1. Hey Queen Mel! Love the gifs in your recaps, esp Oscar dancing, yay!

    I can’t stand Channing and his hair or whatever the heck it was is just blech. I don’t get the fuss about him at all!

    That jab against Affleck was spot on though, cheaters deserve what’s coming at them.

    “I think women all around the world were falling off their seats.” Sorry girl but no, I was too busy gagging. I think Pitt must’ve been using his wife’s makeup… or Botox??

    That Leo vs Gaga gif is the best!! I laughed every time. Leo’s expression is priceless, I wonder what Gaga thinks about that, ahah.

    It’s been a great year for Latinos, so well-deserved! There are so many talents out there, so it’s good they get recognized. Especially happy for Oscar Isaac!!

    1. I know right Channing looked totally weird. Yes I know you don’t like them, next time I will say most women like them and those that don’t include Ruth! haha Don’t get her started on those two. Leo’s reaction was great, prob the best moment of the night. And yes so happy for Oscar Issac, he’s awesome!

  2. Hey Melissa! Great roundup!

    I thought Gervais was really funny too but felt like he was holding back. He wasn’t as savage on the celebrities that were there as he did in previous years. I’m always happy to see self-obsessed people having their pomposity pricked!

    I loved that Stallone won but was disappointed that Mad Max got nothing. Oh well, there’s always the Oscars!

    1. Hey Hey Mikey! Thanks for the comments. Yes you are right, he probably did have to hold back. You know how these Hollywood types are when they get picked on. I know Mad Max didn’t get crap, that sucks. We shall see at the Oscars. 🙂

  3. I’m also disappointed that Mad Max got nothing but I’m glad it’s The Revenant that did instead. And Leo, of course. He deserves all of it! And I agree about Oscar Isaac, he’s unbelievably talented. During the Christmas I watched Ex Machina only couple of days after seeing The Force Awakens and how amazingly different he is in them. Like a different person. And when you add, e.g. Inside Llewyn Davis… Wow! He must be the next big thing. He’s soooo good!

    1. Oh yes Leo deserves it all, he always does great. It’s awesome that people are finally starting to see how great Oscar Issac is, I have loved him since Inside Llewyn Davis, which he should have got more praise for, but kind of went under the radar. He’s pretty good in A Most Violent Year too, have you ever seen that?

    1. Thanks Anna, glad I could recap them for you to enjoy! Me too I haven’t seen Revenant either, but I am going to see it on Monday. They should give Oscar the dreamboat award, I like that word! haha

    1. Awesome I am so glad I can help. I know especially some of my non-American buddies have a heard time finding these or watching them live, so I am glad that and happy to do these. Yay plus I saved you like 4 hours of your life. haha

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