Serena Kerrigan’s Lets Fcking Date Instagram Live Show (2020)

I know everyone’s into The Bachelor, but I just can’t do it, it’s way too fake, and Netflix’s Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle we’re just too ridiculously dumb for me. The “finding love” reality show genre is played out and filled with people looking to become insta-famous. All hope is not lost though; I found something to quell my desire to live vicariously through single people, it’s the Instagram live show @letsfuckingdate. The brain-child of Serena Fcking Kerrigan, she live streams her quarantine dates every week and we sit and watch the dates unfold, some of these guys are interesting, totally cute, and some are just straight up boring. SFK fills the void that has been missing Sex in the City 💄 left the air, she’s got the Samantha Jones vibe in check, along with NYC as her playground (albeit stuck inside, but still works). It’s real, raw, gritty, and it’s unearthed territory that needs to be explored. Does love even exist in the Instagram/Tinder era? I will be tuning in every week to find out until @netflix gives her a show. Follow her account and check out her dates and catch them live every Friday 8:30 EST/5:30 PST on @serenakerrigan. Catch up on the past dates on the @letsfuckingdate page. Are you watching SFK yet? Please dish with me in the comments if you are!

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