Industry (2020)

In HBO’s Industry, sex, drugs, and banking (yes, finance) take on a whole new landscape. A group of recent grads are accepted into a leading bank firm in London, where only the strong will survive. At the end only a handful are selected to remain full time. Each new grad is sent to a different team, each with its own chaotic and frenzied attitude on making money. This show is nuts. You think you are watching a show about trading and banking, and it turns into a whirlwind where every person is trying to survive to save their job. They party and stay up late, do copious amounts of drugs, and in the end try to close million dollar deals with massive hangovers. 

The sex scenes are gratutious, but it works. The show highlights how privileged people have an easier time making it and how the underprivileged and uneducated have to fight a lot harder to earn their spot in the world. In the end, whoever has the most grit makes it. Also, I loved all the new up and coming actors, they are definitely ones to watch! I recommend for those who enjoy that Billions slash Wall Street type storyline. Catch it on HBO and HBO Max.

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