Selena: The Series (2020)

Selena Quintanilla was Mexico and Tejano music’s glorious, beautiful treasure. An icon who died in a situation filled with tragedy. In Netflix’s new show Selena: The Series, I was super excited to watch her story unfold. Instead, what I got was a very strange, cheesy rendition of Selena’s life. It was like watching someone with a horrible voice sing one of her songs out loud. The wigs, the acting, the sets, everything was just wrong. I felt myself cringing and scratching my head every few minutes (like por que?).

There was no depth and no realization to her character. This could have been a phenomenal series with the opportunity to introduce her to a whole new generation of people. As a Mexican-American person, I have fond memories of watching her perform on Mexican channels at my grandparent’s house, when I say she was their national treasure that is no joke. American audiences were just getting introduced to her before she died and this would have been a great chance to tell her story. I can only hope that another director and actress (I vote for Alexa Demie) will take on this role and create a new version. HBO needs to get on this ASAP. Give me your thoughts on it below.

One thought on “Selena: The Series (2020)

  1. Sorry to hear this was disappointing. Was the Jennifer Lopez movie a better version of the story? I know I saw it at the time & thought it was decent but knew nothing of the true story.

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