The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 4: He’s A Cold Hearted Snake

Walking Dead: Episode 4


The November 3rd episode, “Indifference,” showed us that Rick is a hypocritical, ego maniac, far removed from the leader and Democratic ruler he once was in seasons past. I was in shock and awe and let me admit it, I was pretty pissed off with Rick’s actions. In fact, I woke up the next morning after watching it and I couldn’t stop thinking about what he did and that’s when I knew this season is right on track.

When a show can conjure up emotions and make the viewer get right in the thick of the feelings with the characters, now that is good writing my friends.

With Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese and Bob gone to look for meds that leaves Rick with few options of camp members who can help him look for supplies and food. Rick asks Carol to come with him, typically she stays behind to tend to the nest, but this time he insists.

The whole time I was watching this, I kept thinking of how the mob takes people out, they go for a little ride and then bam they are gone. As Henry Hill says in Goodfellas, “See, your murderers come with smiles, they come as your friends.”

After the awkward car ride, they arrive at a house and start finding stuff to take. Carol brings it up, the elephant in the room, that Rick has not brought up the fact that she burned, killed two sick people and that Tyrese doesn’t know it was her who did it. Carol defends herself by saying she took matters into her own hands because “she had to.”

Rick is starting to realize that the control and authority he asserted over her and others has waned and he cannot be counted on to take care of the pact as the sole leader. He is a “farmer,” as Carol says and she had to save the group by killing them off. They would have died anyways she insists.

At the house they meet two wanderers who have been hiding out in the house and Rick gives them the 2 question test, to which they sorta pass. Carol pops the guy’s dislocated soldier back into place and Rick watches, almost as if he doesn’t recognize who she is anymore. Where did she learn to do this? She has become so self-sufficient and strong that it almost makes him realize at that moment she has changed.

She is not the scared, grief stricken woman she was in Season One. She’s now Carol the badass. With that in mind, Rick decides to leave Carol behind packed with supplies and tells her to leave. She is no longer a part of his tribe and she has been ousted without anyone else’s knowledge. Carol drives away and all I kept thinking was Daryl is going to be angry when he hears about this news.


The other group finds the medicine and Tyrese is shown to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and Bob is revealed to be an alcoholic, who is willing to risk his life for a bottle of booze. He wants it for the “quite times,” he says and I guess to some extent we can’t necessarily blame him. I think I would need a drink after a long day of killing zombies! But seriously he is dead weight, he needs to either shape up or ship out.

Thus far I have enjoyed this season much more than the previous Governor debacle. It’s back to the basic humans versus zombies fighting for survival. I vote for Marilyn Manson to make an appearance, who is with me on this one?

Witches of East End Recap: A Ghostly Gathering

Witches of East End: Episode 5


 Yes I will admit it, I have totally jumped on the witch bandwagon. I told my husband last year, I predicted this I swear, that vampires would be yesterday’s news and witches would be the new “it” supernatural. When I think of witches I think of the 90’s flick The Craft and what girl out there does not still love that movie and secretly wish they could cast some spell to trick a mean girl or get a crush to notice them.

On to the topic at hand, Sunday’s episode showed the Beauchamp women starting to really harness their witchy powers. Joanna was absolved of the Thatcher murder due to Maura being unable to remember who killed her husband. Wendy put a buggy memory spell on her which not only erased her memory, but left her a little loony as well.  They sort of fixed her by bugging her brain, but still left her in the mental institution. Seriously that was sad!

Ingrid conjured up Adam’s soul and almost agreed to living a life of solitude in her home with the ghost of Adam. Despite, their electrifying kisses, she sends him back to the other realm. She was this close to ending up like Edie from Grey Gardens.

With Ingrid’s conjuring, she accidently let in Dash’s dead ex-gf Elyse’s spirit too. Oh boy, can you imagine your bf’s ex standing there while you kiss him? Yes that is what poor Freya had to contend with, but she sent her packing too and off to the other realm with Adam.


Ahhh, let’s hope that next week Freya can finally enjoy her deliciously sexy doctor fiancée or his hot brother (just choose woman) and go on with her life. I seriously doubt that will happen, but we shall see! I vote for conjuring up Magic Mike on  this show… just sayin.

Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 6: Leggo She’s Preggo

Homeland: Episode 6


 Since Season 3 of Homeland has started, I think we have seen Brody a handful of times on screen. Last night, I was praying, wishing, hoping, dreaming that he would come back to the fold and that we could see what the hell he has been up to in Venezuela. The episode with his Latin captors was the best one thus far, we saw the old Brody come out, the manipulating, theorizing, Muslim loving, shaved head captive style guy. After that he vanished into thin air and instead he has been replaced by Dana.

Last night’s episode aptly named, “Still Positive,” gave us a shocker, Carrie has been giving herself pregnancy tests, all which are positive and kept in a drawer like an OCD maniac. Very typical of her and I am guessing that the Baby Daddy is Brody.

Carrie, Saul and team move forward with the Javadi scheme. His henchman capture Carrie, take her to an undisclosed location and hook her up to a lie detector or “machine” as he calls it. Carrie flips the switch on Javadi and tells him about her plot with Saul and that he must come and meet with him, while holding the fact that she knows about the $45 million dollar embezzlement scam he ran up under an Iranian goalkeeper’s name. Instead of driving with him as planned, Carrie allows him to meet them at a local diner.


When he fails to show up, they see that he has arrived at the nicely manicured home of his ex-wife. Who we now find out that Saul assisted in escaping from Iran in the 70s. Javadi knocks on the door and politely asks to come in, then commences to shoot Susan and stab his ex-wife with a broken bottle neck.

Saul is enraged and when he comes up close to Javadi after he is captured, punches him in the face. Finally, Saul shows emotion. A man so tightly wound and incapable of showing emotion, lets it out and it suits him well.  

Ok back to Dana, she changes her name and takes her mom’s maiden name, Lazaro. I am tired of the “poor me” Dana story and hope that the show will go back to what it was known for, the relationship between a bipolar CIA agent and an American prisoner of war turned terrorist.

The grit and the drama that comes from their relationship is what kept me tuned in for so long. I hope that the show gets back on track and stops with the filler episodes. Here’s hoping for Venezuela. aa1111

Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 9: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 9


This week’s episode, “Marriage and Hunting,”brought back the return of the real Slim Shady, I mean the real Van Alden who had been posing as the meek, head in the sand Mueller. In order for his ties to grow stronger with Al Capone, he must prove to him that he can get kill off O’Banion. As Mueller approaches the daunting task, he starts to reveal himself as the sadistic, controlling freak he once was in Season One. The job is done for him instead by 3 men who enter the flower shop. They shoot O’Banion and Mueller walks over him and steals the money from the register like a boss.

Mueller goes home, throws a wad of money on the bed a la’ 2 Chainz and 50 Cent and asks his wife to take off her clothes. This is obviously a turn on for her because she has probably been waiting for years for this man to make a move on her and show her who’s in charge. Go Mueller!

Meanwhile, down at the old corral, Chalky White is caught in the cross hairs of fighting Dr. Narcisse and keeping his family appeased. On one hand he is the doting father who is taking care of his family and the other a man in love with the “Daughter” of his enemy. It’s a story for the ages like Romeo and Juliet, yet this Romeo will not go down without a fight and he is very willing and capable of showing Dr. Narcisse who is in charge.


Chalky tells Nucky that last year he saved his life, but Nucky refuses to get involved with his business. Dr. Narcisse is a man comfortable in his own Libyan skin and believes in a forward thinking sense that he is an equal amongst the Nordics. Is he really smarter than everyone else or is he just comparing his aptitude against the junkies he has been supplying?

It’s funny how Nucky won’t take some heat for Chalky, but he was sure as hell willing to promise him anything last year when he was held up and his head was on the chopping block.

Just as Chalky has the heat coming down on him, Nucky knows he needs to watch his back. The feds are nearing and Eli is very close to making the wrong move. We are left with the image of Sally and her shotgun, an endearing moment overshadowed by the reality that both she and Nucky need to be careful with the ties they make in both business and life.

American Horror Story Coven Recap: Season 3, Episode 4: All Hallows Eve Bitches

American Horror Story: Coven; Episode 4


Deadly witches, voodoo queens, tranny butlers , zombies raising from the dead and a beasts’ head in a box, were the perfect combination for a Halloween night episode.  Last night’s episode, “Fearful Pranks Ensue,” showed us that Fiona may have killed Madison for nothing and another Supreme protégée is still out there.

The council comes down to pay a visit and question Fiona on the disappearance of Madison and her mentor Annalee. Led by council witch, Myrtle Snow, who believes she knows the truth about what happened.  Fiona lets her know that she is the HBIC or Head Bitch in Charge and that her silly accusations can’t stop her and her powers.  

The voodoo priestess brought down the thunder for the death of her beast BFF. Calling up a spell for the zombies to come back from the dead like they did in 1961 and one suspicious hooded person to throw acid on Cordelia’s face.

I have so many questions!  I wonder what will happen with Madison? Will she come back from the dead? Will the voodoo priestess enchant up a resurrection spell and bring her back to life to reveal the truth? What about poor Kyle will he ever be put back together again and be normal? My spidey sense tells me no and that Zoe will eventually kill him with her powerful kitty cat. What about Cordelia’s husband Hank, is he the next bloody face? What the….

I love that the zombies came out from their graves in the end, it was so Walking Dead and right now I cannot get enough of those lovable, huggable zombies.

Let’s see what happens next week!